MOST  HAUNTED  LIVE - Manchester, Greater Manchester

"That just moved on its own, with my finger … it moved on its own. The glass did. I’ve never had that happen to me before … not like that. It moved from there to there with my finger on it ."
Yvette Fielding, Most Haunted Live, Manchester
 3 September 2005.

See also: Most Haunted Live, Brixham, night 2 and night 3 for other occasions when the glass 'moved on its own' with only Yvette's finger on it!






Staircase House, Stockport



It all began with a quiet hawking in the back of Acorah’s throat.


Karl: Is that someone’s stomach


Yvette: No, it’s Derek


The gargling came again … and again…


Ciaran: Who are you?


Acorah: Thomas … Thomas … Thomas


Ciaran: Thomas?  What’s your surname? 


No reply


Ciaran: What’s your surname, Thomas?


No reply


Ciaran:  Who are you?  What’s your job?


Acorah:  It’s mine.  It’s mine.  It’s mine (?) home.


Ciaran: This is your home, Thomas:


Acorah:  Yes


Ciaran:  What year did you own this?


No reply


Ciaran:  What year is it Thomas?


No reply


Ciaran: What year is it?


Acoah: 1705


Ciaran: 1705.  What’s your surname, Thomas?


Acorah:  Shaw.. Shaw… Earnshaw.  My chest...  My chest...  My chest …


Ciaran: Your chest hurts?


Acorah:  Oh, it’s like thunder.  Like thunder… Stop the pain


Ciaran: Who is the king at the moment?  1705.  Who is your king, Thomas?


Acorah: (pause)  Henry… Henry …


Ciaran:  Henry? 

The British monarch in 1705 was Queen Anne. 

The last Henry [VIII] died in 1547


So, Acorah didn't know who had 'possessed' him, yet asks "Did he speak?" 



Acorah:  My leg pains so… my leg and my chest … the pain


Ciaran:  What’s wrong with you?


Acorah:  My blood.  Doctors think… call themselves …


Ciaran:  Who’s in Parliament at the moment?  Who’s in Parliament during this yar?


No reply


Ciaran:  Come on, Thomas, we want to know it’s you.


Acorah:  I’m in pain… you want to know … and I’m in pain … (indistinct) … and you want to know… my pain…


Ciaran:  Who’s your doctor?  Is someone helping you with the pain?  Who is your doctor?


Acorah:  Charles Henderson... he's no good


Ciaran:  What does your doctor say is wrong with you?  What is your condition?


Acorah:  I’ve got blocked… blocked tubes …my heart …


Ciaran:  What is your address here?  What is your address here?  What is the name of the street here?  Thomas?  We’re trying to verify these facts  so we know it is definitely you. 


Acorah:  Pain… pain … pain …. aaaagghhh… (puts head down to table) aah... aah.   ahh..  ahhh.... (Andy helps him)   aaahhhhh  (Acorah gags and collapses forward but nobody moves)

I’m OK   I’m OK thank you.  I’m OK.  I’m OK. 


Yvette:  Are you alright, Derek?


Acorah:  I’m OK, Yvvie...  I’m OK


Ciaran:  Any idea who it was? 


Acorah:  No... 


Ciaran:  No idea?


Acorah: Did he speak?


Ciaran:  Yes, yes he spoke.


And so it was that the mild-mannered, ever-polite, and ultra-professional parapsychologist, Ciaran O'Keeffe, brought Acorah to his knees.    His tenacity was a joy to behold!

Acorah:  The pain.... my chest and my leg... felt as if it was on fire... totally on fire.  Why am I smelling smoke?  And this burning... there’s a fire... it’s all round ... great fire... he didn’t like the fire... the spirit people ... the fire couldn’t harm them but they didn’t want the fire... they were tryig to put the fire out


Ciaran:  Can you ask them when it was?  When did the fire happen?


Acorah:  When was the fire?  When?  One... nine... nine... five...1995.


Ciaran:  Do you know anyone here?


Acorah:  1995... that’s forward in time!


Ciaran:  Did it start in here?  Where did it start?


Acorah:  No... no... they’re talking about below... a man... my mouth’s so dry ... he didn’t want ... he was so upset ... he was screaming “Don’t let the fire burn my staircase.”  He was running round... they were all running round ... all the spirit people.  Did the fire start there?  I feel it must have been close... they were in frantic... they were frantic ... they weren’t worried about them being harmed... they knew they couldn’t be harmed, but they just didn’t want their home destroyed.  They loved this home


Ciaran:  Can they tell you what month it was?


Acora:  March


Ciaran:  Was anybody else hurt in the fire?


