All My Eye - Post Operative Diary.

I kept brief notes in the days after my operation. These were mostly in the form of sketches of what I was seeing, but for what they are worth here are the notes, a bit expanded...

Tuesday 24th April.

08:30 .. To operating theatre...
10:15 .. In recovery.

Eye felt scratchy and I had a stunning headache, like a really awful hangover. During the course of the day I took four lots of paracetamol and slept.

Wednesday 25th.

08:30 .. Nurse came and removed the dressing from my eye, and then spent about five minutes with a cotton bud & alcohol (?) ungumming my eyelids.

09:30 .. Surgeon had a look in my eye and confirmed that the surgery had been a success, although he said "We're not out of the wood yet." ... in other words I have to do my posturing correctly over the next few days.

It's worth mentioning, that immediately after the operation I could still see the black patch in my upper right field of view. This was to be expected, and it disappeared over the next few days as the retina recovered.

10:30 .. Back in the real world. Penny drives me home and I spend the rest of the day lying on my face & listening to the radio.

Two lots of pain killers

Thursday 26th.

I slept OK, and had a 5 minute fight with warm water & tissue ungumming my eyelids. Penny had to do the drops, and I spent the rest of the day listening to the radio and watching TV in a mirror.

Friday 27th.

Much as yesterday, but only one lot of paracetamol.  I only ever took these for headache. The eye itself never felt worse than just a bit scratchy and tender.

Saturday 28th.

Today I noticed that my eyelids were starting to puff up, which was as predicted. In the morning I still had to ungum my eyelids.

No pain killers today..

"Because your eye is partially filled with fluid and the view you get when looking down is exactly that which you would expect when your eye is flooded with tears, your brain tells you  that your eye needs wiping when it doesn't"   .. by the way, don't wipe, blot!

"Watching TV is probably best for passing the time while posturing". You can read with one eye shut, but it's very tedious.

Sunday 29th.

This was the first day my eyelids weren't stuck together in the morning. "eye looks better - just like a very bloodshot eye".

Monday 30th.

Head up!! Phew.  Posturing makes your neck ache!

Tuesday 1st May.

Now when looking straight ahead, I can see the fluid surface in my eye in my upper field of view.

Wednesday 2nd.

I donned my dark glasses, and walked down to the village. I found handling change hard. My eye felt itchy. It was like walking round with a small fish tank tied in front of my eye.

Friday 4th.

I made the mistake of trotting down the garden to stop Smudge chasing a squirrel. I got interesting little silver bubbles in the fluid surface, which was currently about half way down my field of view.

"Today I feel absolutely OK except for the vision in my right eye."

Saturday 5th.

"Straight ahead vision now just below fluid surface."
"First day that looking in the mirror, the dicky eye actually looked at itself ... scary!".
"Binocular vision in the horizontal. Hoorah!".

Following days ....

Once I got binocular vision, I was able to return to a more normal world. Day by day the fluid surface moved down my field of view, until eventually it became a disc which was only visible when looking down, and now, exactly three weeks after the operation I have a friendly little button size bubble bouncing around at the bottom of my field of view, which will no doubt be gone before I start work again next week.

Tuesday 15th May.

Exactly three weeks after the operation I still have a tiny bubble in my field of view. My eye is a bit pink, and sometimes feels "scratchy". I feel that the prescription of the eye has changed, certainly for distant vision, so when it's fully recovered I'll need new glasses. However, I'm currently very (100%) happy with the outcome.