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1967 oPt: Israeli occupied Palestinian territory, Jimmy Carter's book tour (2006-2007)

2007-04: interviews, news, events, comment, context

Tough Love: Jimmy Carter, Palestine Peace Not Apartheid


by Charles Judson Harwood Jr.


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Marije Meerman (director), William de Bruijn (research), Judith van den Berg (producer) {source}, De IsraŽl Lobby, “Portret van een groot taboe: de macht van de IsraŽl lobby in de Verenigde Staten” (en: The Israel Lobby, “Portrait of a great taboo: The power of the Israel lobby in the United States”) (NPO: Netherlands Public Broadcasting, VPRO, Tegenlicht (Backlight), Nederland 2 TV, Monday April 2 2007, 8:55-9:55pm, Wednesday April 4 2007, 2:30-3:30pm), interviewing (in first-appearance sequence), John Mearsheimer, Richard Perle, Lawrence Wilkerson, John Hagee, Earl Hilliard, Tony Judt, Kenneth Roth, Michael Massing, Daniel Levy, VPRO video (nb, bb) {51:15, 36.85mb.asf, 176.45mb.asf, source, source}, YouTube VPRO video {50:31}, YouTube VPRO/Backlight excerpts, Google video {51:12}, Google video {50:09}.

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Jimmy Carter, press conference (National Press Club, First Amendment Lounge, 529 14th Street NW, Washington D.C., Wednesday April 4 2007, 2:15 p.m. ET), introduced by Hamilton Fish (president, The Nation Institute, sponsor), FNS transcript {text}, C-Span video (deleted) (copy, request) {35:14, 34.03mb.rm, smil, schedule, 552152645, 197472-2, rss, search: Carter, IsPal, library: Carter, IsPal}.

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Kenneth W. Stein (professor of contemporary middle eastern history, political science, Israeli studies), remarks (Emory University, White Hall, room 208, 301 Dowman Drive, Atlanta Georgia, Thursday April 5 2007, 4:30 p.m. ET), “The Carter Book Controversy” (speech, Q&As), introduced by James W. Wagner (Emory president), events calendar (detail), international calendar (detail), notice, video {1:32:33, 306.47mb.rm, Q&As at 1:06:20, source, source}, reported, Sarah Powell, “Speaker: Professor Counters Carter Book Claims{pf} (The Emory Wheel, Atlanta, Friday April 6 2007), Carol Clark, “Emory professor details his criticisms of Carter’s book” (Emory Report, volume 59 number 27, April 16 2007), see also, Kenneth W. Stein, “My Problem with Jimmy Carter's Book” (posted January 25 2007, analyzed in that January timeline), Steve Kramer, “Undermining Jimmy Carter{pf} (Israel Hasbara Committee, May 25 2007) (“At a recent lecture I attended at Tel Aviv University, Professor Kenneth W. Stein gave an overflow audience the inside scoop on ex-President Jimmy Carter’s latest book. ... The purpose behind Professor Stein’s lecture tour is his mission to discredit Carter’s book so that it doesn’t become required reading for Middle Eastern Studies courses.”), Rachel Zelkowitz, “Professor Describes Carter 'Inaccuracies' {pf} (The Emory Wheel, Atlanta, December 12 2006) (“Professor Kenneth Stein, who resigned last week from his post at The Carter Center over the book, listed two ‘egregious and inexcusable errors’ and several other inaccuracies in Carter’s Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid”).

CJHjr note: I elided text, in the quote from Rachel Zelkowitz’s Emory Wheel article, because it’s plain — from what Kenneth Stein said, and Jimmy Carter confirmed in interviews — Kenneth Stein had no “post” at the Carter Center, no job, no office, no position, no duties, no responsibilities, no authority, no salary, for more than a decade, “since I left the Center physically thirteen years ago,” in 1993 (except, he said, “I monitored the Palestinian elections, with president Carter ... in January 1996”). Kenneth Stein had an honorary title, “Middle East Fellow of the Carter Center of Emory University,” “however, titular it was,” as he described it in his speech (“nominal, existing in name only”). And so, Kenneth Stein did not “resign” from the Carter Center, or from any “post” or “position” there, because that bare form of words, in context, implies something of substance, a substantial decision, with material consequences, in service of his views, such as resigning from Emory University, for example, and his salary, to protest Emory’s links with the Carter Center. Instead, Kenneth Stein surrendered his honorary title, the privilege of referring to himself as such, a matter of no sacrifice to himself, but rather a benefit, as he thereby avoids further disgrace, disrepute, (as he apparently sees it) of being referred to as such, by others.


