You had the chance to Win a signed copy of Worms3D (choice of format) or some signed artwork! To be in with a chance of winning all you had to do was take a guess at how much health each of the following shots took off the target worm. The winner was the person with the best average of closest guesses.

The results are below, but you may also view the original entry page.

Special thanks goes to Team17 for the supply of prizes.

Competition Pictures

Picture 1 - Dynamite
Dynamite with 2 seconds before it explodes! It may look like a candle, but you cant blow this baby out!

Damage answer: 66
Damage screenshot

Picture 2 - Bazooka
A long range shot at cuddlie, the question is, will the shot actually hit? Oh the excitement!

Damage answer: 23
Damage screenshot

Picture 3 - Fall Fool
Not a weapon that damaged this worm, just me being stupid and falling off a ledge!

Damage answer: 8
Damage screenshot

Picture 4 - Sticky Mess
On your head me old son! Those new sticky bombs really do the business. 1 more second for this worm to be scared.

Damage answer: 29
Damage screenshot

Tie Breaker
What meal was I cooking for dinner while playing a game in which some of these screenshots were taken?
Answer: Burger and Chips!

Lots of people guessed pasta and spaghetti bolognase, which do happen to be some of my favourite foods! I wonder if this was intentional due to spaghetti looking like worms, or if it was all just in your subconcious minds though!


Congratulations to Dingbats for getting the closest average of 2.25! Guesses of 70, 24, 5 and 30 secured him a copy of Worms3D!

Andrew Holmes and Stephen came joint second with closest averages of 6.25! Unfortunatly they both guessed the same wrong answer of Pasta for the tie breaker meaning no clear winner! To pick a winner I looked at who had the least accurate guess across the board. Stephen was off by 16 points for one of his guesses whereas Andrews worse guess was only 11 points off, making Andrew Holmes the winner of the signed artwork!

Andrews guesses: 62, 34, 15 and 32
Stephens guesses: 70, 7, 7 and 25

After contacting Andrew, he decided to give up his prize and allow Stephen to be the runner-up.

After contacting Stephen, he decided to give up his prize and allow the next highest winner to be the runner-up, which was Eamonn with an average score of 6.5 (Guesses of 56, 28, 6 and 38).

After contacting Eamonn, he decided to give up his prize and allow the next highest winner to be the runner-up, which was Paul Varley with an average score of 7.25 (Guesses of 80, 35, 10 and 30).

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