At the Holly Bush pub, Watling Street, Elstree, on Saturday 7th May 2005, Yvette Fielding made the following on-air statement:

"There is no acting that goes on in this programme, none whatsoever. Everything that you see and you hear is real. It's not made up; it's not acted."



Most Haunted, a programme to hit the screens way back I believe in 2001, and what a welcome it was, for it opened up the floodgates to a subject so long hidden away.

For literally years sceptics alike the world over have tried incessantly to debunk the possibility of Ghosts, Haunted Houses and anyone and everything associated to it and yet here we are seeing a TV company being brave enough to go one step further.

But hang on for just one minute, we are talking about true professional TV entertainment makers here, people with the knowledge and insight of making this into more than it truly is or stands for. Living TV were introduced by word of mouth to a pilot programme made by a former children's entertainer and her husband a guy out to make it big in the production side, and the potential was seen, the potential to make something that viewers loved and that's to be spooked.....................

We all have to admit to watching a good horror film, and as society progressed the more graphic and gruesome, the more we wanted, so why not add a touch or realism, lets make something a little more advanced of the Blair Witch Project......let's bring it home to our own doorstep.

So came the birth of Most Haunted and its fan base grew possibly 'quicker than expected. Investigations at places that claimed to have resident Ghosts, but how could we convince the viewer of such, especially if Ghosts don't show themselves, how do we make it just that little more believable.......of course introduce a person who claims to see and speak to the dead, a medium.

So how many mediums were actually tested unknowingly, until they settled with the one and truly great unknown Mr Acorah himself........did Sam foresee this eventuality, there doesn't seem to be any mention in any of Derek's biographies that he knew from Sam in advance, that he would work in such a way.

So in all fairness did Most Haunted actually commence on the road of filming a factual programme, a programme based on realism of the truth and there proving that life after death really does exist, what made them come up with this idea and why.

Why indeed, because they saw the potential into misleading the gullible public, just like other so called practices before them..................

I was asked to take part in the production of their second live event, which was filmed from Woodchester Mansion. Now live events were still pretty new to them, so it was treated with caution in my opinion, hence the small audience in attendance, but as confidence grew so did the audience,.

My group and another were asked to conduct the actual investigation on behalf of the team, to see how haunted Woodchester was and if it lived up to its name..............and so a programme came to be, using live footage from those investigations and live walkabouts Derek was able to use the already-known information, and pieces we provided to make yet another spine tingling programme.

But let's look at some of the early facts of this programme and the obvious CONNING the viewers into believing more was a foot that it really was. At Woodchester there is a small kitchen and tea room, in the kitchen there was a boiler and coffee maker, this would hiss every time it reached its temperature, and right on cue it did as the crew were filming in an adjacent room live on air..............credibly they shouted.......'did you hear that'.....shhh listen..........

Our team being in yet another adjacent room piped up its the boiler, but were quickly told by other TV crew to be quiet as it adds to the ambience for the viewer.......ambience didn't she mean LIES...making the viewer think they had just heard something Paranormal occur..............and so it went on, Derek walking about giving off information he claimed he was linking into ,but was information already publicly available.

So in conclusion, you have to make your own minds up........was this programme's original concept to find factual undisputed evidence of the afterlife, or to entertain, con and dupe so many into believing something they were claiming to be real wasn't...........was it merely a vast money making scheme

You decide..................................

Dave Wharmby
Founder of Bassetlaw Ghost Research Group
Real Investigators...........


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