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Full-text: March 7 2003
Protest zones: “No War for Oil” (October 24 2002)

A083 – Summons in a Criminal Case


United States District Court for the District of South Carolina Columbia Division

Filed, MAR 7 2003, Larry W. Propes, Clerk, Columbia S.C.


C/R No. 3:03-309

A picture I.D. is required to enter the courthouse

United States of America)
Brett A. Bursey)
375 Silver Wood Lane)
Lexington, SC 29072)

Summons in a Criminal Case

YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED to appear before the United States District Court at the place, date and time set forth below:


United States District Court
1845 Assembly Street
Columbia, SC 29201
To Be Assigned
Before the Honorable
Bristow Marchant
United States Magistrate Judge
Date and Time:
April 1, 2003
9:45 a.m.

To answer a(n):  Information

Charging you with a violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1752(a)(1)(ii).

For charges, see attached copy of Indictment; a copy of the Indictment is attached for service on the defendant.

Signature: Nancy M. Harris

March 7, 2003



{Nancy M. Harris}

Signature of Issuing Officer

Larry W. Propes, Clerk
Name and Title of Issuing Officer


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This case: United States v. Brett A. Bursey (D.S.C., No. 3:03cr309 {175kb.html}, criminal information filed March 7 2003, jury trial denied June 4 2003, bench trial Nov. 12-13 2003, bench trial Nov. 12-13 2003, verdict Jan. 6 2004: guilty, $500 fine (Bristow Marchant, U.S. Magistrate Judge), district appeal docketed Jan. 13 2004, affirmed Sept. 14 2004 (Cameron McGowan Currie, U.S. District Judge), circuit appeal docketed Oct. 7 2004, affirmed July 25 2005 {64kb.pdf, 64kb.pdf}, rehearing denied Sept. 8 2005 (4th Cir., No. 04-4832), petition for certiorari docketed Dec. 14 2005, certiorari denied Jan. 17 2006 (U.S., No. 05-767).

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See alsoOther Secret Service protest zone cases” on the docket-sheet page. Brett Bursey

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Charles Judson Harwood Jr.


Posted Dec. 20 2003. Updated Dec. 20 2003.


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