Jimmy Carter (Plains Georgia), interviewed by Dan Raviv (national correspondent, Washington D.C.) (CBS News Weekend Roundup, CBS Radio Network, Westwood One, recorded Friday April 6 2007, broadcast Saturday-Sunday April 7-8 2007), audio {39:09, Carter 5:08 at 15:52, 18.24mb.mp3, rss, rss, source, archive}, and by AFN: American Forces Network (nf), both broadcast radio (schedule, pf) and base cable radio (schedule).

“ Americans don’t trust details. They only trust headlines.”
Gene Hackman, as Senator Keeley, in Birdcage (1996) (Elaine May, writer; Mike Nichols, director)

The AFN broadcast radio schedule (pf) lists this 40-minute weekend program, erroneously, as “CBS World News Roundup,” the name of a different, weekday, program, which AFN does not broadcast, CBS’s main weekday radio news (“America's longest running network newscast on radio or TV”), long-since shrunk, to 6/10-minutes, to suit commercial U.S. radio stations who, apparently, believe their listeners have little interest in substantial, contexted, radio news. AFN broadcasts NPR radio news, 7-days a week, both broadcast radio (schedule, pf) and base cable radio (schedule), on weekday mornings (Morning Edition) and evenings (All Things Considered), and on weekend days (Weekend Edition Saturday, Weekend Edition Sunday).

Patricia Cohen, “A Bitter Spat Over Ideas, Israel and Tenure{pf} (The New York Times, April 12 2007) (Alan Dershowitz and Norman Finkelstein), reprinted, Patricia Cohen, “Dershowitz vs. Finkelstein: When a scholarly clash turns vitriolic{pf} (The International Herald Tribune, Paris, April 17 2007).

Robert D. Novak, “Olive Branch From Hamas{pf, rss} (The Washington Post, April 16 2007), previously, Robert D. Novak, “Worse Than Apartheid?{pf} (The Washington Post, April 9 2007), Robert D. Novak, “A Missed Opportunity for Peace{pf} (The Washington Post, April 5 2007).

Ira Forman (executive director), “Why Won’t Prominent Republicans Criticize Novak for Anti-Israel Writings?” (NJDC: National Jewish Democratic Council, Washington D.C., Monday April 16 2007).

Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, interviewed by Amy Goodman (host), part-1 (April 16), part-2: “Noam Chomsky Accuses Alan Dershowitz of Launching a "Jihad" to Block Norman Finkelstein From Getting Tenure at Depaul University” (Democracy Now! The War and Peace Report, New York City, Tuesday April 17 2007), video {21:41}, audio {21:40}, whole hour show, audio {59:04, 27.04mb.mp3}, DemNow transcript {pf, ZNet copy}.


Ilan Pappe (senior lecturer in political science, University of Haifa, chair, Emil Touma Institute for Palestinian Studies in Haifa), speech (Bil'in Second Annual International Conference, April 18-20 2007, Bil'in Ramallah Palestine, Wednesday April 18 2007), Google video {11:42, 35.7mb.mp4, source, search: google rss, youtube, youtube rss, others, icl}, reported, Kathy Kamphoefner, Paul Pierce (Quaker International Affairs Representatives), “The 2007 Bil'in Nonviolence Conference” (AFSC: American Friends Service Committee, undated). Ilan Pappť is author, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine (Oneworld Publications, Oxford England, published October 12-19 2006, U.S. November 1) {U.K., U.S., Germany}, forthcoming: Ilan Pappť, The Bureaucracy of Evil: The History of the Israeli Occupation (Oneworld, July 1 2010) {U.K., U.S.}.

Jimmy Carter, remarks (UI: University of Iowa, Lecture Series, Carver-Hawkeye Arena, 730 21st Street NW, Iowa City, Wednesday April 18 2007, 7:00 p.m. CT), “Peace in the Middle East” (speech, Q&As), introduced by Gary Fethke (university interim president), video/audio not posted by U.Iowa, edited audio {60:00, 54.9mb.mp3} (James Moore, station manager, Radio KRUU, Fairfield Iowa), edited video (not posted) broadcast (UITV, May 7, June 3, 7, 8, July 17 2007), photos, U.Iowa calendar, “Former President Jimmy Carter to Speak at UI April 18{archive} (U.Iowa News Services, March 28 2007) (“UI students who have a question for President Carter can either submit it via the Lecture Committee Web site at http://lectures.uiowa.edu or in person at University Box Office at the IMU. Any UI student who submits a question and who wishes to have his or her name entered into a drawing to meet President Carter can do so by selecting the appropriate box on the form. UI students who submit questions may also remain anonymous.” “Carter will also be signing copies of his new book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, on Wednesday April 18, from 3 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. in the Main Lounge of the Iowa Memorial Union.”).


