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1967 oPt: Israeli occupied Palestinian territory, Jimmy Carter's book tour (2006-2007)

2000-06: interviews, news, events, comment, context

Tough Love: Jimmy Carter, Palestine Peace Not Apartheid


by Charles Judson Harwood Jr.


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The Israel Lobby
Blockade, reprisals
Bombing Iran
War Crimes Act
Iran uranium timeline
Iraq wmd war timeline: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005-2006, 2007-2008
Congress debates, votes

Dennis Ross (WINEP), “The Specter of 'Hamastan' {pf}: More Must Be Done to Counter Islamist Gains in Gaza” (The Washington Post, Monday June 4 2007, page A15).

Jeremy Bowen (BBC middle east editor), “Six Day War,” film and colloquy with Kirsty Wark (presenter) (blog) (BBC News, Newsnight, BBC TV-2, London, Monday June 4 2007, 10:30-11:20, at 11:00-11:17 p.m. BST) {BBCcat a:ands457n}, video {16:39, 40.40mb.flv}, video (bb) (the BBC will replace the content of these links in 24 hours) {16:39, 4.18mb.rm, bb, 27.66mb.rm, search, search, rss, rss, rss, rss} {BBC player} (“Tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of the start of a war whose reverberations are still being felt in the Middle East. Newsnight looks back at the Six Day War, which demonstrated Israel’s superior firepower over its Arab neighbours and changed the map of the region. At the end of this short sharp shock, Israel controlled the Gaza Strip, the West bank, East Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights. Jeremy Bowen reports on the war that shaped the Middle East.”).

Legal Consequences of the Construction of a Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, 2004 I.C.J. 136 (U.N. I.C.J.: International Court of Justice, The Hague, Advisory Opinion, July 9 2004) {8.1mb.pdf, source}, ICJ summary {128.5kb.pdf, source}, U.N. Doc. A/ES-10/273 (July 16 2004) {469kb.pdf, UNBISnet, browse}.

Michael Oren (author, Six Days of War: June 1967 and the Making of the Modern Middle East, 2002), interviewed by Jerome McDonnell, “6 Days of War: Day 1” (Radio WBEZ, Worldview, CPR: Chicago Public Radio, broadcast Tuesday June 5 2007, 12-1pm/9-10pm CT), audio {53:13, 24.36mb.mp3, Oren 35:30 at 0:00, rss, rss, previous rss, archive previous}, Oren segment audio {34:37, 15.85mb.mp3}, and by satellite radio (XMPR: XM Public Radio, XM channel 133, June 6, 1-2am ET) (“There are now 450,000 Israelis settlers living on land seized during the war ... Michael Oren is a Senior Fellow at the Shalem Center in Jerusalem ... He explained to Jerome how the 1967 war grew out of previous conflicts between the young nation of Israel and its neighbors.”).

Norman Finkelstein (studio) (DePaul University, assistant professor of political science), interviewed by Jerome McDonnell, “6 Days of War: Day 2” (Radio WBEZ, Worldview, CPR: Chicago Public Radio, broadcast Wednesday June 6 2007, 12-1pm/9-10pm CT), transcript, audio {52:41, 24.12mb.mp3, rss, rss, previous rss, archive previous}, and by satellite radio (XMPR: XM Public Radio, XM channel 133, June 7, 1-2am ET) (“On its 40th anniversary, we’re considering the aftermath and consequences of the June 1967 Arab-Israeli War with DePaul University scholar Norman Finkelstein.”).

John Dugard, Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories Occupied Since 1967, John Dugard, on the Non-Implementation of Human Rights Council Resolution S-1/1 (U.N. Doc. A/HRC/5/11, Geneva, published Friday June 8 2007, 5 pages, UNHRC: U.N. Human Rights Council, 5th session) {37kb.pdf, also via this, this, OHCHR, this, this, and ODS}.

Protest, “The World Says No to Israeli Occupation” (Quakers/AFSC: American Friends Service Committee, UFPJ: United for Peace and Justice, US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, Washington D.C., June 10-11 2007), endorsed by 180 organizations.


