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Latest: 27/01/10 - Capture! 2.0 Released.
09/01/10 - MIDISeq! 2.0 Released.
09/01/10 - MIDIMod! 1.1 Released.

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For the want of a better name for this site I came up with the above, corny I know but needs must... Anyway, welcome to Sonic Assault. What you've stumbled across is a bunch of free plug-ins for audio tweakers and the musically inclined, constructed using the excellent modular synth creation program SynthEdit by Jeff McClintock.
All the plug-ins are in Steinberg's VST format and full instructions are included in the download zip files.
Check 'News' for recent updates.
If you have any questions or suggestions concerning these plug-ins, I can be contacted at: sonicassault@ntlworld.com

All the best... Jez.

by Jeff McClintock

VST Technology
by Steinberg

These plug-ins use modules created by

David Haupt

Chris Kerry

Lance Putnum

Rick Jelliffe

Etric Van Mayer

Oli Larkin

Kelly Lynch

Simonluca Laitempergher

Rob Herder

Peter Schoffhauzer

Rurik Leffanta


Dan Worrall and Frank Trossen