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My name is Jim Lawton, I was 55 at the time of my detachment, and I am very short-sighted (about -7 diopters in each eye before the operation). Although that is now six years ago, my correspondence with current sufferers tells me that treatment methods have not changed, and so you can read this with confidence that it is still a useful record.

This website is intended to give both the history of my retinal detachment, and visual impressions of what I experienced. There are also photographs of my eye and face during recovery, and various other things of interest. This means that there are many images, some of them animated. I have tried to do this as efficiently as possible, and not to overload any single page with too much information. Please be patient, I hope you'll find it worth the occasional wait!

How it happened.
The Operation.
Eye Pictures.
Face Pictures.
Post Operative Diary.
After 3 weeks.
After 18 months.
Thank You.
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If you, like me, have the good fortune to live in a country where you can get your sight fixed almost as a right, then you might like to visit this site and do something for those who don't.