If you enjoy entertaining, writing and have a good imagination then why not write your own?

I always write with the guests in mind, if someone is particularly confident (and I have many friends who are) than I may play up the role.

Firstly, I'll decide who is coming to the party. Then I will think of a theme that could have a lot of potential for scandal. It could be in a country, a work place or even back in time. Whatever takes your fancy really.

Decide who exactly has been murdered and how. How may not be important, but it can be a good clue to who the murderer may be.

The next stage is to think up six or more characters. This is the fun bit for me. I like to create stereotypical, humorous characters who are bound to cause a stir and clash with one another.

I personally like to get the characters clear in my mind before even beginning writing the actual booklets. I will send out invites at this time, well in advance and make sure that everyone is coming before I begin writing.

Every character should have a motive for killing the victim. Obviously some are that little bit stronger than others, but every guest is a suspect! Perhaps you should start by imagining exactly why each guest would want the victim out of the picture. A violent background? A legacy? An affair? I always keep notes to keep myself refreshed with each characters personality and motives. When I feel I know the characters well, I begin writing a rough guide to the booklets.    Next>>