My Dolls Houses.




This is the Dolls House that Terry bought me two years ago, and I have just gotten round to building it.

And this is what renewed my interest in miniatures again.




This is some of the furniture I have made with the Del Prado kit I bought ten years ago, and at the moment, while I redo that house and finish building, the Pink House will house the furniture for now.





Although I apologise for the blur in this picture, its just some of the things that I have bought so far to go in the shop.



The Del Prado

This is where the Del Prado is at the moment, although I have papered the living room now, and painted the bathroom, hall and landing, and done the ceilings, but the kitchen and bedroom, Im still undecided on. When I get those two rooms done I will add the lighting and take more pics.




                                                                                                         November: This is how the Del Prado looks today. She's coming along nicely if a tad difficult!


The Shop


These are some hats and a bag I have made using bits n bobs Ive picked up from here there and where ever.

This is a 'dry build' of the Magpies Shop Ive just bought. Well we females like to dream and indulge, so watch this space!

This is where Im up to with the Shop. Floor is laid, papering done, and a few things to fill it out for the picture, lights all working, and I'm thoroughly enjoying myself!

November 14th.

Just waiting for the roofing and then I can work on the inside more.