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This article was written by Ian Addicoat, and is reproduced here with his kind permission.




Many people have asked us for a comment. Therefore, I will attempt to set the record straight...










... there is no historical evidence to support any of these claims.






... a lot of the stuff quoted on "Most Haunted" was taken straight from the  Pengersick Castle  section of a site listed under the heading "Myths and Legends".















Three possibly genuine occurrences:

There were three things on the programme which did appear genuine:

1. Orbs are very frequent here and could almost certainly not be faked.

2. Derek Acorah did pick up on a female presence who does things by the mirror and chair. This is very accurate, but not well known and has only been happening recently.

3. It is a very little known fact that footsteps have often been heard in the area where they were picked up on film. I myself have often heard these late at night. They certainly were too loud to be a cat!




On Tuesday the 27th of May 2003, the programme "Most Haunted", featuring Pengersick Castle, was transmitted on Living TV.

The show was eagerly anticipated by many, especially the hundreds of people who have attended a ghost night here...

After many e-mails sent to, it would seem that the overwhelming opinion of people who have been here, is one of disappointment and sadness that Most Haunted failed to live up to its expectations. The programme was full of inaccuracies and focused on what are widely believed to be the myths and legends rather than the genuine stuff that happens here. This was truly disappointing.

So many other television companies have done this before, yet with "Most Haunted" we had higher hopes for a programme free of sensationalism and misconstrued information.

In response to the show, it appears that many people, who are not familiar with the castle, have been given a false impression. Many people have asked us for a comment. Therefore, I will attempt to set the record straight...

As someone who has spent an awful lot of time researching the paranormal and cataloguing all of the supernatural experiences at Pengersick and who has spent long periods of time alone here, I can categorically state that I have never considered Pengersick to be evil or remotely sinister. I do genuinely believe that it is the most supernaturally active place I have ever been, however, it is a beautiful, unique and heart warming place. I do not feel fear here and throughout the 50 ghost nights we have run, nobody has ever encountered anything DARK, DEMONIC or EVIL, just some very peculiar experiences. People are sometimes unnerved by the things that occur, because they cannot explain them, but there is certainly nothing malicious.

Claims that it is evil and that nobody wants to spend any time here are made to appear ridiculous in light of the hundreds of people who have fallen in love with its unique charm and special sense of mystery.

Almost every television company that has visited has soon jumped on a bandwagon and focused on stories of devil-worship, black magic and the infamous demon dog. However, there is no historical evidence to support any of these claims. John Milliton was a very respected member of the community. As well as Lord of Pengersick, he was Sheriff Captain of the Mount and considered to be a high standing dignitary. It seems unlikely that someone holding such a high office could possibly have gotten away with murder, black magic, and treachery on such a grand scale. He may haunt Pengersick? But nothing links him evidentially to anything dark or dastardly. Of the professionals who regularly visit Pengersick and are held in high esteem, the story of the demon dog is laughed upon.

Many of these legends materialised in the 19th century in stories by the author R. Hunt and many were almost certainly fabricated by smugglers to keep people away from their activities in and around Pengersick Castle. Many of the legends have been rehashed again and again in books, the media and particularly television. Also a lot of the stuff quoted on "Most Haunted" was taken straight from the website, from a place listed under the heading "Myths and Legends". The owners of Pengersick Castle and myself have always tried to distance ourselves from such sensationalised tales and will continue to do so.

There are some very convincing ghost stories related to Pengersick and it is undoubtedly a very haunted place. Unfortunately, few of these appeared on the programme "Most Haunted", despite them being given every possible access to such information. They appeared to concentrate on the stories that have no evidence to back them up. While I understand that television companies need to make their programmes entertaining, I do not believe that this should be at the expense of realism.

I would also like to make some specific points related to the programme (Most Haunted) itself to clear up some of the major inaccuracies...

1. It was claimed that 2 monks were murdered at Pengersick. The true story is that Henry Pengersick attacked one monk. He was NOT killed. There are no records of another monk being murdered at all. The monk that is regularly seen here, is always viewed wearing a wide brimmed hat, not as stated a hooded robe.

2. Pengersick is not considered to be evil by the overwhelming majority of visitors but is usually referred to as charming, picturesque and atmospheric.

3. Henry Pengersick did not build Pengersick Castle. The modern day tower was constructed in John Milliton's reign, in about 1500. Henry lived in Pengersick Manor, sited in the grounds here.

4. A claim was made that the owners believe that the sailors from the wreck St Anthony haunt Pengersick. The owners certainly do not... in fact Guy Evans states that he had never even heard this ghost story, before the programme. Also no sailors have ever, to my knowledge, been SEEN at Pengersick, as claimed on "Most Haunted".

5. The Demon dog - the stories of a demon dog are often quoted. However, I know of no serious minded person who has seen the glowing red eyes of a demon. Personally, I think it is a bit of a shaggy dog story! As do most professionals in the paranormal world.
There is probably a ghostly dog in the bedroom but this is just a former pet. There have also never been any previous mentions of the demon being a "harbinger of doom, warning of impending death".

6. A lady in white has never been seen walking through the walls in the room indicated on the show (the Solar).

7. Yvette is seen walking in an area she claims to be unhallowed graves (known as the plague graves). This is completely the wrong place, and although this was pointed out to her and the crew, for reasons known only to them they have decided to leave it as it is.

8. The dancing girl is not actually seen. When her presence has been claimed it usually begins downstairs.

9. There has been no previous mention or record of a murder in the Solar room.

10. There are absolutely no documented records of devil worship or witchcraft or related burials.

11. In reference to claims at the end of the programme... that John Milliton's connections to alchemy and black magic are not a well-known fact! These legends are extremely well known, however they are almost certainly NOT fact.

12. The door slamming incident: when the trap hatch at the top of the stairs is left open, the main door often slams shut. We cannot confirm if this is what actually happened.

13. The bedroom at Pengersick is undoubtedly the most actively haunted place at Pengersick and is well known for it. Therefore we cannot understand why the most haunted crew did not spend time on a vigil here, I hope this was not through fear! The Solar is relatively inactive. On Saturday evenings we almost always get results in the bedroom. WHAT A MISSED OPPORTUNITY?!

14. One of the tents was claimed to have been pitched on the unhallowed plague graves. It was actually pitched in an area known as the wise woman's hut, some distance away.

And many, many more…

Overall, I am sure that "Most Haunted" has given Pengersick a great deal of publicity. Unfortunately, some of this is not the sort the Castle seeks.   Therefore I feel something needs to appear to distance myself, and the owners of the Castle, from certain claims.

"Most Haunted" were given every opportunity (before and after filming) to consult the extensive information and evidence we have collated, related to the paranormal. However, they failed to consult us on most of the important matters. This was very unfortunate. The fact is we have comprehensive information of the strange things that happen here and we may never know if Derek came up with something which could be put up as conclusive evidence, when related to our widespread knowledge of Pengersick.

Several times I attempted to contact Antix Productions (makers of "Most Haunted") and got no joy, often being completely ignored.

What a shame!!!

Ian Addicoat

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