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[CF, after a long pause]  - Uhm, I'm gonna have to say person, this person that's trying to connect to me is giving me this feeling of terrible, terrible fear of water, right at the, right at the end of their life. Absolute sense of panic. I cannot help but feel that this person drowned. Drowned, yes. (Pause) Eh, would you be able to understand that the body was never recovered or it took a long time to find the body? Can you understand this?


(Addressing a man that raised a hand)

[Man]  - Yeah, I can understand it...

CF:  - You understand this?

[Man]  - Yeah...

CF:  - Uhm, and I'm sorry I've got to say person, because at the moment they're not identifiable as such by gender. It's a complex feeling that they're giving me, I feel male orientation but if it's male it also feel very child-like or young. Do you understand this?

[Man]  - Yes

CF:  - So, uhm, because of the feeling that it's giving me, I've got to say lad. (Pause) There's almost like a, uhm, I mean, said to, I mean, an embarrassment or shame feel in the fact that he shouldn't have been where he was at the time that this happened. He was actually told not to go there.
[Man]  - Yeah, yeah...

CF:  - It's quite a difficult thing that he's given me, because it's not... He wants it to be known that he wants to apologize, not for dying, 'cause he wants to apologize for the fact that he's left three, he left three people feeling guilty that they should have made sure that he wasn't actually where he was on the day that he drowned. Would you please understand why he has this memory of someone who could impersonate Donald Duck?

[Man]  - Yes, yes

CF:  - Who... Would you please also be, understand-stand why... Lot of little memories today... Two boys that used to hang upside down by their legs?

- I don't recognize that...

CF:  - He's giving me this memory here, and, and... About hanging up... I might be getting this wrong... But about hanging upside down or standing upside down until the blood rushed to the head and they got dizzy.

[Man]  - No, I don't recognize that...

CF:  - Why is 1979 important? He's just put up 1979 in front of me. [Pause] He's certainly giving me the feeling that it's something that's important, I... Can I ask you please, was he still at this side of life then?

[Man]  - Yes he was, yes he was...

CF:  - There seems to be something about 1979, wanting to connect it to you and then talking about two... This probably strikes you as peculiar. Two boys are either upside down or they're doing something where they were upside down and... Got it... I'm sorry, got it! (CF is looking up, addressing the spirit.) 1979, and you, do you know about roller-coaster rides?

[Man]  - Yes

CF:  - About being upside down...

[Man]  - Mm..

CF:  - And it's supposed to be about something that he hopes that you remember about 1979, about being in a place where you were upside down.

[No response from the man]

CF:  - Now, uhm, two... Would you understand, were you one of the people that tried to remind him or stop him from going to where he went when he drowned?

[Man]  - Yes, yes...

- So you're one of the three people that he wants to apologize to for making you feel so guilty for not having stopped him.

[Man]  - Yes, I was, yes...

CF:  - There also seems to be quite a strong memory here of someone that, who he remembers quite well, called Peter.

[No response from the man]

CF:  - I think he would have been a peer, someone who is his age group at the time...

[Man]  - I don't know...

CF:  - OK, I, I, I thought I was gonna give a message through to this gentleman but it's not... It's just what... He wants it to be known that this, this lad Peter, who was a friend of his time, is now also spirit side of life.

[Man]  - OK

CF:  - He's one of four, OK I was... He was one of four people that was involved in a car accident where the car actually caught a life. As much as this, this man now but boy when he passed over wants to convey to you, you know, his love and his best wishes to you, this is one of these messages where I feel there is no, it's , the message is for his benefit, it's for him to be able to say "I'm sorry that I left three people behind who I made, for so long, feel so bad for not stopping me". He seems to be ware that either the first three days or the first three weeks after he died, was killed, were the worst. So either... He was either trying to indicate there were either three days of not knowing or three weeks of not knowing.

[Man]  - Yes...

CF:  - You can, you can understand that?

[Man]  - I can understand that...

[CF, after a pause]  - Do you have any interest in snowboarding?

[Man]  - No, no...

CF:  - No, it's not... Tell me please, would you be able to understand about someone who decided to go down a slope of snow on like a big (non-audible) but couldn't stop?

[Man]  - No, not really, no...

CF:  - I't could indicate that it's another memory he has... About, uhm, quite some time ago...