Acorah pounds his fist on the table eight times, getting harder each time


Ciaran:  What’s happening now?  Are you sensing something?


Acorah stands and begins pacing, resting chin on hand


Ciaran:  Who are you?


Acorah:  Thomas Shawcross.  And who are you?


Ciaran:  I’m Ciaran.  Ciaran O’Keeffe


Acorah:  And what are you doing?  What do you do?


Ciaran:  We’re here t...


Acorah:  Yes!  In my home. 


Ciaran: This i...


Acorah: Who.. invited you? 


Ciaran:  We’ve come..


Acorah:  I did not! 


Ciaran: ... to find out about you and about others here.


Acorah:  I’ve got to think this.  I’ve got to think this over.  I’ve got to think it over...


Ciaran:  Thomas, what do you ...


Acorah:  What are you doing  ... coming in... not invited...


Ciaran:  Thomas, this is a lovely house


Acorah: (indistinct)


Ciaran:  What do you do, Thomas?  What do you do?


Acorah:  This is my home.  And my family’s home.  And you come here ...You come here ... here ... I say ... here...


Ciara:  Who is in your family, Thomas?  Do you have a big family? 


Acorah:  Oh yes... oh yes... oh yes...


Ciaran:  Who’s in your family?  Children?


Acorah:  William.  William.  He’s a dear, dear boy. 


Ciaran:  Do you have a wife?  Do you have a wife, Thomas?  Do you mind me asking?


Acorah:  Why would you want this knowledge?  My wife?


Ciaran:  I’m interested...


Acorah(shouting over Ciaran) My wife?  My wife?


Ciaran:  You’ve got a lovely home and ...


Acorah:  MY WIFE?  MY WIFE?


Ciaran:  We’d like to know something about you, Thomas


Acorah:  MY WIFE?  MY WIFE?


Ciaran:  There’s no need to shout at me. 


Acorah:  I do apologise


Ciaran:  I’d like to know about you, and about your wife, your family...


Acorah:  Why should I tell you?  ... anything?  Why?  Maybe... oh yes, of course.. I should, should I?  Hm!  Yes...


Ciaran:  It would be nice.  It would be the polite thing to do.  Who is your wife?  What is her name? 


Acorah:  Ciaran!  Did you say Ciaran?


Ciaran:  That’s me, yes.


Acorah:  Hm.  Strange name.


Ciaran:  It’s an Irish name. 


Acorah:  (indistinct) I’m not Irish


Ciaran:  No, you are English, aren’t you, Thomas?  You are English, of course.


Acorah:  (affected accent)  Oh yes.


Ciaran:  Tell me about your wife and your family.  Your wife’s name; your children’s names


Acorah: (pacing in a manner reminiscent of Robert Laughton, Gollum and Mr Punch combined) 


No reply


Ciaran:  What do you do?  What is your occupation, Thomas?


Acorah:  Well it’s gentry I suppose  (forced laughter)


Ciaran:  When did you get this house?  When did this house become yours?


Acorah:  This is tiresome... tiresome... tiresome ... (long pause)  asks us many questions ...


Ciaran:  I do apologise.  We do ask a lot of questions but I’m very interested in you, and your family, and this house...


Acorah:  (grunting)


Ciaran:  Please tell me about your family. 


Acorah:  (grunting)  No reply


Ciaran:  Thomas, are you still there? 


Acorah:  I’m thinking ... yes... I’m thinking ...   (long pause) ... I’m tired.  I’m tired...I’m tired...(gets down on his knees)


Ciaran:  When did you pass away, Thomas?


Acorah:  I’m tired... I’m just... I need a nap...





by Acorablimey


I was in the audience last night [for some bizarre reason I ended up in a front row seat - so much for my somewhat shamefaced low-key liking for the show despite my scepticism. I blame Derek's psychic stomach ache]...

I had been amazed at the near-hysterical response from the queuing crowd when Derek first appeared outside the Armitage Centre. It must be said that he was very pleasant, very polite and posed tirelessly for photos and signed lots of autographs. The consummate professional apparently.

Contrast that with his "performance" when possessed [was it just me or did he have two possessions?] and Ciaran's tireless professionalism persistently demonstrated with calm, tact and dogged perseverance.

When we cut for a break you could have heard a pin drop in the studio. Matthew Smith looked one part contemptuous, one part smugly satisfied; David Wells barely disguising his embarrassment - I get the impression there is no love lost there... ::)

Richard Jones looked like a stunned mullet, and Dr Bull**** tested him on his Kings and Queens, but sadly no screen time was apparently available to discuss Derek's 'Enery cock-up. Hmmm...