Jimmy Carter to speak at UI{pf} (Iowa City Press-Citizen, March 28 2007).

Seung Min Kim, “Former President Carter to speak at UI{pf} (The Daily Iowan, Iowa City, March 28 2007).

Jimmy Carter to speak at University of Iowa{pf} (Globe Gazette, Mason City Iowa, March 29 2007).

Carter bringing controversial book to U of I{pf} (The Des Moines Register, Des Moines Iowa, March 28 2007) (comments: hickory, “The U of I invites a Jew hater to campus with open arms.” altoonacat, “Is there anyone in the world more clueless than Jimmy Carter?” RussellJ, “He lies about Israel, tries to plagerize other people’s work and he’s called one of the world’s most ‘notable thinkers’. Only at the U of I.”).

“ RussellJ (posted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 1:51 pm):

Yeah. He lies about Israel, tries to plagerize other people’s work and he’s called one of the world’s most “notable thinkers.” Only at the U of I.

CJ Harwood (posted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 11:20 am):

I’m shocked, to learn, Jimmy Carter “lies about Israel” and “tries to plagiarize other people’s work.”

Especially, as he’s a Sunday school teacher, presently propagating his pious pulpit pronouncements, on CD-ROMs.

I want to be sure, everybody knows about this despicable hypocrite.

So please, post your evidence.

Because even a public figure, like Jimmy Carter, is entitled to protection, the discipline of evidence, against malicious lies, and reckless disregard for the truth.

Charles Judson Harwood Jr.”

Tickets Still Available For Carter Speech” (U.Iowa News Services, April 11 2007) “in Carver Hawkeye Arena” (15,500 seats, configured for 11,000 seats for Jimmy Carter’s remarks).

Former President Carter To Sign New Book April 18” (U.Iowa News Services, April 12 2007).

Brian Morelli (higher education reporter), “Plan to arrive early for Carter's visit{pf} (Iowa City Press-Citizen, April 17 2007) (“First, Carter will be at the Iowa Memorial Union Main Lounge from 3 to 4:15 p.m. signing copies of his new book, Palestine Peace Not Apartheid ... available for $22.95 at the University Book Store in the IMU ... Then, Carter is scheduled to speak at 7 p.m. at Carver-Hawkeye Arena ... capacity for the event is 11,000”) (Iowa has a 5% sales tax, for Iowa City, U.Iowa IMU zip code 52242: $22.95×105%=$24.10), “Safety and Security Measures Announced For April 18 Carter Events” (U.Iowa News Services, April 17 2007).

James Moore (station manager), “Jimmy Carter to Speak in Iowa City Wednesday Evening” (Radio KRUU, Fairfield Iowa, Wednesday April 18 2007, 2:24 a.m.) (“KRUU is planning to tape the talk for rebroadcast”).


John Deeth, “Carter: Book Signing” (“The haters were politely working the line, handing out "fact" sheets to the folks waiting in line. One wore a yellow star that said "remember the 6 million," using a double reverse bank shot to tie Carter to Holocaust deniers. In any case they seemed to be canvassing the wrong precinct, as everyone present had shelled out 25 bucks for the book ... and was committed enough to wait an hour-plus, in line, for two seconds (literally) with Carter.”), “Carter Clampdown,” “Jimmy Carter: Iowa City Speech 4/18/07,” “Jimmy Carter: Questions” (John Deeth Blog, Wednesday April 18 2007), “Carter at Carver,” “Unadultrated Carter Book Signing” (Essential Estrogen, April 18-19 2007), Fitzgerald Steele, “President Jimmy Carter at the Univ. of Iowa” (Deez Steeles blog, April 19 2007) (“There were people out front handing out fliers identifying 'lies' and 'truth' about Palestine ... Certainly, President Carter is intimately familiar with brokering peace in the Middle East, and doesn’t seem to have anything to gain by false or misleading writings.”), “Carter: Iowa Shouldn't Go First{pf} (Democratic Underground, discussion forum).

