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Capture! 2.0 Released
The major changes over version 1.0 - 'point and click' mouse cueing and replay. All time readouts now in minutes/seconds/milliseconds.
See 'Effects' page for download.

MIDISeq! 2.0 Released
The entire plug has been redesigned and given a facelift. The sequencer has been ramped up from a total of 16 to 64 steps and now supports quick 'sequence drawing'. Other improvements over the original are new transport modes, including single sequence and single step triggering. Also included is the Data Reduction option and MIDI Thru Channel Router from MIDIMod!, and limited MIDI learn/automation of the transport and interpolation controls. Unfortunately, the (N)RPN function of the original has gone - a bug in the (N)RPN module was found to cause the plug-in to lockup in some instances, and the module is no longer developer supported.
See 'Effects' page for download.

MIDIMod! 1.1 released.
Due to the original release suffering from the now infamous SE1.0 'Speak English or the plug WILL crash' bug, MIDIMod! needed to be rebuilt to solve the problem. So I took the time to change and add a few things along the way. The LFO/Envelopes now reset to their scaled start positions when stopped, rather than '0' as before, and the linear bar displays update in real-time to show the relative LFO/Envelope start positions. Also I've added a MIDI Thru Channel Router and limited MIDI learn/automation capabilities to the transport and global sync controls. The GUI is fractionally smaller as well.
See the 'Effects' page for the further details and the download.

Kassiopeia! 2.0 Released
This is a total rebuild of the synth to resolve the previous Windows OS incompatibility issues with version 1.0.
Apart from the obvious new GUI design (inspired by a Casio fx-83 calculator), the envelopes now have a fully implimented drop down menu and allows stage looping. Other changes include, user selectable 1-8 voice polyphony, a retrigger option for the Pitch LFOs, and the single delay has been replaced with 2 cross feedback delays.
See the 'Synths' page for the download.

MIDIMod! 1.0 released.
The idea was to create a MIDI controller/automator which produces LFO/Envelope Generator waveshapes. It can be used to control any synth/effect which doesn't allow, or doesn't have, it's own internal modulator section able to be routed internally to certain controls, but does allow the controls to be automated. Alternatively, it could just be used to record contoured MIDI automation data which would normally be hard to draw manually.
See the 'Effects' page for the further details and the download.

Kassiopeia! has now been found to run on Vista based machines.
It is now advised that it may not run on specific setups and to contact me if you do have problems.

Just an upgrade this month - 10-Band! 2.0
Improved frequency response
Slider readouts update much faster
See the 'Effects' page for the further details and the download.

Just when you thought it was safe - I'm back, and dishing out the Xmas freebies no less.

Capture! 1.0 Released - Capture! is a VST wav file recorder with some twists on the general theme. Including Host and Audio Input triggered recording, precision recording time, multiple recording/playback slots and a built in wave viewer.
See the 'Effects' page for the further details and the download.

Kassiopeia! 1.0 Released - Back in the mist of time (2004, further down the page to be precise) Synthecyza! 2 was seen as something of a Casio CZ emulation. Although I, and others, personally thought the parallels to be merely superficial. Kassiopeia!, however, is a deliberate attempt to emulate the Casio CZ101 PD architecture, expand in it, and bypass all that long-winded 1980's synth programming malarkey in the process. Does it sound like a CZ? I'm making no claims, but try it yourself and make your own judgments.
Note: Sorry, but Kassiopeia! will not run on Windows Vista based systems at the moment.
See the 'Synths' page for the download.

Fade-X 1.1 Released - An advanced virtual motorised Cross Fader. Try picking up a hardware version of one of these for nothing!
See the 'Effects' page for the further details and the download.

Tap! Released - A simple Tap Tempo plug with Mouse, MIDI Controller or MIDI note operation, plus a user adjustable Metronome.
If the host program allows it, Tap! also has the ability to automatically update the host program's tempo.
Download on the 'Effects' page.

Sinthecyza! 3 and 4 Updated - Synthecyza! 3 has taken something of a backward step with the removal of the Unison Oscillator - It unfortunately transpired that the oscillator was producing a noticeable amount of audible aliasing noise which I have been unable to do anything about - which is something of a shame. So Sinthecyza! 3 goes back to its roots of version 3.0 with a few improvements and bug fixes.
Both synths have had an internal makeover to lower CPU use, and the filter arrangement has also changed slightly.
Downloads on the 'Synths' page.