[Man]  - OK

CF:  - Think about if you can remember, uhm, what it is... As he (non-audible), I just get this feeling that he's hoping that after having said this queue that, that, at least the three of you now will accept that he is taking responsibility, that it was his fault that he died and he, he, he's very sorry having left three people (non-audible) so much, (non-audible) for not doing what he was told. And he leaves his love with you. (Pause) I'm gonna try... (non-audible -- CF is again addressing the purple scarf woman) This gentleman who is trying to connect to you who is in spirit (non-audible), I feel love for you but I feel that it's like he was quite cold, he didn't display his emotions or his affection very easily. I'm just gonna have to go with the feeling that I've got... Tell me, would you understand why he's asking me to talk to you about the fact that he know... Did someone ask you to invest money?

[Purple scarf woman]  - Now, no...

CF:  - Or business plan...

[Purple scarf woman]  - Not that I can remember...

CF:  - No, no, this is gotta be something current, now...

[Purple scarf woman]  - No, no...

CF:  - Can't (non-audible), can't change it 'cause this feeling is too... The only (non-audible) that I can understand is have you agreed to lend somebody money over three or four payments?

[Purple scarf woman]  - I don't think I understand...

[Interpreter now asks purple scarf woman if she has lent somebody money]

[Purple scarf woman]  - Yes, yes

[Interpreter now fills in that it's supposed to be over three or four payments]

[Purple scarf woman]  - It's the bank or... Is it the bank or a person or which? Can it be a bank...

[Interpreter cuts it short and again asks the woman if she has lent somebody some money]

[Purple scarf woman]  - Yes, you can say that...

CF:  - I, I, I keep asking this man to identify himself, to give me a name or how he connects to you but he doesn't respond. He's, he's asked me to... He says she's... It's not that he feels that you shouldn't do this, but he'd like you to think about making it not quite so much. Do it, but not as much. You can understand now?

[Purple scarf woman nods] 


CF:  - I wish I could get more from him but this seems to be what he wanted to say to you.

[Purple carf woman]  - Can I ask something?

CF:  - Yes, go on

[Purple scarf woman]  - Is he from the family side or (non-audible)?

CF:  - Yes, yes, and I, I'm ... because I'm being drawn to the right on this I gotta say it's father's side of the family. (Pause) That seems to be all he wants to say to you. I wish there was more, but that's all I can ask... (Pause) This is going to be a tough one... All right...

[Audience laughs]

CF:  - I don't... I have a gentleman... Well, I think he's a gentleman... I have a gentleman trying to connect to me and I don't know whether he's showing me something about his lifestyle or whether he's showing something that is a joke that someone is able to understand. I have this gentleman trying to connect to me showing himself dressed in women's clothes.

[Audience laughs]

CF:  - Look, do we have someone here that was once friends with someone who was a drag artist? Or a female impersonator? (No answer) This is, this guy seems quite young and I don't feel that this person has been passed over very long. I don't feel he has been passed over more than, than probably four or five years. I'm beginning to feel quite sorry for this guy because I really feel as though he was really, really misunderstood in life. I'm somewhere over on this side


(CF walks across the stage, addressing the right side of the audience.)


Somewhere on this side... Yes miss?

[Woman]  - Uhm, I had a late friend that used to buy women clothing, he was wear..., tried to wear it, but not especially, he wasn't dressed like a woman, he wasn't wear..., he liked wearing pink.

CF:  - I can't help but feel, my love, that, that the feeling that he was giving me was that, this is not a joke, there's nothing humorous about it, but someone would understand about him wearing woman's clothes.

[Woman]  - (non-audible) He wasn't actually wearing (non-audible)...

CF:  - There's something in-(non-audible) very sad about him. Or the end of his life was very sad. I, I, I can't help but feel, my love, that there was only about five people at the end of his life that understood the agony that he was going through.

[Woman]  - Well I don't think it's him then...

CF:  - Well, would you please be able to understand that very few people went to his funeral?

[Woman]  - Yes, I wasn't there...

[Audience laughs]

CF:  - No but, you understand that very few people went?

[Woman]  - Yes

CF:  - Uhm... Would you be able to understand that about a year before he passed away, he was involved in some (non-audible) where there was an act of violence?

[Woman]  - Nothing I know of but it could have happened...

