All My Eye - Posturing.

When I told a friend of mine that I'd been told to "posture" for 5 days, he said "Well that'll be easy for you, you've been doing it all your life".  Actually it turned out to be not so easy, and I have nothing but admiration for those people who have to do it for several weeks.

The operation is only part of the treatment. Once the tear  has been repaired, the retina has to be helped to reattach itself to the choroid, the "sub-strate" at the back of the eye. I was told that this was achieved by introducing a gas bubble into the eye, and positioning the eye in such a way that the bubble would "press against the tear". I think this is a simplification, as it was clear to me that actually my eye was more than half full of gas, but whatever the mechanism involved, the repair has to be kept in the gas.

This means that those with damage at the top of the eye must keep their heads upright, whereas those like me with the damage in the lower or rear part of the eye, must keep their faces down.

I found pillows not very useful for resting completely face down. Suffocation seemed the most likely outcome. A bit of experiment revealed that a rolled towel was a great help, as it could be accurately adjusted for height, and could support the forhead while keeping the tender eye and useful nose "off the deck".  

Here I am doing it. Its an ill wind that blows no cat any good!
Life goes on.
You can watch television in a mirror. OK, but the text is reversed.(Smudge could watch it the normal way, but he's always been a very sympathetic cat.)
A nice day on the landing...
Listening to the radio with Smudge. 
Another nice day on the landing, I look down, Tabs looks up.(Tabs isn't posturing, she's just worried about me.)
A nice day in the living room.  Well, you get the idea! The floor becomes quite a feature of your life, and you become quite adept at walking round like a human periscope. But boy! was I glad when I could look up. I believe that for those who have to posture for longer periods there are aids which can be had. Search the web, I've seen them mentioned.