Sam!Solo Updated - The new version has a Gate Lock which allows MIDI key on/key off operation, plus the addition of 3 extra filter settings - Low Shelf, High Shelf and EQ Peak.
Also added is a Pitch Bend Range control and a Peak Meter (to make setting up easier).
Finally, a problem with the MIDI automation has been fixed.
Download on the 'Players' page.

Rndwave! Updated - Special thanks go to Rob Herder for this update. With the addition of a couple of Rob's wave shaping modules, Rndwave! gets even more wave mangling possibilities :-)
Operationally, there is no difference between version 1.2 and the previous version.
Note: The 'High CPU Load' version is no longer available.

Mixed Reaction! Released - This has got to be the most mental thing I've released (so far!) - and we can thank Tom at EFM for pre-empting my release of a virtual portastudio which led to this rather over the top reconstruction of the original project :-)
Reaction! attempts to merge a 4-Track portastudio and a DJ mixing console into a VST - as to whether it actually succeeds or not, I leave to your judgement.
There are to far too many features to explain here, so you will just have to download it and give it a try to find out what its really capable of - but then again, that's no problem because as usual instructions are included and its absolutely free.
Download on the 'Players' page. Have fun.

10-Band! 1.0 Released - Things have been well busy of late, hence the lack of activity at this end. Various different projects on the drawing board at the moment, and 10-Band! is a small by-product of one of them. Yes! I realise a Stereo Graphic Equalizer is not exactly unique, but I thought releasing it would dispel the rumors I'd emigrated to another planet in the last few months.
It's based on Dave Haupt's excellent recently revamped Bi-quad Filter module and with a CPU hit of about 1.7% on a 2000 MHz Athlon it's not a bad sounding little freebie. ;-)

RndWave! 1.1 Released - Now features 16/24-bit Mono/Stereo recording and an Auto Recording setting (for those who just want a quick and easy way to knock up a few waves).
Whereas the original RndWave! was somewhat unpredictable in its wave generation, producing a fair amount of unusable wave shapes as a consequence, the new Mod Depth control combats this by giving the user control over the maximum available output level of the random modulation generator.
For those who want to experiment further there's a custom 'High CPU Use' version of RndWave! available on request. The only difference in the custom version is in the complexity of its modulation engine, the end result being a greater amount of subtle variations in the wave shapes it produces when compared to that of the standard version. The trade off comes in the form of the CPU load (25%+ on a 2000 MHz Athlon). You can obtain a free copy from me at the usual address.

Opps! - Sinthecyza! 3.1 Fix - It turns out I made a slight boo-boo with Sinthecyza! 3.1 and neglected to implement the Delay controls of the Filter Envelopes properly, subsequently they don't work! - I've now sorted this minor oversight. The fixed file (dated 04/12/05) is available on the 'Synths' page.

Sam!Solo Released - Essentially a single module from the larger Sam! players with it's own filter - gives the user the ability to change samples and patch set-ups on the fly without the CPU penalty of the larger players. Thanks to Matt of Dancetech for the original inspiration.

Sinthecyza! 3 and 4 Updated - Sinthecyza! 3 has had a major overhaul and now includes an 8 Voice Unison Oscillator courtesy of Etric Van Mayer of EVM Synths. Thanks to him for making this module freely available. Sinthecyza! 4 now includes the ability to select the waves for both the Main and Sub Oscillators. Both synths have had all the envelopes expanded upon with a 'Hold' level stage in all three, and a additional 'Delay' stage in the filter envelopes. I resisted the urge to play about with the filter as I've had a fairly good reaction to the overall sound of this synth, so for those who are worried that the sound has changed over the original, fear not - selecting identical waves for both the Main and Sub Osc's and using the default level for the new envelope stages returns you to version 4.0's original set-up. Check 'Synth' page for download.

FiltSeq and MidiSeq Updated - FiltSeq has had the Frequency Display rebuild to account for the number of active steps, and now includes a clipper in the output section to prevent extreme output levels. MidiSeq is practically all new, but its main features are a new 1-16 step sequencer, access to the (N)RPN controllers and a Min/Max Value Display. Both modules have new skins and all the internal modules have been updated to the most recent versions.

Sorry the site's been down for the last few weeks, but unfortunately during the upgrade to broadband my IP had a few problems reorganizing my webspace and I temporarily lost the site. Anyway, problem solved and were back up and running.

Sinthecyza! 1 and 2 Updated - Both synths now include the ability to retrigger the LFOs via MIDI and Sinthecyza! 2 has a new Ring Mod module with a range of different setting each exhibiting a different tonal character.
Arpecyza! Updated - The fine tuning of the Wave/Soundfont oscillators are now controlled from the same 'Tune' control as the main oscillators and the Wave Osc now responds to the 'Phase' and 'Sync' controls.

