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We realise that times are a bit tough, so we have been feverishly working away on some recession busting options. 


A slap up meal and a pint (or 2!), for a tenner! 

Recession Options Menu

(Menu dated Apr/13. Contact us for current menu)






All meals only 4.99!


Egg and Chips 2 free range eggs and hand-cut chips


Ham, Egg and Chips rolled ham, a free-range fried egg and hand-cut chips


Homemade Cottage Pie served with mixed steamed vegetables


Fish & Chips pan-fried Tilapia served with hand-cut chips and mayonnaise


French Omelette (V) filled with Cheddar and served with side salad


Penne Bolognese why not add Grana Padano cheese for 1?



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