Ilan Pappé (Haifa) (senior lecturer in political science, University of Haifa, chair, Emil Touma Institute for Palestinian Studies in Haifa), “The Israeli Recipe For 2008: Genocide in Gaza, Ethnic Cleansing in the West Bank{ipappe, pf} (The Indypendent, New York City, Saturday June 23 2007). Ilan Pappe is author, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine (Oneworld Publications, Oxford England, published October 12-19 2006, U.S. November 1) {U.K., U.S., Germany}, forthcoming: Ilan Pappé, The Bureaucracy of Evil: The History of the Israeli Occupation (Oneworld, July 1 2010) {U.K., U.S.}.

Seymour Hersh, interviewed by Asra Nomani (Campus Progress, 2007 National Student Conference, Washington D.C., Tuesday June 26 2007, “Morning Foreign Policy Discussion,” 10:45-11:45am ET, venue: Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill, 400 New Jersey Avenue NW, Washington D.C.), agenda, video {1:00:55, 124.0mb.wmv, source}.

Ward Boston (Coronado California), interviewed by George Kenney, “Memory and National Identity” (Electric Politics, Washington D.C., June 29 2007), audio {1:19:49, 54.81mb.mp3 rss, rss, archive, archive, search, search}.

Ward Boston Jr. (then Captain, U.S. Navy, JAG, based in Italy, a lawyer, a former FBI agent, a world war 2 naval aviator in the Pacific), was senior legal counsel for this:

“Court of Inquiry

1. A court of inquiry has been convened to inquire into the circumstances surrounding an armed attack on USS Liberty on eight June 1967. The court is directed to inquire into all the pertinent facts and circumstances leading to and connected with the armed attack; damage resulting therefrom; and deaths of and injuries to naval personnel. The court has been directed to submit its findings of facts.

2. RADM Isaac C. Kidd, Jr., USN, is president of the court. CAPT Bernard J. Lauff, USN, and CAPT Bert N. Atkinson, USN, are members of the court. CAPT Ward Boston, USN, is counsel for the court. Lieutenant Commander Allen Feingersch, USN, is assistant counsel for the court.”

John S. McCain Jr. (Commander in Chief, U.S. Naval Forces Europe, London), “Court of Inquiry” (telex message to multiple commands, dated June 11 1967 1:11pm GMT/Zulu) (CINCUSNAVEUR DTG 111311Z JUN 67) {88kb.pdf, source}.

An attack by the Israeli navy and air force on the USS Liberty (AGTR-5), a Naval/NSA electronic surveillance ship, killing 34 U.S. sailors, wounding 172, and doing their very best to kill every last one of them, to leave no witnesses (June 8 1967, day-3 of the six day war).

36 years later, in an affidavit, published October 22 2003, Ward Boston exposed a prima facie criminal lie (18 U.S.C. § 1001) and prima facie criminal conspiracy to lie (18 U.S.C. § 371) by U.S. military commanders above him, in the chain of command, on the prima facie criminal orders of Lyndon Baines Johnson (President) and Robert S. McNamara (Secretary of Defense) (together, the “National Command Authority”), to conceal facts, alter facts, and falsify findings of fact and opinion, the findings of the court of inquiry Ward Boston conducted.

Ward Boston’s affidavit is part of the Findings of the Independent Commission of Inquiry Into the Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty (Thomas H. Moorer, chairman, October 22 2003), reprinted in, John Conyers Jr. (then ranking minority member, House Judiciary Committee, now chairman), “In Recognition of Admiral Thomas H. Moorer,” 150 Congressional Record E1886-E1889 {pf} {28kb.txt, 89kb.pdf} (daily edition 150:130, October 11 2004, U.S. Congress 108-2) {SuDoc: X/A.108/2:150/130}.

Ward Boston later prepared a 26 paragraph declaration {384kb.pdf, source, copy, source} (January 8 2004), that the 1967 transcript he certified was later falsified:

“17. Admiral Kidd told me, after returning from Washington, D.C. that he had been ordered to sit down with two civilians from either the White House or the Defense Department, and rewrite portions of the court’s findings. ...

