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There are three main categories of pedigree on this site:

  1. "Famous" Families - These are families that researchers are likely to come across references to, since their pedigrees have appeared in printed publications such as the Visitations, County Histories, or the various Burke's books. In some cases, what is shown here is a composite pedigree derived from a variety of such sources but, for many of them, there is just one original source. Where possible, the information in the pedigree will be checked against other records, such as censuses, parish registers and Wills, and any such confirmation will be indicated. However, please note that I am not related to these families, nor am I specifically researching them, therefore I do not have any information beyond what is shown here.
  2. Families in manuscripts - as mentioned on my "Has it been done before?" page, work by other researchers has sometimes been deposited with organisations such as the Society of Genealogists, or with libraries and Record Offices. On occasions, these documents have also been filmed by the LDS. Included here, therefore, are any such items that I have so far been able to obtain the details of (as long as the family does not also appear in one of the published sources, in which case the information will have been combined with that source above). Once again, please note that I am not personally researching these families and currently, therefore, have no further information beyond what is shown here.
  3. Families compiled by me - In the course of extracting information on Parrys from the various censuses and parish registers etc, it is often possible to identify entries in different sources which could relate to the same person. This information has been used to suggest possible pedigrees for these families and also, as a result, to indicate the evidence that would be required in order to prove the links. It is particularly important to note that I am not specifically researching these families and that the links are therefore speculative. Where other researchers have confirmed the connections, this is noted. However, you are strongly advised to confirm all of the information yourself - for an illustration of how easy it is to make mistakes when original records have not been checked, see my notes with regard to the Highnam pedigree.

There will be some overlap between the categories, in that where descendants from the "Famous" pedigrees can be identified in the modern records, the pedigrees have been extended in order to include them, rather than showing them separately under 3.

Pedigree styles and layout

Although my initial intention had been to produce outline descendant trees for each family, I decided that these are not always conducive to further research - siblings can end up widely separated, and the "gaps" in information are not readily evident. Many of the pedigrees are therefore shown as family groupings, ie each individual family is shown as a complete group, parents and children together. Arrows then lead to the next generation, where the children of the first generation are shown as the parents, along with their own children. It is hoped that this format will make it easier to compare the pedigrees with original sources such as Wills.

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