Sinthecyza! 4 Released - Based on the chassis of Sinthecyza! 3 - Sinthecyza! 4 uses Phase Distortion Oscillators to give a greater range of wave choices and a different overall tonal balance. Download from the 'Synth' page.

Rndwave! 1.0 Released - The new toy is a wave shape generator - ideal for creating original wave shapes for wave player synths, or any other projects you might like to use it for. Download from the 'Effects' page

Updated Sinthecyza! 1 and 2 - The filters have had a new section added to smooth out the high frequency response whilst retaining the overall sound characteristics of the synths, and a new Filter Key Follow control has been added. The LFOs now have an Offset control, plus the added options of Phase and manual Speed adjustment. The envelope Offset controls now work in all modes and the Fine Tune controls of the oscillators have been recalibrated to allow them to be down tuned as well as up tuned. Finally, the skins have been slightly updated.

Updated Arpecyza! - Arpecyza! now has a 1-32-step sequencer, an improved filter arrangement, and the ability to detune each of the synths.

Released Sinthecyza! 3 - Tried to give this one a BIG sound, give it a bash. Download on the 'Synth' page.

Major Apologies - Sam! 2.2 had a rather large boo-boo included, which prevented it producing any sound (Oh! the shame - Suppose that's what you get rushing a project, when a University essay deadlines fast approaching - Ho-Hum!). The fixed version is dated 10/03/05 and is available from the 'Players' page.

FiltSeq Updated - Apologies to those of you who have been waiting for this update, but this ended up becoming a major rebuild. FiltSeq now has a new sequencer engine allowing 1-16 step selection with Free Run/Host Lock operation. The filters have been redesigned - resulting in an improved sound. The envelopes are now time controlled from the sequencers. There's a new Frequency Display and the sliders and rotary controls can now be reset to their default positions. Download available from the 'Effects' page.

Sam! 1 and 2 Updated - Both Sam! players are now 24-bit compatible and can recognize embedded loop points within wav files (thanx to Dave Haupt's new Wave module). The update also addresses a bug with the filters, which caused a 'click' at note-on/note-off with certain wav files. Download available from the 'Players' page.

Font!SF2 Released - I recently had a request for a basic Soundfont player, so here it is. Essentially it's a stripped version of Font!, which uses the play parameters from the loaded Soundfont file, hence there being no envelope on the player. Thanx to Scott Lake for his original suggestion and testing, prior to release.
Download available from the 'Players' page.

Loads of bits tweaked. Arpecyza! gets a new Sequencer Engine - allowing it to play between 1 and 16 steps, a new Bigger Sound LP Filter :-) and an independent envelope for the filters. It also gains the ability to use both Wave and Soundfont files as a sound source - giving it an indefinite number of possible wave shapes to play with.
Wave! gets Dave Haupt's latest Sample Player module and can now play 16/24-bit sample files, as can Arpecyza! (Thanx Dave).
And Finally, Sinthecyza! 1 and 2 get Default Position Reset on all their rotary controls.

Wave! and Font! get a small amount of tweaking. Solved the audible 'Glitch' problem when adjusting the output level in Font!. All the rotary controls can now be reset to their default positions by clicking on the labels above the controls. Both modules are now Velocity Sensitive and have Keyboard Scaling, Portamento controls and MIDI Channel selection. The new controls are hidden behind the Tuning section, as are the User Automation controls, and are accessed by using the Panel switch in the top right corner of the module.

Sam! 1 and 2 have had a complete overhaul and although they may look similar to the previous versions, internally they are completely new. The changes are numerous, but the main points of note are - Both players now have a 50% lower CPU load over the previous versions (8 Players running simultaneously with all filters active). The filters have been changed to Dave Haupt's Biquads - These exhibit a much flatter frequency response at high frequencies than the original SV filters, which reduces the need to lower the gain of the players in order to prevent overloading the outputs at these frequencies. There is a completely new 'Mixer Section' and an improved play positioning system with Cue Markers to replace the Start Position Offset Slider. Check the 'Players' page for further details of the changes.

Sinthecyza! 1 and 2 now have Depth and Offset controls for the patchable envelopes. The depth controls can be used to adjust the level of an envelope's output and also for scaling an LFO's wave when linked to an envelope. The scaled wave can then be shifted up or down the envelopes output range using the Offset control - Hope that makes sense! - Try it, you'll get the idea. Note: The Offset controls have no effect when an envelopes output is in manual mode.
Oh yeah! They've both got new skins and higher resolution controls. :-)

Done a bit of tweaking to the Arpecyza!, enough to make it 1.1 - so, what's new? Well its got improved recorder metering, a limiter added to the recorders input and, as requested, a couple of the saved patch parameters have changed. You can download it now from the 'synths' page.

