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Rogues Gallery

Photographs below cover period up to aprox the beginning of 2011. After that we started to use our Facebook page to host photos.

Photographs of the staff and customers, showing us not always at our best!

Click links below for shortcuts to various photos:

General Photos

Our Beer Festivals

Bottled Beers

Garden Lights

Recession Ales

Halloween 2010

Movember 2010

Elvis' Leaving Lunch



General Photos
















Ahh, The Kingston...





Fifteen pumps! That's right, fifteen!



Jane, the Landlady, beaming!





Paul/Paolo, the Landlord, not beaming!



Little and large.



Mo (Barman) refusing to have his photo taken.



Mo trying to get overly friendly with Elvis (Ex General Manager)!




Annabel getting a lift home with Mo



Jane wearing 'novel' earrings.






"Get that camera outta my face, I'm working here!'




The Bosses!



Paolo sending one of his never ending supply of texts to the staff!



Mo (Barman), Jane (Landlady), Bartek & Dorota (ex staff & friends of the Kingston).



Mo, what ARE you doing?



Bartek's unique staff motivation method.



Paul (Landlord) arranging flowers after closing. Who said he doesn't have a feminine side?




Visit from Sinclair C5 club.


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Our Beer Festivals


Photos below show one of our monthly beer festivals. In this case it's during a balmy summer evening, under cover. Bliss!


Some photos are a bit blurred. It's almost as if the photographer couldn't focus! Can't think why. Ahem!






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Our Bottled Beers!



Decisions, decisions...





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Our Garden Lights!





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Our Recession Ale Range!






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The Kingston on Halloween, ready for action!


Halloween pumpkin, the worse for wear! Either that, or it's Bartek!



A very scary, goth looking Mikey! He is actually very nice. No, really!



Bartek getting into the swing of things!





Dorota striking a pose!



Danni and Didier. We really should stop Didier from pulling funny faces!





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Movember 2010!






Our brave boys at the beginning of Movember (and Dorota sneaking in too!). Some of the boys look like they have had a day or two's head start!



...and at the end of Movember, with 30 days moustache growth, the winner is...well, not you Bartek so put those prizes down!'s Didier!


In photo (above), from left to right is: Mikey (Manager), Didier (Head Chef), Marc (Barman) and Bartek (Chef).


In competition order, Dider came first (just look at that mo!), followed be Mikey, Marc (his mo had a gap in the middle) followed by Bart (his eyebrows are bigger than his mo!)





And the girls (Dorota, the 'Kitchen Boss' and Michaela, Barmaid with loud voice!) muscling in on the Movember action!



Movember customers looking fantastic!


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Elvis' Leaving Lunch



Elvis: "Is this stuff anywhere near as good as The Kingston's? Nah..."



Anna, Didier, Mo (Barman), Paul (Landlord), at Elvis' leaving party.



Same party...



Jane and Paul (Landlady & Landlord), Mo (Barman & Oddjob Man), and Didier celebrating at Elvis' new place - The Geldart!


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