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Racing goes deep into the Mitchell brothers blood. James Coates the grandfather of Chris and Rob was a Motor Cycle racer. His life was cut short during practice at the 1959 Isle of Man T.T. when he was tragically killed.

James Coates. Isle of Man 1959.



The Mitchell family's involvement with Stock Cars started in 1968, when Roger was taken to watch his first Stock Car meeting at Seedhill, Nelson.

Harry Smith

Roger started spannering for Harry Smith in 1974  

Harry Smith

This was one of Harry's first cars, it had polished aluminum panel work.

Harry Smith

Harry changed his number to 100 for 1981 and built this eye catching beauty

Harry Smith
Harry Smith

The above two pictures of Harry's car and bus, were taken in September 1984.

Harry Smith


Harry's life was cut short in May 1990 when he was tragically killed in a road accident.



Roger Mitchell, Bradford 1984.


Roger raced F1's in 1984-1985 in this car. 



Roger`s first final win. June 1988.

Roger moved into Formula Two in 1988. His first car was purchased from Pete Hobson and was one of the first F2's with a 2litre engine. His first final win came in June 1988 at Aycliffe. 

The Wallace car. Stoke 1990.

For 1989 Roger used a brand new Jimmy Wallace car with a 1300cc little screamer.

Leyland 680 Coach. 1990.

The Team converted a Leyland 680 coach, for Transporting the car to race meetings.

Ex Rob Speak Hgman. Crewe 1990.

In 1990 used an ex Rob Speak, Higman built car. Late 1990 Roger retired from Racing.


Ex Dave Brennan, Higman car. Barford 1997.

Roger returned to racing in November 1996 when he borrowed Dave Brennan's car at Stoke. He enjoyed the racing so much that he bought the car and raced it throughout 1997 with sponsorship from Bell Trailers.


Ex Ernie Howard,  Tank.

Roger bought Ernie Horward's car for use on shale. The car was given a new roll cage and re-panelled in the P.E.M. workshop.

Chris's first F2. Skegness.

Chris's eighteenth birthday came in September 1997. His present was a F2 license and an appearance in his fathers car. For Chris's first full season in 1998 a new car was built in the P.E.M. workshop.

The converted Fire Engine.

An ex fire engine was converted for transporting the two cars. Unfortunately it caught fire in June (and didn't put itself out!), and was declared a write off.

Chris`s first roll-over. Barrow.

Chris's first season was full of up's down's and an over!


Paul Heap / Roger Mitchell built chassis.

A stylish new car was built for Roger in 1999, the car proved to be sucessful and took Roger to star grade for the first time.

Ford Cargo Transporter.

To replace the burnt fire engine, this Ford Cargo was used.

908 Paul Heap, 219 Chris Mitchell, 903 Roger Mitchell.

Paul Heap (908) joined the Team for occasional outings.

Chris`s first win. Kings Lynn.

Chris's first win came at Kings Lynn in the Grand National.


Sid and Rob building Rob`s first engine.

Rob's sixteenth birthday came on March 6th 2000. During the winter months prior to his birthday Sid and Rob put together an engine.

Rob's first F2. Mildenhall.
Chris's  second F2. Mildenhall.

Two new chassis were built for the 2000 season. One for Rob's debut season and another for Chris whose previous car had been sold.


Bingleybuilt car. Northampton.

With the aim of doing more tarmac meetings, Roger purchased a new chassis from Darren Bingley.

Rob`s first win. Northampton.

After improvements all season (and a lot of crashing), Rob's first win came at Northampton in a 41 car consolation race.


Roger`s self-built shale car.

To run alongside his Bingley Built Tarmac car, Roger built this car for Shale use.


Chris's 3rd self built car.

Chris built another car for 2002. He won a final with it on it's second shale outing.

Rob "Best Erection" Trophy winner. Skegness.

The 2002 Tubbitt Scaffolding " Best Erection" Trophy was won by Rob.


Chris in the ex Gary Walker Higman. Barford.

Chris bought Gary Walker's Higman for use on Tarmac.

Rob and Chris. 1st and 2nd at Mildenhall.

On 23rd August Rob won his first final. He was followed over the finish line by big brother Chris.


Chris in the re-modelled Ex Walker Higman.
Roger in the re-modelled Ex Sinclair Higman.

Roger bought Paul Sinclair's old Higman late 2002. Over the team completely re-built their two higmans, with new Roll cages, suspension and engine mountings. 

Rob in the Bingleybuilt car.

Rob inherited the Bingley car in 2003. The was now in the colours of his new sponsor Sleeping Comfort. After his shale car was written off mid-season Rob used the car on both surfaces.


Chris after his final win at Skegness 6th April.

Chris had a successful season, winning finals at Skegness and Belle Vue.



Chris in the car he built for 2004.
Roger in his F1.

Chris built a new car, Rob continued using his Bingley Chassis, and Roger moved into the big league. Roger bought a multiple World final winning F1 from John Lund. Engine problems plagued him all season although he did win a final at Kings Lynn.


Rob in the car he built for 2005.
Roger up to Blue Grade.

Rob built a new car, Chris continued using his 2004 Chassis, and Roger continued racing F1 making Blue grade.


A quiet season as Rob buys a house, Chris injures his back and Roger stops racing as much, although he does reach star grade for the first time.


Rob in the car he built for 2007.
Chris wins another final.

Rob built a new car, Chris continued using his 2004 Chassis but had a new East Lincs engine which led to him winning two finals, Roger only competed in one meeting, Rob and Chris made their F1 debuts.

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