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Warlock:  An incorrect term for a male witch used mostly by popular culture.

Warlock is from Middle English warloghe, from Old English waerloga one who breaks faith, or the Devil. From waer faith or troth + loga to lie. In later usage it means a man practising the black arts. The original meaning was oath breaker and was used as a title for Satan or a human who broke his word


They say it takes one to know one, don't they?




In the 1920's a female adult skeleton was found buried in a bedroom wall, but it was the other side of the castle, and nowhere near the morning room fireplace.




In 1485 Fyvie castle was owned by the Meldrums of Meldrum.   Alexander Seton wasn't born until 1555 in East Lothian, and didn't buy Fyvie until 1596.






Unless the whole team had magically teleported itself the 150 miles from Fyvie, Aberdeenshire, to Dalgety, in the Kingdom of Fife, then Yvette was completely wrong.




No record exists of a wife of any owner of Fyvie being murdered at the castle in a clan war.   Certainly Dame Lilias Drummond does not fit the bill.










Dame Lilias Drummond was said to be very happy with her husband, producing five daughters in nine years. Only one of these was born at Fyvie, as the family mainly lived in Edinburgh, Elgin, Dunfermline, and Dalgety.  It was only after the birth of her last daughter that relations soured, and she moved permanently to Dalgety, where she died suddenly, and apparently of natural causes.





Achor's tirade against the Dark Arts that he's now meeting at every location is as tedious as it is worrying.

Nowhere in the history of any of these locations has there been a hint of such things, yet it's the first thing he comes up with.





Fyvie Castle was no exception. Immediately Acorah set foot in the morning room of Fyvie Castle he picked up on an evil male spirit in touch with the Dark Arts.


This time we had Sir Alexander Seton in the guise of a warlock!






So, according to Acorah, Alexander Seton was a warlock. He brutally raped and murdered his daughter in front of her mother, then murdered his wife and hid her body behind the fireplace?  WRONG!


Acorah gives the date of 1485 for this gruesome rape and murder.  WRONG!,




Once again Achor has proved that a little learning is a dangerous thing. He really must get a better researcher!

Yvette had already got the programme off to a bad start when she introduced viewers to the Douglas bedroom. This was, she claimed, where Dame Lilias Drummond was "barbarically starved to death".  WRONG!

David Wells could sense a lady, bathed in blood. Her husband had owned the castle, and she had died there, in a clan war! When asked, he says he can't get a name even though he's trying hard. Then out of the blue he asks "Is that Lady Drummond?"

The team seemed to spend the rest of their time at Fyvie 'in contact' with Dame Lilias. Stuart absented himself quite early on, which could well have explained the knocks and bumps that were heard, especially by Felix, who resorted to putting his ear to the floor!

David Wells decided that Karl Beattie was the reincarnation of a stable boy named Dougal, with whom Dame Lilias had been in love.  The mawkish 'seance' which followed was a total travesty. In fact,

Why on earth would the ghost of someone who wasn't born in the castle, didn't live in the castle very much, and didn't die in the castle, want to return and make banging noises on the floor for the Antix cameras?


Further research has resulted in the following information regarding Alexander Seton's marriages:

1580 - m. Lilias Drummond, at Seton, East Lothian. She died at Dalgety, Fife.

1601 - m. Grizel Leslie at Rothes, Moray. She died 1606 at Haddington, East Lothian.

1607 - m. Margaret Hay at Dunfermline. She died at Dalgety, Fife.

It would appear that none of Alexander Seton's wives married or died at Fyvie, so the legend would appear to be just that - a legend.

I would give this episode nul points for content, and nul points for artistic expression, and I don't hold out much hope for improvement in the near future. 


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