John Bachman (studio), Dave Price (Iowa City) (blog) (NBC: WHO-TV, Channel 13 News at 10, Des Moines Iowa, April 18 2007, 10:00 p.m. CT), video, “Jimmy Carter: Iowa Shouldn't Go First{asx, 3:10, 11.49mb.wmv, source, story}.

Anonymous (AP: The Associated Press), “Carter urges voters to choose candidates committed to peace{pf} (Sioux City Journal, April 18 2007, 11:30 p.m.).

Rachel Gallegos, “Carter speaks at Carver: Speech touches on controversial book, Middle East” {pf} (Iowa City Press-Citizen, April 19 2007).

Dan Williamson (photo editor), video, “Carter speaks in Iowa City{4:54, 11.10mb.wmv} (“Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter came to Iowa City on Wednesday to promote his new book and his vision for peace in the Middle East”) (Iowa City Press-Citizen, video, April 19 2007), pre-speech audience interviews, of Dianne and Paul Werger (Lutheran preacher) (who lived in Jerusalem on the West Bank, 1997-1998), and Kelly Breffle and Wael Marashli (who had read the book), introductory remarks by Gary Fethke (excerpt), Jimmy Carter speech (excerpt).

Colin Burke, “Carter outlines peace plan{pf} (The Daily Iowan, Iowa City, April 19 2007).

Robert Dopf (editor), video excerpts of Jimmy Carter’s remarks {4:07, 7.70mb.mp4} “Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter came to Iowa City on Wednesday to promote his new book and his vision for peace in the Middle East” (DITV: Daily Iowan Television, The Daily Iowan, Iowa City, April 19 2007).

Tony Leys, “Carter tells Iowans: Make peace campaign issue{pf} (The Des Moines Register, Des Moines Iowa, April 19 2007).

Matt Kelley (anchor/reporter), “Former President Carter talks about Israel in speech at U-I” (Learfield News, Radio Iowa, Des Moines Iowa, April 19 2007, 8:57 a.m.) (a broadcast report, not a web-only report, audio deleted, per email from Matt Kelley) {rss, archive}, “a statewide radio news network” of 44 Iowa radio stations, O. Kay Henderson (news director), “Carter says Iowa should no longer go first” (Radio Iowa, The Blog, April 18 2007) {rss, archive}.

Ben Kieffer (host), “... then a segment of former President Jimmy Carter’s speech the night before in Iowa City” (IPR: Iowa Public Radio, The Exchange, Radio WSUI, University of Iowa Broadcasting Services, Iowa City, April 19 2007, 10-11:00 a.m. CT) {rss}, a network of 19 Iowa public radio stations (faulty audio links, they acknowledged by email, but have not corrected, citing a question about their broadcast/posting rights).

Jay Knoll, Whitney Givens (studio), Melanie Kaminski (Carver-Hawkeye Arena), “Carter at Carver,” Greg Thompson (U.Iowa campus, vox pop quiz), “Carver Trivia” (DITV, The Daily Iowan Newscast, Iowa City, Thursday April 19 2007, 9:30-9:45 p.m. CT), video {14:09, 12.55mb.mov, bb 34.57mb.mov, Carter, lead report, first 4:30}, by UITV and webcast/vod (UITV rebroadcast at 10:30 p.m., 12:30/1:30/9:15 a.m.).

James Zogby (president, AAI: Arab American Institute), “Carter's Mideast Message Plays in Iowa{pf} (The Huffington Post, April 20 2007), reporting his trip to Iowa, and quoting Jimmy Carter’s challenge, in his U.Iowa speech, shown in this video {4:54, at about 2:30} (I’ve conformed the quote to the video):

“ Jimmy Carter: The main reason, that I wanted to come to Iowa, though, is to make sure, that you realize, that you can also shape the outcome, of the 2008 presidential election.

At least you can help—


At least you can help screen-out the candidates — in both parties — who are not willing to address my intriguing and complex subject for this evening:

Peace in the middle east.

If they won’t make this pledge to you — I’m going to read — do not support them.


And this is it:

“If elected President, I will do every thing possible, to promote negotiations, between the Israelis and Palestinians, to achieve peace and security for Israel, and a secure and contiguous state, for the Palestinians.”

If they won’t tell you that,

Don’t support them.


David Yepsen, “Carter tells Iowans: Make peace campaign issue{pf} (The Des Moines Register, Des Moines Iowa, April 22 2007).

Michael Gillespie, “Waging Peace: Former President Jimmy Carter Speaks in Iowa City” {pf} (WRMEA: Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, Washington D.C., July 2007, pages 54-55).

