Functional Analysis (topological vector space version) - Notes

Dr I F Wilde

Functional Analysis (TVS version) - Notes (pdf file)

These notes are based on lectures given at King's College London (as part of the Mathematics MSc programme). The approach here is to discuss topological vector spaces - with normed spaces considered as special cases.
It is a pleasure to thank Dr Frank Jellett for numerous enjoyable discussions.
Thanks also to Eli Cooper (UMass) for pointing out a couple of "inaccuracies" and to João Hélder (IMPA - Rio de Janeiro) for helpful comments.


  1. Topological Spaces
  2. Nets
  3. Product Spaces
  4. Separation
  5. Vector Spaces
  6. Topological Vector Spaces
  7. Locally Convex Topological Vector Spaces
  8. Banach Spaces
  9. The Dual Space of a Normed Space
  10. Fréchet Spaces

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Ivan F Wilde
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