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Llanbedrog - memorial inscriptions, hatchments, and stained glass windows, relating to Parry and Jones-Parry.

Whilst on holiday in 2005, we were able to visit Llanbedrog and record the details for most of the Parry and Jones-Parry memorials. Much of the detail supports information shown on the Jones-Parry pedigree. The coats of arms also appear to support the claim made by some, that this family was descended from the Parrys of Herefordshire whose arms were "a fess between three lozenges". However, personally, I am not convinced of this connection. Other references state that Jeffrey Parry, the first Parry of this family at Llanbedrog, came from either Montgomeryshire or Shropshire. The plaque to Love Parry, who died in 1707, also looks as if the main section with the coats of arms on was added or modified at a later date. It is interesting that the arms shown on his granddaughter's memorial from 1730 do not include the Parry arms. There is also a dramatic increase in the number of coats of arms shown between the hatchment for Thomas Parry Jones Parry, and that of his son, Sir Love Parry Jones Parry. Could it be that someone in the family had caught the "heraldry bug"?

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Although care has been taken in transcribing the details, it is possible that errors remain. Please let me know if you are aware of any mistakes.

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Llanbedrog church

The church at Llanbedrog

(For those who were wondering - the sign in the car park states:

And the church board indicates that the Eucharist services take place on Sunday and Wednesday, with daily prayers Monday to Friday)
outside church

The church, with most of the Parry/Jones-Parry graves

On the wall of the church can be seen the plaque in memory of the Love Parry who died in 1707. Above it is the window to Lieut: Genl Sir Love Parry Jones Parry. Several of the gravestones to the left of the path are for members of this family.
MI of Catherine and John Parry
The first two stones inside the gate appear to be unrelated to the main Parry/Jones-Parry family:

Er Cof Am
Gwraig John Parry
Joiner Llanbedrog
yr hon a fu farw Rhagfyr 5ed 1870
yn 65 oed.
Hefyd am y dywededig
John Parry
A fu farw lonawr 18, 1886,
Yn 85 mlwydd oed.
MI of Jane ParryEr Cof am
Merch John a Catherine Parry
Ty isaf Llanbedrog
yr hon a fu farw Gorphenaf 17th 1863,
yn 29 mlwydd oed.
Hefyd am Ellen en Merch
yr hon a fu farw lonawr 3ydd 1868.
yn 28 mlwydd oed.
Ac Hefyd am Robert en Mab
yr hwn a fu farw Mai 19th 1872.
yn 25 mlwydd oed.
MI of Revd. J P Jones-Parry & his wife Margaret
The first of the Parry/Jones-Parry memorials
[Tree refs: 99 and 100]
Here lie the mortal remains of the
Rev. John Parry Jones Parry M.A.
Rector of Edern
who died March 6th 1865 Aged 76 years.
Also of Margaret his wife
who died November 24th 1872 aged 71 years.
MI of Margaret Jones-Parry [Tree ref: 101]
Also of Margaret Ann eldest daughter
of the Rev. John Parry Jones Parry
Rector of Edern
who died August 24th 1843 aged 17 years
MI of Love P Jones-Parry and his wife Elizabeth [Tree ref: 42 and 50]
Here rests
Lieut Genl
Sir Love Parry Jones Parry
K.H.M.A. J.P. D.L.
Born Nov. 28th 1781. Died Jan. 23rd 1853
He was the Poor Man's Friend
Elizabeth his second wife
Daughter of Thomas Caldecot of
Holton Hall Lincolnshire
Born June 27th 1796. Died May 2nd 1883
She is not dead but sleepeth
MI of Margaret  and husband Thomas Parry Jones Parry [Tree refs: 11 and 12]
Here lie the remains
Eldest daughter & Heiress of
Love Parry Esqr of Madryn
In this County
And Wife of
Thomas Parry Jones Parry Esq
Of Llwynon
In the County of Denbigh
Who died February 7th 1830
Aged 66 Years
The Remains of the said
Thomas Parry Jones Parry
Who died January 18th 1835
Aged 73 Years
MI of Thomas L D Jones-Parry [Tree ref: 51]
loving memory of
Sir Thomas
Love Duncombe Jones-Parry, Bart:
of Madryn Castle
Born 6th January 1832
Died 18th December 1891
Brief life is here our portion
Brief sorrow short lived care:
That life that knows no ending
The tearless life is there.
MI of Galfridi's daughters [Tree refs: 38 and 39]

MI of Edward Jones-Parry [Tree ref: 149]
Here lie the Remains [of]
Fifth Son of
And MARGARET his Wife
Who died 23rd August 1816
Aged 19 Years
MI of Margaret Parry formerly Hughes [Tree ref: 2]

Note the stone at the head of the gravestone, too worn to be readable.

Probably MI of Love ParryOvergrown and hard to read but I suspect this could be the grave of Love Parry who died 1707 [Tree ref: 3], based on the portions which are readable, and their similarity to the plaque described below:
[Overgrown] Parry of Cefn
[possibly placename and "who died Septem"]
1707 aged 53
Universally lamented because
Universally beloved more
Particularly by his pious relict
Who erected this monument
to his memory
Dorothy MadrynNot a PARRY but possibly of relevance to the discussion of Arms - this stone relates to Dorothy, daughter of a Thomas Madryn. She married firstly Rhys Hughes, brother to Margaret Hughes, (who married Geoffrey Parry and who was the eventual heiress of Cefn Llanfair). Secondly, Dorothy married Hugh Bodwra. She died November 1671, aged 31.
Arms from gravestoneThe small stone from the previous inscription.
I do not know the proper identification for these arms - those on the right appear to be the hart (or stag) of Hughes of Cefn Llanfair. Those on the left are possibly three horses heads, which could be connected to Madryn. Although later references state the Madryn arms as being "a chevron between three horses heads", it is perhaps possible that the chevron was not always present.