Norman Finkelstein, remarks (speech, Q&As), introduced by Sara Roy (senior research scholar, CMES: Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University), “On Israel and Palestine: Roots of Conflict, Prospects for Peace” (Brandeis University, sponsors: Arab Culture Club, World Can't Wait, venue: Rapaporte Treasure Hall, Goldfarb Library, Waltham Massachusetts, Tuesday April 24 2007, 7:30-10:30 p.m. ET), calendar (detail), poster, Miranda Neubauer, “Behind new sponsors, controversial Middle East writer Norman Finkelstein to speak{pf} (The Justice, “The Independent Student Newspaper of Brandeis University,” March 27 2007), letters to Finkelstein, speaking engagements, and see, Sara Roy, “A Jewish Plea: How Can Children of the Holocaust Do Such Things?” (CounterPunch, April 7/8 2007), Sara Roy, “Short Cuts” (London Review of Books, volume 26 number 7, dated April 1 2004), reported, Doug Tarnopol, blog (April 26 2007) (“Finkelstein's talk at Brandeis was good; Sara Roy's intro was excellent; the questions, and some yelping members of the audience, were embarrassing. I've never seen an academic audience act like that.”), David Pepose (editor), Alison Channon (deputy news editor), “Finkelstein discusses Israel's human rights record{pf} (The Brandeis Hoot, Friday April 27 2007), Lital Shair, Shana D. Lebowitz, “Finkelstein calls Israel a human rights abuser {pf}, following brief protest” (The Justice, “The Independent Student Newspaper of Brandeis University,” May 1 2007) (“100 people ... a few dozen protesters ... Finkelstein began by saying that "the vast preponderance swirling around the Israel-Palestine conflict is contrived" in order to deflect criticism from Israel’s human-rights abuses ... Some of Finkelstein’s opinions were: that Israel must return to its pre-1967 borders and relinquish its settlements in Gaza and the West Bank”).

Jimmy Carter, remarks (GSU: Georgia State University, sponsors: College of Arts & Sciences, Middle East Institute, venue: Speaker's Auditorium, Student University Center, Atlanta, Friday April 27 2007, 6:00 p.m. ET), “Palestine Peace Not Apartheid: A conversation with President Jimmy Carter” (speech, Q&As), moderated by Dona J. Stewart (director, GSU Middle East Institute), video (bb) {1:19:46, 177.56mb.mov 437.6mb.mov, source, source}, notice, notice, GSU calendar, previews, William Inman, “Former President Jimmy Carter to visit Georgia State” (GSU News & Events, Monday April 23 2007) (“an overflow room with a closed-circuit feed will be available in the University Student Center”), reported, “Former President Carter Visits Georgia State{rss} (GSU, College of Arts & Sciences News, Friday April 27 2007), Ernie Suggs, “Carter's visit to GSU peaceful{pf} (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Saturday April 28 2007) (AJC normally deletes stories from its website, pretty quickly) (“he hasn’t changed his position on the conflict — “Israel will never find peace until it is willing to withdraw from its neighbor’s land” ... a scholarly lecture ... a lengthy Q&A ... controversy surrounding the book was hardly addressed”) (“telling the students he Tivoed The Daily Show every night”).


Frank Menetrez, “As Tenure Drama Comes Down to the Wire: Dershowitz v. Finkelstein: Who's Right and Who's Wrong?” (CounterPunch, April 30 2007), copy with comments (“revised and expanded version of the article”):

“ Frank J. Menetrez: So there we have it:

Finkelstein claims to have proven, in Beyond Chutzpah {U.S., U.K.}, that The Case for Israel {U.S., U.K.} is riddled with misrepresentations of fact.

Dershowitz, in turn, claims that everything Finkelstein has ever written is “false,” “preposterous,” and “discredited.”

And Dershowitz has prepared a list of the “clearest and most egregious instances” of Finkelstein’s dishonesty (hereafter the “List”), which builds on the evidence previously compiled in his Case Study.

If we examine Dershowitz’s List and Case Study {112kb.pdf, source}, then, we might be able to figure out who, if anyone, is right.

* * *

Prior to publication, I emailed drafts of this article to both Finkelstein and Dershowitz for comment.

* * *

Beyond Chutzpah purports to refute virtually every aspect of The Case for Israel’s account of Israel’s human rights record and the history of the Israel/Palestine conflict.

Consequently, the most striking feature of Dershowitz’s List is that not one of the numbered items on the List is taken from Beyond Chutzpah.