CF:  - Right. (Pause) Would you, can you please understand why he's asking me to say he wants to thank you for listening shortly before he passed away when he was telling you about how frightened he had become?

[Woman]  - (non-audible) I am puzzled...

- You were puzzled?

[Woman]  - Yes

CF:  - Would you understand that he seemed to be very nervous?

[Woman]  - Uhm, he was always kind of nervous...

CF:  - Would you please understand that you still have contact with two other of his friends?

[Woman]  - Uhm, not often but...

CF:  - But you know two other particular people that he was friends with?

[Woman]  - More know of...

CF:  - Right.

[Woman]  - Not friends...

CF:  - No, friends of his...

[Woman]  - Yes

CF:  - OK. I'm just... He's asked me to just convey to you that the, as much as he'd like to send his best wishes to you, if you get the opportunity, can you let them both know that he is saying hello as well?

[Woman]  - Yes, I can...

CF:  - Are you the one that's very good at arranging flowers?

[Woman]  - Uhm... (non-audible)

CF:  - No, no, no, but are you, are you... Do you like... You are quite good at arranging flowers?

[Woman]  - I like to, but... (non-audible)

CF:  - Right, is this something that you have have been doing quite recently?

[Woman]  - Not that I know of... No, nothing (non-audible)

CF:  - Well, the only thing I can say to you is that he just wants..., if I'm getting it wrong about arranging flowers, he wants to let you know that he's been with you or close to, or drawn close to you, just recently when you were doing something, when you were doing something with flowers or floral effects.

[Woman, laughing]  - I went to a funeral... And I had, you know...

CF:  - So you did something with a floral effect for a funeral?

[Woman]  - Uhm, I was... No...

[The interpreter now tries to patch it all together by saying that she was at a funeral and there were flower arrangements there]

[Woman]  - Well, yeah...

CF:  - He just wants to tell you that he was with you on that day. That's his message to you. He just wants to come and say hello to you. (Pause) I've got a lady trying to connect through to me, and as she's trying to connect through to me, uhm... She's showing me that she passed from this side of life, uhm, she's quite elderly, after contracting pneumonia. I've got a feeling I've gotta be talking about someone's mother. Yes, you understand? Your mother passed this life after contracting pneumonia? Uhm... (Long pause) Come on, my love... (CF is addressing the spirit) (Pause) Tell me, would you please understand... Uhm, wha... Were you the one that was very concerned about her being cold?

[Elderly woman nods] 


CF:  - Yes? Like, like in the end... Like when she became ill, there was this thing about taking extra measures to make sure that she wasn't cold.

[Elderly woman]  - Mmmm...

CF:  - She's trying to put in my mind, uhm, I can't see if she's trying, it's either 87 or 89 she's trying to put in, in, into my mind.

[Elderly woman]  - 89

- OK. It's a frequent problem identifying when there's either a 7 or a 9, it's either 87 or 89. I get a feeling that you would understand why she wants to say to you, and she said, before she become ill, "I think I lived long enough".

[Elderly woman]  - Yes, that is correct, yes.

CF:  - I'm not gonna to say that she was tired of life but she felt that she had lived long enough and she told you this shortly before she became ill.

[Elderly woman]  - Yes

CF:  - I know we're coming up with a Christmas spirit, it's only logical, but she says, are you, are you going to be a party of six over Christmas, or six adults?

[Elderly woman]  - Maybe

CF:  - Right. She's just asked me to actually say to you it's a great pity then, that there are only five of the special glasses left. Now, I feel that these glasses are either coloured in some way or they have like a gold rim around the top.

[Elderly woman]  - Yes

CF:  - Right, OK. She says it's a great pity that there is only five of those glasses left, when really you need six. Because they were, they were originally a set of twelve that got divided by two people, divided between two people.

[Elderly woman, trying to interpose]  - No

[But CF goes on] 
- So one party had six, the other party had six, you only have five of them left now because one of them got broken. You understand this?

[Elderly woman]  - I understand

[Interpreter]  - So you have shared the set with someone else, and one is broken...

[Elderly woman]  - No

[Interpreter]  - But one is missing...

[Elderly woman]  - No

[Interpreter]  - No?

[Elderly woman]  - One is missing

[Interpreter]  - Yes

[Elderly woman] 
- It started with my sister getting...