I was expecting a buzz of excitement from Derek's fans, of which there were evidently many, but it was strangely flat with barely any evidence of any discussion or enthusiasm at his alleged possession. After all, this was a possession on live television - how startling, how extraordinary, how wonderful. Or not.

I think many struggled as they realised that the game was up... I don't doubt that this episode will be forgotten by his adoring public, but I'm sure it will resonate with Derek Acorah for a long time...

It will stick in my mind for a long time too, more for the stunned response from the fans as anything else. Bravo, Mr O'Keefe! More! More!





Quotations relating to the location and its inhabitants transcribed directly from Most Haunted Live

Presenter Yvette Fielding: 

The most terrifying location to date that we have been to on Most Haunted Live. 

I’ve driven past this location many, many times and it looks ominous from the road

The sound guys noticed a male figure, a face, at one of the windows when there was no-one in the building.


Studio anchor man, Dr David Bull: 

I was at the location today and it’s one of the scariest places I’ve ever been to. 



On the outskirts of the city is a derelict building.  It was once hailed a refuge for the mentally and physically ill; now its corridors are said to echo with the screams of past patients. 

This place is so haunted that the owners have asked us to refer to it only as The Asylum.



New moon tonight and the word lunatic derives from the word lunar, meaning moon. 


Astrologer David Wells:

Traditionally it’s the full moon that’s associated with that.   However what is interesting about this particular new moon is that astrologically it’s directly caused by Uranus (?), which is a sign of mental brightness, but more importantly, it’s in the sign of Pisces, which is about institutions, and to a certain degree, about mental health. 


Inside the building


'Medium' Derek Acorah:

There’s a feeling of torment here. 

I’m getting … not clarity of my mind;

I get a childlike atmosphere as well but not children.  You know when a person has the energy of an adult but being very childlike.

There’s a hopelessness connected to it

Some didn’t mind being here; others used to rant and rave and get upset.

I get this anger displayed, and it’s as if this one person – maybe more than one – physically thrown against a wall, and just jammed against a wall, and then suddenly … it’s like they’ll get sedated against the wall, and they’re just pulling this woman along.


I feel a swing in these energies from being normal to absolutely violent or banging against the walls and screaming.  I’m hearing women’ screams; I’m hearing a man’s screams.   I’m hearing one person repeating words one after another.



Tonight one of Manchester’s most hideous and barbaric institutions – an abandoned asylum – will reveal its secrets. 





Tonight we’re investigating a monument of madness; a vacant and dilapidated Victorians asylum, with an oppressive and disturbing atmosphere, and some believe it has the power to force you to lose your mind.



What tormented souls lurk in that asylum? 





We’re in the middle of an intriguing investigation at a horrendous derelict and ruined Victorian asylum.  It’s a place where people believed to be insane were locked up and left. 



Oh God, Yvvie, there’s a deranged mind close by here.  It’s deranged.  It’s a man. 

One moment he seemed to be lucid, have clarity of mind, and the next a frantic, raging sort of man.  A man that had to be … God… with his anger it would take six men to take him down. 


There’s fear that comes from his energies.  Fear of people.  There’s two that he fears   There’s two men that he fears coming to him and he’s planning in his mind to stop them from giving him those needles.  He’s got anger.  It’s as if he wants to kill them.  He wants to take their lives … giving him those needles.   He fears the wires.  He fears the wires.  He fears electricity.   



Were you locked in this hospital? 

Did you feel you were held as a prisoner?



Will those tortured souls incarcerated in that institutions show themselves tonight?





We’re investigating at a doomed and derelict asylum in the North West.



To me mental, mental and almost physical cruelty combined.

It’s like a treatment given out and they’re suffering from it. 

I feel this big, big property has housed people who had mental disorders and a lot of them … they did have these mental disorders, but a lot of them were treated so harshly at times in a vain attempt to heal and it went wrong. 

They felt like guinea pigs – they felt caged; they felt trapped.  It was like a jail to them. 

And then I have the feeling not so much of starvation but not feeding some of them, and they felt like caged rats.  Terrible cruelty... terrible to the mind, to the physical, and there’s a couple of them roaming these corridors


This is not just a hospital fragrance or stench, but I feel aggressiveness that I feel doesn’t come with hospitals.  I feel as if people were suppressed; people were brought down when they got too angry, and I feel all to do with the mind, mental – this is an asylum.  This is an asylum!


(speaking about / to ‘Melissa’, a ‘spirit’)

They were doing something with treatment and it went wrong.

We’re not here to cause you any ill-treatment like you experienced.





Melissa come out of her physical body, looking at her physical remains lying in the morgue and she was very angry of the way they left her; treatment to her that wasn’t correct.