* * *

From these facts it appears reasonable to conclude that, with the possible exception of the plagiarism issue, Dershowitz has been unable to find a single false statement in Beyond Chutzpah.

And it follows that, as far as Dershowitz himself can now determine, his own book The Case for Israel is full of falsehoods concerning Israel’s human rights record and the history of the Israel/Palestine conflict, while Finkelstein’s book contains none.

* * *

Joan Peters’ From Time Immemorial (1984) ... argues that at the time of Israel’s founding in 1948, many of the Arab inhabitants of the areas that became the state of Israel were actually recent immigrants—they and their ancestors had not lived there “from time immemorial.”

* * *

Consequently, Peters’ book has been rejected as worthless by the scholarly community around the world, including in Israel.

* * *

Given the well-known scholarly repudiation of Peters’ book, no scholar would rely on it, any more than a scholar would rely on The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

* * *

[Dershowitz] relied upon a bestselling book that has been condemned by the international scholarly community.

Even if his citations to Peters were impeccable — even if he is right that they are in fact impeccable — it is still true that he repackaged material from Peters’ discredited bestseller, From Time Immemorial, and added to it his own imprimatur, as a Harvard law professor, in his bestseller The Case for Israel.

* * *

Either he knew that Peters’ book was discredited or he didn’t.

If he did know it, then he intentionally used a thoroughly disreputable source.

If he didn’t know it, then he was too ignorant of mainstream scholarly work on Israel/Palestine to deserve to be taken seriously.

Either way, by relying on Peters in The Case for Israel and expressly defending her in The Case for Peace, he took himself outside the realm of serious, informed discussion of the topic on which he was writing.

When I started to research and write this article, I intended to evaluate every charge that Dershowitz’s List levels against Finkelstein. ...

But I have abandoned that project.

Here’s why:

The first item on the List is entitled “Burt Neuborne.”

The first sentence after the title reads:

“Finkelstein actually tried to get Burt Neuborne, a professor of law at NYU and one of the country’s top civil liberties and Supreme Court advocates, disbarred.”

* * *

But the only reasonable inference from the available evidence is that the charge, interpreted in the way that any ordinary reader of the List would interpret it, is fraudulent, because Dershowitz has no evidence to support it.

On that basis, I concluded that the first sentence of the first item on Dershowitz’s List of the “clearest and most egregious instances” of Finkelstein’s lies is itself a fraud.

And on that basis I concluded that my original project — to sift through and evaluate every single claim on Dershowitz’s List — should be abandoned.

My work on the project, however incomplete, does nonetheless raise the following interesting question:

If this is the best that an adversary as clever and dedicated as Dershowitz can come up with, how could Finkelstein possibly not deserve tenure?”


Note: Frank Menetrez was interviewed, about his investigation, on May 18 2007 (KPFA.ctl).  CJHjr



New York Times Bestsellers, “Hardcover Nonfiction.” Palestine Peace Not Apartheid, by Jimmy Carter (Simon & Schuster, published Wednesday November 15 2006) (Sunday editions, week:rank): December 3 2006 (1:11), December 10 (2:17), December 17 (3:7), December 24 (4:5), December 31 (5:5), January 7 2007 (6:5), January 14 (7:5), January 21 (8:6), January 28 (9:5), February 4 (10:6*), February 11 (11:2), February 18 (12:3), February 25 (13:3), March 4 (14:9*), March 11 (15:11), March 18 (16:11), March 25 (17:17), April 1 (18:22), April 8 (19:35). Notes: “An asterisk (*) indicates that a book’s sales are barely distinguishable from those of the book above”. “The exact methodology used in creating the list is classified as a trade secret.”

In New York Times speak, “bestsellers” are the 15 top-selling books of the 35 it lists, the remaining 20 it labels “also selling.”

Jimmy Carter’s book, Palestine Peace Not Apartheid, was on the “New York Times Bestsellers” list for 19 consecutive weeks and was a “New York Times Bestseller” for 15 weeks. His book “debuted” at 11, dropped out of the top-15 the second week (at 17), rejoined the “bestsellers” for the next 14 consecutive weeks, and then remained on the list afterwards, “also selling,” for the next 3 weeks.

May 2007



By CJHjr: Transcribing TV/radio audio (paragraphed/punctuated for speech, the speaker’s rhythm, stress, pace), bold-face, text {in braces}, quotes from printed sources: some added paragraphing, commas.

This document is not copyrighted and may be freely copied.


Charles Judson Harwood Jr.

Posted Dec. 1 2006. Updated May 29 2009.


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