Imperial Grand Black Chapter of the British Commonwealth

Brownlow House, Lurgan

Brownlow House

Situated just a few minutes walk from the town centre of Lurgan, Brownlow House is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding examples of architecture in the area.  Together with the elegant wrought iron entrance gates, it is listed by the Department of the Environment (NI) as being 'of special architectural historical interest'.  Its tower and forest of chimneys present an impressive skyline, which is easily recognisable from most parts of the town and the surrounding countryside.

Built in the Elizabethan style for the Rt. Hon. Charles Brownlow in 1833, The largest Orange Hall in the world, it became the headquarters of the Imperial Grand Black Chapter of the British Commonwealth at the beginning of 1925.

 The Cushnie Room

The Cushnie Room of the Imperial Grand Black Chapter, Brownlow House, Lurgan was named in memory of Sir Knt. And Bro. Alexander H Cushnie MBE, JP, a Lurgan man who held the position of Imperial Grand Registrar from 1936 to 1978, the room houses the flags of those dominions where the Black Institution has members.

The Tower - Brownlow House

The castle turret of Brownlow House at sunset.


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