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Satellite DX Pages MAIN

[DIR] Eutelsat TES Registrations

[DIR] 16APSK / 32APSK feeds

NOTE: All feed / data chart links and feeds reportd below are no longer updated.
They may still be accessed for reference.

Satellite Adhoc Feed & Data Charts

Charts compiled from personal logs. If you are looking for regular broadcasting channels, try the Lyngsat satellite chart.

[DIR]Intelsat 704 (66E)

[DIR]Intelsat 902 (62E)

[DIR]NSS 703 (57E)

[DIR]Intelsat 709 (54.8E)

[DIR]Intelsat 702 (54.8E)

[DIR]Express AM22 (53E)

[DIR]Galaxy 26 (50.8E)

[DIR]Eutelsat W48 (48E)

[DIR]Europe*Star 1 (45E)

[DIR]Express AM1 (40E)

[DIR]Hellas Sat 2 (39E)

[DIR]Eutelsat W7 (36E)

[DIR]Eutelsat Sesat (36E)

[DIR]Eurobird 3 (33E)

[DIR]Turksat 1C (31E)

[DIR]Badr 4 (26E)

[DIR]Astra 3A (23.5E)

[DIR]Eutelsat W6 (21.6E)

[DIR]Amos 5i (17E)

[DIR]Eutelsat W2 (16E)

[DIR]Eutelsat W1 (10E)

[DIR]Eurobird 9A (9E)

[DIR]Eutelsat W3A (7E)

[DIR]Sirius 2 (5E)

[DIR]Eurobird 4 (4E)

[DIR]Eutelsat W2M (3.1E)

[DIR]Telecom 2C (3E)

[DIR]Astra 1C (2E)

[DIR]Astra 1D (1.8E)

[DIR]Intelsat 10-02 (1W)

[DIR]Atlantic Bird 3 (5W)

[DIR]Telecom 2D (7.8W)

[DIR]Express A3 (11W)

[DIR]Atlantic Bird 1 (12.5W)

[DIR]Telstar 12 (15W)

[DIR]Intelsat 901 (18W)

[DIR]Intelsat 603 (20W)

[DIR]SES New Skies NSS 7 (22W)

[DIR]Intelsat 905 (24.5W)

[DIR]Intelsat 907 (27.5W)

[DIR]Hispasat 1D (30W)

[DIR]Intelsat 801 (31.5W)

[DIR]Intelsat 25 (31.5W)

[DIR]Intelsat 903 (34.5W)

[DIR]Telstar 11N (37.5W)

[DIR]Intelsat 3R (43W)

[DIR]Intelsat 1R (45W)

[DIR]Intelsat 705 (50W)

[DIR]Intelsat 707 (53W)

[DIR]Intelsat 9 (58W)

Archived Feed Reports & Events

 New! A page listing all FIFA World Cup 2010 feed sightings for Europe/Middle East can be found here.

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