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This page contains details of some of the resources that I have found useful. There are four types at the moment:

Parry Surname Research Home Page

Other PARRY sites and current PARRY researchers

The following is a list of those people researching Parrys, who have asked me to include their details on this site. For each one there is a short description of their main research area, along with a contact address or a link to their web site. (Sites which just contain Parry information, but which are not maintained by Parry researchers are included under the 'Odds & Ends' section of the Transcription pages.)

Many researchers register their interests on the various Surname Lists which are available, e.g. through Family History Society "members' interests" lists, or on local sites relating to particular areas or parishes. There are also Research Directories and Genealogical Registers published in which people can list the names that they are interested in, as well as the more frequently published family history magazines.

I have not extracted details from any of the research directories or online surname listings so, if there is no one shown here as researching Parrys in the same area as you, don't despair! Check out the Genuki site for resources in your particular area, and also the various forums and mailing lists (Ancestry Message board, Genforum, Rootsweb mailing list).

If you are researching PARRYs and would like to be included here, whether or not you have a web site, then please contact me.


Web sites of authors who have written books about Parrys"


Sites for new genealogists

This section contains links to those genealogical sites which I consider to be most useful for new researchers. From these you should be able to find out the information that will enable you to answer virtually any question you have on genealogy. There are many sites which could be listed here, but I have restricted it to those which I use most.

(And do remember that each of the three counties have their own pages within the Genuki and GenWeb sites mentioned above.)

Other interesting websites

Whilst I do not want to create a long list of "favourite web sites" which, by its very nature is personal to my own interests, I have included below some of the other sites which I have found helpful.


Website Design

This final section contains links to some web-sites about writing web-sites, and sources for finding all those useful things you never knew you needed on your site (which you probably don't need anyway, but it can be fun looking). As someone who knew nothing about web-authoring before I decided to write my own pages, these are the sites which I learnt from.

The inclusion of a site here is only on the basis that I came across them and found them helpful at the time - I have no qualifications for recommending them or for judging them in any way to be 'better' than the many others which I am sure can be found on the web. It's a matter of "if you find something you like, then use it, if you don't, then look somewhere else." (but please respect the copyright of the sites - there's a difference between learning from their ideas, and copying their code). Please also note that there may be other pages connected to these sites which I have not read and which I would not recommend.

Having used the above as my basic background "How to", I now find that when I want something in particular, it's easier to just do a search for it, sometimes starting from one of the sites, but often ending up elsewhere. For example, I found the instructions for opening a new window (for the probate abbreviations) from here. (Several other sites said the 'best' way was to use a function with code in the head of the document, but I couldn't get that to work.)

Credits to other sites and individuals where I have found solutions to problems
2 March 2007 - solution by Miles using style="white-space: nowrap;" to force horizontal display of images in some pedigrees, which wasn't working in Mozilla

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