The Net 14 Website Is ClosedWill the last person to leave Net14 please turn the lights off
Hi Guys

When a small group or us formed Net14 our objective was to setup a World Wide APRS Net using just RF and the skills of Amateur Radio operators to achieve that. Over a period of time we have seen a number of IGates to RF being set up and the magic for me has now disappeared. I no longer get a buzz when I get an ACK to a message or a successful Ping to a DX station direct when a minute or so later I see the ACK appear on the monitor via an IGate. We are just a few steps away from the chaos that prevails on the 30m APRS channel in Europe. We now also have the added clutter of several Packet Nodes that serve no purpose.

Because of all this and the abuse I have received over the years by email and APRS messages, at times with pirate callsigns, from one of those operators and the recent attacks on the Net14 Yahoo Group, probably by the same operator, simply because I occasionally transmit a bulletin saying "Pls Guys no IGates to RF on this QRG", I have decided to withdraw from the Net 14 activities.



New QRG for RF only APRS. Go to for details or just click the logo on the right for a quick link