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The common frog is identifiable by its dry warty skin. Also it is important to note that

the common toad walks instead of hops (the common frog hops). Common toads

are also generally darker in appearance that the common frog. An interesting fact

about the common toad is that the common toad can produce venom from the

glands on its body. This venom gives the toad some protection against predators.

The venom is generally harmless to humans however it can sometimes cause

itching of the skin. For that reason it is advisable to were gloves if you want to

handle a toad.

Common Toad Reproduction and tadpoles

Toad Spawn is quite different to frog spawn. The main reason is because the toad

spawn, instead of being a large clump of jelly with eggs in, is a string of jelly

containing eggs. However the toad tadpoles grow up in a very similar way to frog

tadpoles. The main differences between toad tadpoles and frog tadpoles are that

toad tadpoles are darker sometimes black and are smaller. Where toad tadpoles

have the advantage is the fact that they are distasteful to many predators and that is

likely to be a reason why less toad eggs are laid than frog eggs. Also because of

there adaption of being distaseful you can often see tadpoles in "schools"

Encouraging Common Toads

You can use the pointers on how to encourage common frogs to encourage toad

however the are too extra things you can do to try and specifficaly encourage toad


1. have larger flatter rocks for the toads to sit under


2. Build the biggest pond you can in the space available to you

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