19. ... I know that the Court of Inquiry transcript that has been released to the public is not the same one that I certified and sent off to Washington.

20. I know this because it was necessary, due to the exigencies of time, to hand correct and initial a substantial number of pages. I have examined the released version of the transcript and I did not see any pages that bore my hand corrections and initials. Also, the original did not have any deliberately blank pages, as the released version does. Finally, the testimony of Lt. Painter concerning the deliberate machine gunning of the life rafts by the Israeli torpedo boat crews, which I distinctly recall being given at the Court of Inquiry and included in the original transcript, is now missing and has been excised.”

See also, David C. Walsh (Washington D.C.), “Attack on the Liberty: Lifting the 'fog of war'” (The San Diego Union-Tribune, March 28 2004) (“the second-oldest newspaper in Southern California”), U.S.S. Liberty (NSA/CSS: National Security Agency, June 8 2007) (“On 08 June 2007, the National Security Agency (NSA) finalized the review of all material relative to the 08 June 1967 attack on the USS Liberty. This additional release adds to the collection of documents and audio recordings and transcripts previously posted to the site on 02 July 2003.”), Alison Weir, American Media Misses the Boat: “USA Today and the USS Liberty” (CounterPunch, June 23/24 2007).


National Character

On this evidence, Lyndon Baines Johnson ordered the U.S. military to lie to the public.

He feared the truth would undermine U.S. public support for Israel.

LBJ made a political decision, to continue U.S. support for Israel, instead of leading an international coalition to denounce Israel, the unnecessary preemptive war Israel launched (the six day war), the heated rhetoric from Egypt which pretexted Israel’s attack, demand a return to the status quo ante, and action to correct the injustice inflicted on the Palestinians, the Israeli provocation for Egypt’s heated rhetoric.

LBJ was a coward.

And dishonest.

As his lie demonstrates.

He was frightened.

To take political heat, for his political decision.

From the Israel Lobby.

From Members of Congress

From the U.S. public.

And he was frightened.

He might not be able to sell his political decision.

And make it stick.

If he told the truth.

About the USS Liberty.

About why Israel’s preemptive war was unnecessary.

About intensified injustice.

To Palestinians.

LBJ’s leadership (which he did not originate) is long since firmly established.

“ A true democracy ... operates on faith.
Faith, that government officials are forthcoming and honest.
And faith, that informed citizens will arrive at logical conclusions.”
Damon J. Keith (judge), Detroit Free Press v. Ashcroft {pf}, 303 F.3d 681, 711 (6th Cir., No. 02-1437, Aug. 26 2002) {255kb.pdf}.

Selling policy by lies.

A hallmark.

The national character of the United States.

And of its citizens.

Terminal cancer.

Prima facie criminal lies, criminal conspiracies, among Members of Congress, their staffs, witnesses they select to lie to Congress, executive branch officials who lie to Congress, to each other, Members of Congress wielding Congress as a tool, to promote their crimes, a RICO (racketeer influenced and corrupt organization), to lie to Congress, the military, the public.

Like this:

“Whereas Iran has aggressively pursued a clandestine effort to arm itself with nuclear weapons.”

H. Con. Res. 110-21 {H.Con.Res.21.eh, 8kb.txt, 34kb.pdf} (U.S. Congress 110-1): House concurrent resolution, “Calling on the United Nations Security Council to charge Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with violating the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and the United Nations Charter because of his calls for the destruction of the State of Israel,” introduced January 9 2007 and referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, referred February 5 2007 by that committee to two of its subcommittees (Middle East and South Asia; International Organizations, Human Rights, and Oversight), floor debate (without subcommittee hearing or markup, or full committee hearing or markup debate), “Calling on United Nations Security Council to Charge Iranian President With Certain Violations Because of His Calls for Destruction of Israel,” 153 Congressional Record H6600-H6605 {pf} {47kb.txt, 88kb.pdf} (June 18 2007, 4:00-4:50pm, daily edition 153:98, U.S. Congress 110-1) {SuDoc: X/A.110/1:153/98}, vote, House roll call vote 110-1:513 (411/2/11/8) (June 20 2007, 12:29 p.m.), 153 Cong. Rec. H6754-H6755 {pf} {9kb.txt, 49kb.pdf} (June 20 2007, 12:25-12:30pm, daily edition 153:100, U.S. Congress 110-1) {SuDoc: X/A.110/1:153/100}.

