This software was written as part of an investigation in CT image reconstruction. It is presented as a simple tool that might be useful to users wishing to gain an intuitive understanding of image reconstruction by playing with the software. The simulation uses simple parallel beam geometry and 2D data only.

current version: 0.3 (May 06)


Preset phantom objects generate projection data that can be backprojected.

Adjustable settings include a selection of filters, change in number of viewing angles, data bins, reconstruction field of view.

Animate back projection.

Save and load images.

Re-project 8 or 16 bit images.

Save & Load projection data.

Perform simple image filtering operations, plus image windowing controls.

Visualize the projection data and sinograms.



Note that the ImageJ file opener API is used for opening images, so these classes are included in the jar file. Hence the application can open jpg, png, tif or dicom format images, amongst others. A plugin for ImageJ, using the same source code, that performs some of the same tasks can be downloaded at


For more information on the theory underlying image reconstruction by back projection see the following references:

Kak & Slaney (1988), Principles of Computerized Tomographic Imaging, IEEE Press, ISBN 0-87942-198-3.