Sometime back there was a discussion on K-v-R as to whether Sinthecyza! 2 was an accurate emulation of a Casio CZ Synth, and as some contributors pointed out without the 8-stage envelopes and a ring modulator - it wasn't - and quite rightly so. What did come out of the thread though was that some people felt a ring modulator would improve the synth. So for those people, one Ring Modulator added. I've also now included the ability to modulate Osc2 with the output of Osc1 - should dirty things up a bit.

From the end of July the Sam! plug-ins will be supported by 'Back In Time Records', who produce Quality Sample CD's, Professional Presets for a range of Synthesizers and VST plug-ins, and can also provide a Custom Sound Design service for Film and Computer Animation. See the link on the 'Players' page for details.

Arpecyza! 1 Released - See 'Synths' page.

Opps! - Sorry to anyone who downloaded the recent update to Sinthecyza! 1, only to find the zip file actually contained Sinthecyza! 2. I've sorted the file now, and it's available for download on the 'Synths' page.

Decided to reclassify Font! and Wave! as synths, because that's really what they are. No change in the designs apart from the graphics, but the new files will serve to upgrade a couple of the internal modules.

Updated Sinthecyza! 1 and 2 - Replaced the patchable ADSR Envelopes with Chris Kerry's more advanced HAHDSR version and the LFO oscillators with his ModOsc module to give a better selection of LFO waves. Removed the LFO Envelope triggering, the envelopes now take their timing from the LFOs, but are not triggered by them. Also improved the graphics and increased the number of patch slots.

Update to FiltSeq and MidiSeq - Not so much an update, rather a service release to improve on the graphics, increase the available patch slots, and replace modules used in the designs with current versions.

Updated Sam! 1 - I have to confess this upgrade is a lot sooner than expected, but credit has to go to Jeff and Dave Haupt for the speed at which they manage to sort out any problems or bugs us mad fiddlers find, Thanx Guys!. - Ok... Sam! 1 now has an Envelope Generator for each player, it also gains the ability to reverse the stereo channels, play files backwards and shift the start position of the wave file... And its got a little brother.

Introducing Sam! 2 - All the Player and Filter functions are the same as Sam! 1, but Sam! 2 only has a Single Stereo Output for hosts, which don't accommodate multiple VST inputs.

Updated Wave! and Font! - Reduced CPU load and improved graphics.

Finished Sam! 1.0 - Took a bit of time. After registering SynthEdit, I decided to dump the delays in favor of multiple outputs, giving a far greater range of possibilities to those with a host program to exploit it. Give it a try. OK Its not 'Battery', but it may fill a gap in your VST collection.

Posted the new skin and feature details for Sam! 1.0 - Nearly done, just got to finish the destruction testing and were there.

Sam! 1.0 Update - Sam! Is still under development (It does exist, honest!), but has mutated somewhat. The finished article should be a more flexible beast, and will bare little resemblance to the posted pic and features on the 'Players' page.
Oh yeah... And that's the last time I post a 'Coming Soon'.

Fixed FiltSeq 1.1 - The fixed version can be identified by its creation date (03/03/04).

Fixed MidiSeq 1.1 - Added MIDI controllers reset switch - The fixed version can be identified by its creation date (01/03/04).

Bug! - Sorry, I have had to withdraw the 25/02/04 updates of FiltSeq and MidiSeq as they contain a bug which prevents the sequencers and envelopes retriggering in certain conditions. The corrected files will be available for download on the 'Effects' page, as soon as possible.

Upgraded FiltSeq and MidiSeq - Reduced overall CPU usage of both units and added manual envelope triggering to FiltSeq.

Sam! 1.0 announced - Stereo 24 wave sample player with 8 patchable ADSR envelopes, 8 SV filters and 4 stereo delays.

Major site reconstruction - the site takes on a more polished look, but I dare say this won't be the last site change in the near future.

Upgraded Sinthecyza! 1 and 2 - added depth controls to the LFO's to improve flexibility. Should have thought of it earlier!

Introduced Sinthecyza! 1 and 2.

Added Wave! and Font! player plug-ins.

Site Launch - First 2 plug-ins released - FiltSeq 1.0 and MidiSeq 1.0.