Every single individual who voted for this resolution knew, for a fact, at the time of the vote, that s/he did not know, whether this was a “fact,” or not.

This assertion of fact is a prima facie criminal lie.

By each of them, one by one, as they cast their vote.

And a criminal conspiracy to lie, among the leaders among them, who engineered this assertion.

Moreover, they each of them knew, as well, that it’s unlikely to be a fact, in the teeth of more than 2000 days of IAEA inspections, some of them very intrusive, extending beyond even what the Additional Protocol permits.

So in Iran, as in Iraq, when the U.S. threw-out the U.N. inspectors, to prevent them from confirming that Iraq had no WMD.

In Iran, the same was happening, Iran’s extensive cooperation with IAEA inspectors. The U.S. could see what was coming — what later came — a formal declaration, by the IAEA (2008), that every single one of the U.S. assertions (portraying Iran as having a nuclear weapons program), every last one of them, were untrue, without merit, a U.S. lie.

Seeing this writing on the wall, the U.S. engineered the IAEA Board of Governors to refer Iran to the U.N. Security Council (February 2006) to provoke Iran to stop cooperating with the IAEA, and thereby create an atmosphere of uncertainty, secrecy, the U.S. could point to, as evidence of a nuclear weapons program (an inference, in lieu of actual evidence).

But Iran was not tricked, and they continued to cooperate, 100% as their safeguard agreement requires, terminating only the extra cooperation they were voluntarily providing.

When the bombs fall, the bullets strike, in overt war and covert action — as they have already, in Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza, and many other places — these crimes of lying such as this, by these individuals, become violent crimes as well, overt acts, complicity in the crimes they intended to incite, promote, aid and abet, facilitate, and international crimes too, such as the crime against peace and war crimes.

I oppose the death penalty, for several good reasons.

But down the road, in an alternate universe, in the case of United States v. 411 Former Members of Congress, if the jury decides, that death is the proper penalty:—

I will not weep.

For them.

But I might weep.

For joy.

Charles Judson Harwood Jr.
July 8 2007
May 25 2009



New York Times Bestsellers, “Hardcover Nonfiction.” Palestine Peace Not Apartheid, by Jimmy Carter (Simon & Schuster, published Wednesday November 15 2006) (Sunday editions, week:rank): December 3 2006 (1:11), December 10 (2:17), December 17 (3:7), December 24 (4:5), December 31 (5:5), January 7 2007 (6:5), January 14 (7:5), January 21 (8:6), January 28 (9:5), February 4 (10:6*), February 11 (11:2), February 18 (12:3), February 25 (13:3), March 4 (14:9*), March 11 (15:11), March 18 (16:11), March 25 (17:17), April 1 (18:22), April 8 (19:35). Notes: “An asterisk (*) indicates that a book’s sales are barely distinguishable from those of the book above”. “The exact methodology used in creating the list is classified as a trade secret.”

In New York Times speak, “bestsellers” are the 15 top-selling books of the 35 it lists, the remaining 20 it labels “also selling.”

Jimmy Carter’s book, Palestine Peace Not Apartheid, was on the “New York Times Bestsellers” list for 19 consecutive weeks and was a “New York Times Bestseller” for 15 weeks. His book “debuted” at 11, dropped out of the top-15 the second week (at 17), rejoined the “bestsellers” for the next 14 consecutive weeks, and then remained on the list afterwards, “also selling,” for the next 3 weeks.

July 2007



By CJHjr: Transcribing TV/radio audio (paragraphed/punctuated for speech, the speaker’s rhythm, stress, pace), bold-face, text {in braces}, quotes from printed sources: some added paragraphing, commas.

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Charles Judson Harwood Jr.

Posted Dec. 1 2006. Updated June 13 2009.


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