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Satellite DX Pages MAIN

This is the main index for my satellite dx pages. On the following pages, I will log any interesting satellite TV feeds I come across from the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. All feed images are capped by me. Data compiled by me.

All feeds within these pages are caught from my home in the UK with a basic motorised satellite system and a TechniSat SkyStar2 PCI card. As this is just a hobby site, it won't be my priority and will [most likely] be updated at random and when time permits.


[DIR] Ireland

[DIR] Europe

[DIR] Middle East

[DIR] Asia Pacific Region

[DIR] Africa

[DIR] Caribbean Region


Various events I have logged and captured and general info pages. I have a lot more archived that I will add at a later date.

 New! A page listing all FIFA World Cup 2010 feed sightings for Europe/Middle East can be found here.

[DIR] Articles - Satellite Related Articles.

[DIR] Eutelsat UKI Reg Numbers

[DIR] Afghanistan Special - Observed backhauls and Election coverage.

[DIR] DVB-S2 Chart - Regularly updated DVB-S2 chart.

[DIR] BBC Autumnwatch 2008 - Freq listings and caps..

[DIR] Olympic Winter Games 2006 - Freq listings.

[DIR] Athens Olympics 2004 - Freq listings.

[DIR] Horse Racing - Horse Racing feed listings & Info.

[DIR] 2008 Wimbledon Championships - My take on the 2008 Wimbledon Championships with feeds freqs and images.

[DIR] Nelson Mandela 90th Birthday Party - Nelson Mandela 90th birthday party in Hyde Park. I logged the feeds and captured some images.

[DIR] Beijing Olympics 2008 - Freq listings and images in SD & HD.

[DIR] Most Haunted Live! - Freq listings and images.

[DIR] Wood Norton Uplink Tests

[DIR] In-Store Radio Via Satellite

[DIR] Football Feeds - UK footy freq listings. (no longer updated)

Satellite Adhoc Feed & Data Charts

Charts compiled from personal logs. I intend to add more sats over time. If you are looking for regular broadcasting channels then try the SatcoDX pages.

[DIR]Intelsat 704 (66E)

[DIR]Intelsat 902 (62E)

[DIR]NSS 703 (57E)

[DIR]Intelsat 709 (54.8E)

[DIR]Intelsat 702 (54.8E)

[DIR]Express AM22 (53E)

[DIR]Galaxy 26 (50.8E)

[DIR]Eutelsat W48 (48E)

[DIR]Europe*Star 1 (45E)

[DIR]Express AM1 (40E)

[DIR]Hellas Sat 2 (39E)

[DIR]Eutelsat W7 (36E)

[DIR]Eutelsat Sesat (36E)

[DIR]Eurobird 3 (33E)

[DIR]Turksat 1C (31E)

[DIR]Badr 4 (26E)

[DIR]Astra 3A (23.5E)

[DIR]Eutelsat W6 (21.6E)

[DIR]Amos 5i (17E)

[DIR]Eutelsat W2 (16E)

[DIR]Eutelsat W1 (10E)

[DIR]Eurobird 9A (9E)

[DIR]Eutelsat W3A (7E)

[DIR]Sirius 2 (5E)

[DIR]Eurobird 4 (4E)

[DIR]Eutelsat W2M (3.1E)

[DIR]Telecom 2C (3E)

[DIR]Astra 1C (2E)

[DIR]Astra 1D (1.8E)

[DIR]Intelsat 10-02 (1W)

[DIR]Atlantic Bird 3 (5W)

[DIR]Telecom 2D (7.8W)

[DIR]Express A3 (11W)

[DIR]Atlantic Bird 1 (12.5W)

[DIR]Telstar 12 (15W)

[DIR]Intelsat 901 (18W)

[DIR]Intelsat 603 (20W)

[DIR]SES New Skies NSS 7 (22W)

[DIR]Intelsat 905 (24.5W)

[DIR]Intelsat 907 (27.5W)

[DIR]Hispasat 1D (30W)

[DIR]Intelsat 801 (31.5W)

[DIR]Intelsat 25 (31.5W)

[DIR]Intelsat 903 (34.5W)

[DIR]Telstar 11N (37.5W)

[DIR]Intelsat 3R (43W)

[DIR]Intelsat 1R (45W)

[DIR]Intelsat 705 (50W)

[DIR]Intelsat 707 (53W)

[DIR]Intelsat 9 (58W)

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