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Deportation/exile of the Chagos Islanders

Chagos Archipelago

 Map: Chagos Archipelago (BIOT) 


World map
Chagos map-1
Chagos map-2
Diego map-1
Diego map-2
Space photo
Aerial photo-1
Aerial photo-2
Runway photo
Ramp photo

Source: Map, “Chagos Archipelago” {6kb.gif}, BIOT: “British Indian Ocean Territory” (The World Factbook, U.S. CIA: Central Intelligence Agency, Langley Virginia), (visited August 9 2002, January 24 2005, June 7 2008).

This image is a “U.S. Government work” and, hence, not copyrighted. Formerly, this image also appeared here: http://www.nctsdg.navy.mil/ dgchagos.html (NCTSDG: U.S. Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station, Diego Garcia) (“All information on this site is public domain and may be distributed or copied unless otherwise specified”) (visited Janaury 24 2005).

This document and image may be freely copied.

Charles Judson Harwood Jr.


Posted Sept. 7 2002. Updated June 7 2008.


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