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this website i no longer bieng mainatained due to the owner's health problem.

The message below was posted on the Pactor_Packet Yahoo Group. It's in my name but it's not from me, I wonder who? The website is the give away since that is the last site I would recommend and please do not believe anything it says because a number of frames have been fabricated of late. Anyone who can break into Yahoo without a password is capable of anything.

This guy never gives up piracy, fraud you name it he does it, the hate campaign continues. A Ham ha ha ha.

"G0JXN Jim
Today at 4:36 PM
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Hi Guys,

I should inform you about the fact that my NET14 News page has reported one-sided information all the time. I must admit that I have only accused PD4U of pirating on my `news` page, while I could never substantiate that claim. And it now turns out that SV1UY has been pirating on NET14 all the time. At least on 2014/02/15 at 15:47 CET
Demetre Valaris SV1UY has been pirating, as this link clearly shows:

Full of shame I leave NET14 and now reside on 28.140 MHZ USB.

Yours truely,

Jim `olive branch` BRIGHTman, G0JXN/MB7UXN"

13th February 2014. A Closing Message

As one of the founders of Net14 I was concerned as anyone about the misuse and clutter on Net14. I recently published on the Net14 Yahoo Group and on the Net14 website, an article about these problems, titled Gripes & Hobbyhorses. I got just one response and that was a message of support from Demetre, SV1UY.

Some time ago Demetre and I started Net104 in an attempt to have an APRS net that was just RF APRS only like the original Net14. The support we got could be counted on the fingers of one hand and without the digies that have been long established on Net14 it was a non-event.

I learnt to deal with the abuse I have received from one rogue station, because I disagreed with IGates operating on Net14, by blocking his callsigns and email addresses. Now he resorts to using false email addresses and pirated callsigns to evade my APRS program block. In particular he uses Demetre’s and my callsigns but we have prearranged codes that we include in our APRS messages so we know if it is the Phantom, as we politely call him.

The clutter on Net14 from IGates, Packet, WX stations and stations advertising their wares has reached the point where it ceases to resemble Net14 as it was originally conceived and it gives me little pleasure now. If I had had some support when the intrusions started some years ago we might not be where we are today.

So I am now off to pastures new and though I will checkout Net14 occasionally it will not provide enough information for me to maintain the Net14 website and it is closed as of now. As for Net14 Yahoo Group that remains to be seen. At this time the 10m band is open most days so Demetre, SV1UY, and I are experimenting with APRS there. We have both made contact with Carl, K1CKK, with very rapid ACKs to messages. I have opened up a website to support the activity that may be accessed via the Home button above. The Net104_APRS Yahoo Group will now be used as the 10m Group.

And finally this message would not be complete without mentioning the effort put in by Marc, PD4U/PI8APE and his Troop to make Net14 what it is today.

If you wish to see the Gripes & Hobbyhorses article click the Net14 Setup button above.