[CF interupts]    - Can I just ask you... Would you understand... Are you the one that's recently fallen very heavily on your right hip?

[Elderly woman]  - No

CF:  - Right, then please can you identify or understand, there is a lady this side of life that your mother would be concerned that would've recently fallen heavily on the right hip?

[Elderly woman]  - No... I'm sorry...

[CF, after a pause]  - Tell me, do you still have an elderly aunt still this side of life?

[Interpreter, in Swedish]  - Do you still have an aunt, that is a sister...

[Elderly woman's companion, to her, in Swedish]  - Sister...

[Elderly woman]  - Yes, yes...

CF:  - Have you spoken to her recently?

[Elderly woman]  - Yes

CF:  - But you've not seen her, you've only spoken to her?

[Elderly woman]  - Yes

CF:  - Can I just actually tell you please, I don't know if your mother is asking me to say to you will you phone her and ask her why she did not tell you about falling...

[Elderly woman]  - I shall do it...

CF:  - You know that, that aunt also, that aunt also has got, has a daughter this side of life, yes?

[Interpreter, in Swedish]  - This, uhm, this aunt, or, uhm... This woman also has a daughter on this side?

[Elderly woman]  - Yes

CF:  - Mmm, I think you also should ask, (non-audible), your mother says you should also ask your aunt why her daughter has upset her, because she didn't tell you about that either. Your mother and I... It's always very difficult because, you know, because they always want, try not to say bad things about family. Your mother has just asked me to mention to you that you know of this aunt that her nearest family, her direct part of the family, aren't always as good to her as they should be. (No answer from the elderly woman.) Speak to your aunt.

[Elderly woman]  - Yes

CF:  - Speak to her and just say "look", you know... "What are these things that you are not telling me, why didn't you tell me about falling over and what has your daughter done that has upset you?" (Pause) What... Do you know please, why your mother is asking me just to indicate the 14th of March?

[Elderly woman]  - 14th of March? No, the 18th... No... The 18th of March.

CF:  - No, I'm getting the 14th. But... OK, not that it (non-audible), I think she's asking me to mention this as to remind you that you must put in the diary on the 14th of March next year, otherwise you will forget.

[Elderly woman]  - OK

[CF, after a pause]  - Did your mother like Charlie Chaplin?

[Audience laughs]

[Elderly woman]  - Yes, she did...

CF:  - She, she just like showed me this, this image of Charlie Chaplin and she said that before she goes she asked me to mention about the fact, to remind you that she still liked Charlie Chaplin, and the fact that she, she would often say that the old style movies were always better than, you know, the modern movies with sound. But I think that, you know, that she particularly liked Charlie Chaplin. You understand that?

[Elderly woman]  - Aha, aha...

CF:  - And she just likes to say that, one thing that is, that even though it was quite hard for her to tell you at the end of her life, she was very, very grateful to you for trying to make sure that she was kept warm, that she wasn't cold.

[Elderly woman]  - Mm...

CF:  - But, as she had told you before, I did feel as though I had lived long enough. I leave your mother's love with you. [Pause] Is there somebody here today who is flying out to the Canary Islands just after Christmas?

[Lonely man, same as before] 
- Yes

CF:  - Your flying out to the Canary Islands? Just after Christmas? Early January?

[Lonely man] 
- Yes

CF:  - Have your tickets arrived yet?

[Lonely man]  - Yes

CF:  - Do you know where you've put them?

[Lonely man]  - Yes

CF:  - Are you absolutely sure about that?

[Audience laughs]

[Lonely man]  - Yes

CF:  - And do you know where your passport is?

[Lonely man]  - Yes

- I just feel as though your grandfather has stepped back in again just before we're trying to close, but, to tell you to make absolutely sure you know where your tickets and where your passport are. Tell me please, do you have some old, do you have some old papers or magazines that you have put aside to throw away?

[Lonely man] - Probably

CF:  - I would go through them very, very carefully before you throw them away.

[Audience laughs]

CF:  - I can't help feeling that, as he sort of like move away from us, that he wants you to make, check your tickets, check your passport and make sure that there is nothing between these papers that, I mean, you need, that is vital to this trip to... (Pause) That seems to be all he wanted... Oh, and just, he takes it up again, says that he'll be very disappointed with you if you don't read that passage in the bible he's asked you to. I'll leave his best wishes with you. Thank you very much!

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