Sedated with some kind of medicine, feeling suffocated; she’s lying there and she’s looking up and she realises there were two of them, above her, two males and she’s screaming out and screaming out, and they were attaching things, doing things around this area (indicates head), and she was screaming out and they were still doing it.  The arms were tethered but I felt they didn’t need to be because she was sedated.


< Break>



Our heroic team are investigating a rambling Victorian asylum whose corridors rang with the tortured cries of the deranged.



If they were a patient here, they wouldn’t be able to understand all these letters and numbers. 



No, no.





Tonight our team are investigating a true Victorian monument; it’s an asylum and it’s steeped in history, but it’s a place of madness and little hope. 


Thousands died while incarcerated in the asylum.



(Melissa again) She definitely had a mental problem; a big mental problem.  Right up to the end she was screaming at them she is not a lunatic, she is not a lunatic.  And she could hear the voices and the voices were telling her the truth, and the doctors were not.  And they treated her and she knew it wasn’t right what actually happened to her.  And she’s walking around with that hatred of doctors, and not just doctors but the people.  There were two men who treated her …





We’re investigating a Victorian madhouse.  It’s a real live Bedlam


The whole building has seen the whining and whimpering of  sad, tormented souls





The team are immersed in madness as they unlock the secrets of a former asylum on the outskirts of Manchester.





Welcome back to a night of tortured souls, madness, mayhem, and incarceration. 




The plain, unvarnished truth is that Most Haunted Live, LivingTV, Antix Productions, and all connected with them, perpetrated a disgraceful deception upon the viewing public on Saturday 3rd September 2005. 

Over and over again  the presenters on the programme claimed it was coming from a terrifying disused lunatic asylum, rife with the tortured spirits of those who died while incarcerated there.

This could not be further from the truth, as the evidence will show from the beautiful Victorian building's well-documented history.

"Robert Barnes, former cotton manufacturer, made a gift of £10,000, to the Manchester Infirmary, with the intention of its being applied in support of a new convalescent hospital established at Cheadle. It was agreed that the new institution should be named - The Barnes Convalescent Home - in honour of the donor."

29th July, 1871
"The foundation stone of the Barnes Convalescent Home, the munificent gift of Robert Barnes, Esq., was laid July 29, by Mr. Hugh Birley, M.P., the treasurer to the Royal Infirmary.
The Bishop of Manchester had prepared a special service for and officiated at the stone-laying."

The building was designed by Lawrence Booth of Manchester, for the Manchester Royal Infirmary.

The building completed.

 "£3,000 should be paid out of the estate of the late Mr. Samuel Fletcher, formerly a pawnbroker in Great Ancoats Street, who died in testate, by way of an endowment to be specially conferred on the Barnes Convalescent Home at Cheadle.
In order to perpetuate the memory of the person out of whose property it has been made, the Chancellor directs that the endowment shall bear the name of the "Samuel Fletcher Endowment."

Before its closure, the hospital dealt mainly with geriatric and stroke patients

Barnes Hospital became a Grade II listed building on 12 November 1999.

The beautiful Victorian building is about to be reborn, when it is converted into flats as part of a redevelopment programme for the whole derelict site.

To add insult to injury, LivingTV 'celebrated' the Manchester Most Haunted Live with a grossly offensive t-shirt

As the Most Haunted team had absolutely no connection with ANY lunatic asylum over the whole weekend, these items are being merchandised under false pretences.

The monster lunatic asulum created by LivingTV, Antix Productions, and Derek Acorah does not exist, and never has done.

Hopefully the redevelopment of this lovely building will not be adversely affected by the nasty deception and fraud committed on both viewers and the people of Cheadle.


Almost incidental to the deception and false claims, yet proved by them, Acorah provided cast-iron evidence of his fraudulent mediumship.

"THIS IS AN ASYLUM" he declared, not once, but twice.

But we all know the truth - that this was a convalescent home.  A place  where patients were treated with dignity and respect, and healed sufficiently to return to their own lives.






  Acorah's made good use of the reference books he bought at Borders in Croydon.  He now knows where the Peterloo Massacre took place, and seems to have learned that the Methodist Church has never had priests, which would possibly explain the non-appearance of Fathers Michael and David with their good friend Peter.

What else is there to say?


Richard Woolfe happily takes the kudos when things go right.  Now he must be accountable for the lies and deceptions perpetrated by those employed under him.


As far as the Barnes Hospital redevelopment is concerned, we hope it proceeds well, and that it is not adversely affected by this, as it is an extremely important project for Cheadle residents.


The antics of Antix    >>>         


©2005 Emma Gee

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