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"Lecture Notes on Complex Analysis", Imperial College Press, 2006.
This is a gentle "first course on complex analysis".
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The following sets of notes are based on lectures given over a period of many years in the Mathematics Departments of Bedford College, University of London (before its demise following the great UK university rationalization of the 1980s) and King's College, London, and in the Theoretical Physics Department of the University of São Paulo.

They are being made available here in the hope that they may be of some use not so much to the established professionals (who will doubtless have their own sets of such notes) but to newcomers to the material.


Further material, including notes on

  • Introductory Probability Theory
  • A Second Course on Real Analysis
  • Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

may appear in due course (as opportunity and time permit).

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An interesting account of the UK university system is given in the book "The New Idea of a University" by Duke Maskell and Ian Robinson, Haven Books, London, 2001.

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