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The Baldock School of Motoring is a long established driving school, operating in the Baldock, Letchworth and Hitchin area.

Until he retired in October 2005, it was run by Joe Partridge. It is now run by Paul Candler who previously worked in the Baldock area as a franchised instructor for BSM.

Paul is a friendly, patient and reliable instructor with an excellent record of test successes.

We welcome you whether you are 17 and new and keen to learn, or have been learning for some time or maybe you just want to brush up on your driving skills.

Tuition is provided in a petrol engined Vauxhall Corsa with air conditioning, an ideal car to learn to drive in, one of the most popular tuition vehicles in the country. The car is normally replaced with a new one every twelve months to reduce the risk of missed lessons due to mechanical problems or servicing.