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“Television exists to make time pass quickly,
to get rid of an evening, to whittle one's life away,
whereas radio drama illuminates, invigorates and stirs the imagination.”

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A Case of Interrogation: A military dentist extracts more than teeth, interrogating an officer mercilessly; the man is beaten by some guards, and then offered a cup of tea!

A Deadly Gift: Someone is killing the great industrialists of England, someone with extraordinary strength and determination.

A Grave Charge: A woman is found wandering in a field, dressed in a nightgown. Cordell discovers she's fallen from a train, and she recalls a man climbing out of a coffin and throwing her out.

All Done By Mirrors: A ministry agent, hot on the heels of a traitor, tracks him to a meeting with his contact, but there's no-one there! Just a mirror on the doctor's headband.

Dial A Deadly Number: City gents - luminaries of British industry and bankers - are dropping dead of sudden heart attacks and someone's making a lot of money in the process.

From Venus With Love: Steed and Mrs Peel have to investigate when astronomers start turning white while observing Venus. Have the Venusians invaded earth, as Primble suggests to Steed? Are aliens killing the rich patrons of the British Venusian Society?

Getaway: A high security prison in a monastery is in turmoil, after literal disappearance of one of the inmates, a Russian assassin called Rostov.

Love All: A top secret Whitehall meeting breaks up, with the chairman, Sir Rodney, telling his servants everything is top secret, but seconds later he's bleating every detail to a charlady he's smitten with.

Not To Be Sneezed At: Ear, Nose and Throat specialists start coming down with profoundly fatal cases of the common cold, alerting the Ministry that something's in the wind. A slender lead points to a nursing academy which Steed finds has ties to a medical research institute run by an eccentric ex-colonial.

Straight From The Shoulder: Some new high-powered assault rifles have been stolen. The avengers are assigned to the case and find they are being auctioned off, with a notorious African colonel being the expected buyer; he plans to overthrow his country's president with the arms.

Stop Me If You've Heard This: A director of a construction company is killed by two clowns and the Avengers are sent in to investigate because his firm was contracted to build a top secret underground bunker for Parliament, codenamed Project CUPID.

Nineteen complete Avenger serials are known to exist, and they are:-

The Fantasy Game: Steed is looking for a girl called Ginny who, apparently is a “Honey”.

The Joker: After a fall down the stairs in his apartment, Steed barely has the strength to tell Mrs Peel she's needed - to care for him! She has already arranged to spend a weekend in Devon with a bastion of the Bridge world - Sir Cavalier Rusicana.

The Morning After: Notorious criminal Merlin breaks into a research lab and steals some nerve gas capsules, but doesn't realise his contact is in fact Steed, hell-bent on capturing him. Attempting to escape, Merlin smashes a capsule, and they all fall asleep for a day...

The Quick-Quick-Slow Death: A man pushing a pram through heavy traffic stops to make a 'phone call, then is aghast to see the pram start rolling away - he chases it but after a contretemps with a sports car it's upturned, and a man's corpse rolls out.

The Super Secret Cypher Snatch: A minsitry agent intercepts one of the opposition, disguised as an old lady on a bicycle. Mysteriously, he's carrying top secret code information from the Cypher Division, one of the most restricted installations in the country. Even more mysteriously, the MI 12 agent assigned to the case disappears, and all the staff say they never saw him despite their finding photographs of them taken by the missing agent.

Too Many Olés: Steed awakes, but the voice is not his. He's a recent unwilling victim of plastic surgery, who panics and runs, before being shot in the back.

Train of Events:
Steed goes off the rails & Emma finds her station in life.
They're needed to meet an agent who's discovered foul things afoot on the trains, and it's not the food for a change.

Who Shot Poor George/XR40?: A hood breaks into a government establishment and shoots down George/XR40 in cold blood - very cold, as George is the latest supercomputer, and Dr Ardmore is hurriedly called in to perform silicon surgery

In addition the first three episodes of
Escape in Time (version 2) also exist.

(Those serials in
red are not yet part of my library)


Each month I’ll be posting a complete Avengers adventure for download.

These adventures are the original serials which have been edited into one great show. (Purists will probably hate me for this!)

File size is around the 7.5Mb mark.

This Month

Straight From the Shoulder posted: 7th February 2005

To save the file: right-click over the link
and select Save Target as...

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And now... Some background detail of the series.

Country of origin:
South Africa

Production Company:

Broadcast by:
Springbok Radio

Sponsor: Lever Brothers, “The makers of Cold Water Omo”

First broadcast: 6th December 1971
Final Broadcast: 28th December 1973


Producer: David Gooden
Director: 1st six months - Tony Jay, thereafter - Dennis Folbrigge

John Steed - Donald Monat
Mrs Emma Peel - Diane Appleby
“Mother” - Colin Fish
The Narrator - Hugh Rouse

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