MOST  HAUNTED - Craigievar Castle, Aberdeenshire

"His chest is all white, and he's got like a very large red cross that is emblazoned in front, and he stands here for some reason. He's a big, big man this, but not a bad spirit, a person who was a just man. Who's that Sam? Richard. Richard. The symbol of the lion. Richard the Lionheart. He comes here.  He must have stayed in this room.  Before the 9th and 10th centuries - 800 and something."

Derek Acorah, Craigievar Castle, Aberdeenshire,
Shown 28 June 2005






Although he was crowned in Westminster Abbey, during the ten years of his reign from 1189-1199, Richard I spent a total of six months in England. He is even reputed to have said that he would have sold the whole country if he could have found a buyer







William the Lion, King of Scotland paid Richard the Lionheart to release his dead father, Malcolm, from his oath of fealty to Richard's dead father, Henry II.

 Scotland has never been 'owned' by an English monarch, and never will be.






































Richard Felix described the alleged victim as a "Gordon Highlander".  Felix is supposedly a military historian, but once again he has proved that he is not, and never has been, a historian.


The Gordon Highlanders Regiment was not raised until 1794 by the 4th Duke of Gordon.  This was 150 years AFTER the alleged incident.




David Wells' rendition of what Sir John's daughter was allegedly telling him was toe-curlingly embarrassing to hear.    Apart from "mither" and "faither" he was apparently unaware that she would have been speaking the Doric.  The following is a piece of contemporary Doric poetry by Robert Fergusson.


Upo' the tap o' ilka lum
The sun bagan to keek,
And bad the trig made maidens come
A sightly joe to seek
At Hallow-fair, whare browsters rare
Keep gude ale on the gantries,
And dinna scrimp ye o' a skair
O' kebbucks frae their pantries,
Fu' saut that day



The Lost Crusade.


Oh dear. Three centuries out for Richard, and eight centuries out for the castle. Doesn't it make you weep?

Richard the Lionheart was born in Oxfordshire but was a child of Aquitaine, a part of Southern France, and was brought up in his mother's court at Poitiers. His native language was not English and throughout his life he spoke little of it.

He swore allegiance to the King of France at the age of twelve, and lived in France .



Parapsychologist Ciaran O'Keefe admitted his knowledge of history was faulty, which would explain the almighty blunder he made when he stated "Richard the Lionheart could have been possible, because Richard was actually responsible for selling Scotland back to the Scots."


I wonder if that gem came from 'historian', Richard Felix?




Yet more Satanic Dark Arts.

Acorah is obviously xenophobic. What else can explain his second tirade in as many days of filming against the Satanic Dark Arts he alleges were perpetrated by the nobility of Scotland?


Just days earlier he had filmed at Fyvie Castle where he declared that Sir Alexander Seton was a warlock.  See Fyvie Castle review

And upon what evidence does he base his allegations? Was it from Sam, who told him that Richard the Lionheart had been there, three centuries and many hundreds of miles out?


Roundheads and cavaliers

No roundhead could ever have been in Craigievar Castle, unless he'd been invited for his tea. No attacking force ever got within the fortified curtain wall, nor could they have got in through the single, narrow, easily-defended entrance.

William Forbes

As the Scottish tradition is to name the first-born boy after the father's father, there has been a William Forbes in almost every generation. Very safe ground for everyone concerned, and no distinction was made which would aid identification.

'Red' Sir John Forbes

The legend of Sir John's dastardly deed - his alleged murder of a member of the Gordon clan by forcing him through an upper window at swordpoint - is known throughout Scotland.


David Wells appeared to ascertain the location of the window through which the Gordon was allegedly forced by Sir John Forbes, despite the fact it was covered by bed hangings. 


Even if it had not already been identified by Richard Felix, it would only take a modicum of intelligence to work out where it was hidden, as none of the windows in clear view are large enough.




Unfortunately neither medium could give a name for the alleged victim or his paramour. And why not? If they're truly communicating with the dead, then why could they not provide their own names?

The simple reason is that neither their names nor the alleged incident were recorded either by the Forbes or, more importantly, by the Gordons.

In other words, it's a legend and nothing more.


So yet another farce of supposed investigation backed up by 'Sam'. Unfortunately there are people out there who will believe it all, without bothering to check facts for themselves.


Acorah could not possibly have received his information about Richard the Lionheart from 'spirit', which confirms that he is indeed a fake medium. He is a liar and a cheat, and I disliked him for that.  As a Scot, his latest attack on the Scots has made that dislike personal. 



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