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Jacob is currently working on several projects, amongst which are:

"Still Water" - A Script/Film Collaberation with Thomas Craig of The University of Derby. "Still Water" is a unique psychological horror film set in the unique world of the british canal-system

"Succubi" - WORKING TITLE - A new Script/Film collaberative piece that explores a few weeks in the life of a marriage/relationship councillor who believes that there is no true love in the world

"The Elements Project" - A Photographic and Videographic series of works started in 2000, all the pieces focus on a singular natural element or combination of two. For example "Light & Water" was produced in 2001 and focussed soley on the interactions between different natural light sources and water. "The Elements Project" is an on-going artistic work

"A Week of Sunsets" - One of the elements of this project can be seen on the homepage. The project was initially to document a series of sunsets from the same, rear-facing, house window over the course of a single week. The sunsets were recorded in time-lapse and sped up in post production before being stitched together and alternately reversed. This created a Light->Dark->Light->Dark->Light->Dark->Light pattern of sunsets that gave the video its body. The project was so dramatically successful it has now been expanded to document weeks of sunsets from other locations

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