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Deportation/exile of the Chagos Islanders

Nov. 19 1990, 10:55am (local time):

Diego Garcia from 130 n.miles in space

Earth from Space - Image Information

 Diego Garcia, NASA location map   Camera look direction 

Photo #: STS038-086-104 Date: Nov 1990

 Diego Garcia from 130 n.miles in space (Nov. 19 1990, 10:55am)(GMT+6) 

STS038-086-104, Diego Garcia, Chagos Archipelago, November 1990. The largest of the coral atolls of the Chagos Archipelago, Diego Garcia, is visible in this northwest-looking view. Diego Garcia is approximately 350 miles (560 km) south of the Maldive Islands in the central Indian Ocean. The crescent shape of the coral island encloses a lagoon that forms the harbor. Diego Garcia is the site of a large Anglo-American Naval Air and Communications facility located on the northwest part of the atoll.

Images: Hi-Resolution 36.38MB Lo-Resolution 324k
Mission: STS038
Roll - Frame: 86 - 104
Center Lat x Lon: 7.5S x 72.5E
Film Exposure: N N=Normal exposure, U=Under exposed, O=Over exposed, F=out of Focus
Percentage of Cloud Cover- CLDP: 45  
Camera Tilt: NV LO=Low Oblique, HO=High Oblique, NV=Near Vertical
Camera Focal Lenth: 250  
Camera Look Direction: N The direction from the nadir to the center point,
N=North, S=South, E=East, W=West
Stereo?: Y Y=Yes there is an adjacent picture of the same area,
N=No there isn't
Orbit Number: 52  
Date: 19901119 YYYYMMDD
Time: 045547 GMT HHMMSS { local: GMT+6 }
Nadir Lat: 8.0S  
Nadir Lon: E  
Sun Azimuth: 115 Clockwise angle in degrees from north to the sun, measured at the nadir point
Space Craft Altitude: 130 nautical miles
Sun Elevation: 59 Angle in degrees between the horizon and the sun, measured at the nadir point
Land Views: ATOLL
Water Views: REEF, LAGOON
Atmosphere Views:
Man Made Views:
City Views:

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Source: http://earth.jsc.nasa.gov/ printinfo.cgi?PHOTO=STS038-086-104 (Aug. 15 2002).

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