One puzzle is that normally the wife's arms are on the right (as viewed like this) so these would appear to be the wrong way round.

However, from this, I imagine that the small stone above the grave of Margaret Hughes could also have been inscribed with Arms of some kind - but why do the other early Parry graves not have such stones?
Memorial plaque of Love ParryThe memorial plaque in the church wall.
[Tree ref: 3]
Here lyeth waiting for a
blessed resurrection the body
of Love Parry of Cefn Llanfair
who dyed Septembr 9th 1707 aged 53.
Universally lamented
because universally
beloved more particularly
by his pious relict who
erected this monument
to his memory.

But do the arms date from the same time as the inscription, or are they a later addition/replacement?
Robert L Jones-Parry Elsewhere in the graveyard was this overgrown stone:

[Tree ref: 58]
Robert Lloyd Jones Parry of Aberdunant
Born July 15, 1816
Departed this life Jan 23, 1870

Near to the stone above, for Robert Lloyd Jones Parry, was one to Sarah Caldecott, mother of Lady Jones Parry of Madryn. In the same grave appeared to be an Elizabeth Jones, who spent her life first in the service of Sarah Caldecott and then of her daughter.

In the churchyard, there was also at least two other Parry graves. These are probably unrelated to the Parry/Jones-Parry family, but are included here for now. I also now know, based on the book Gleanings from God's Acre, that I probably missed some other stones, since there should have been a stone to a Rowland Parry and his wife, Katherine Jones, who died in 1724 and 1717 respectively. There should also have been one to Henry Powell Slingsby, whose memorial appears inside the church.

MI of Ann and Hugh ParryEr cof am
Gwraig Hugh Parry
Tafarnucha Llanbedrog.
Bu farw Gorphf 16eg 1873
Yn 75 oed.
Hefyd am y dywededig
Hugh Parry.
Bu farw chwefe24?? 1877.
Yn 75 oed.
MI of Evan ParryHere lieth
the Body of
Evan Parry
Who died December 7? 1811
Aged 31


Inside the Church

Memorial to Anne Parry [Tree ref: 18]
Here lieth the body of Anne Parry
Eldest daughter of Love Parry
of Wernfawr Esquire
& Rachel his wife
Youngest daughter of Vincent Corbett
of Ynys y maengwyn Esqr
She departed this life at Dublin
the 27th day of April
& was interred in this place the
3rd day of May AD 1730 Aged
8 years & 9 months

But why does this memorial to Anne (grand daughter of the above Love Parry, d. 1707) only show the "stag passant" - the Arms of Hughes of Cefn Llanfair?

Where are the Parry Arms?
Memorial to Margaret Parry [Tree ref: 11]
Sacred to the memory of
Forty nine years the most affectionate wife of
Thomas Parry Jones Parry Esqr
Leaving a numerous progeny
She departed this life the 1st February 1830
Aged 66 years.
Beloved, respected , and deplored
Memorial to H P S Jones-Parry [Tree ref: 53]
In affectionate
Henry Powell Slingsby
youngest and beloved Son of
Lieut Genl
Sir Love Parry Jones-Parry.K.H.
Of Madryn,
And Elizabeth, his Wife.
God freed him from a lingering illness,
Borne with great patience
On the xiv November M d ccc d ix,
Aged xv Years.
"The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away,
blessed be the name of the Lord". Job i [?] xxi [?]
Memorial to Revd John and son Edward[In a corner so difficult to photograph]
[Tree refs: 99 and 146]
In memory of
the Revd John Parry Jones Parry M.A.
Rector of Edeyrn, who departed this
life the 6th day of March 1865, aged 76.
Also of Edward Iver Jones Parry,
his youngest son who was drowned
off the Cape of Good Hope the 25th day
of October, 1855, aged 17
Memorial to Robert L Jones-Parry
Circular memorial
[Tree ref: 58]
Rest in the Lord
To the Memory of
Robert Lloyd Jones Parry Esq
Of the University of Oxford Barrister at law of Lincolns Inn,
Justice of Peace for the Counties of Carnarvon & Anglesey,
High Sheriff for the County of Anglesey in 1862 & 1863,
And Deputy Lieut:nt
Eldest son of the late Thos Parry Jones Parry Esqr of Llwyn Onn.
Born July 15th 1816; he departed this life at his
Residence of Aberdunant Jany 23rd 1870,
In hope of a joyful Resurrection.
Rectangular memorial
[Son of Tree ref: 60]
In memory of
Major Robert Love Lloyd
Royal Welsh Fusiliers - Brigade Major 158th Infty Brigade
Dearly loved eldest son of Colonel Thomas Edward John Lloyd
Of Plas Tregayan, Anglesey, and Aberdunant, in this county
And of Rosamond Anna his wife ~ and grandson of
Robert Lloyd Jones-Parry Esqre. Died of wounds received
In the Gallipoli Peninsula on December 9th 1915. Aged 34 years.
Memorial to Mary Jones-Parry
Below the circular memorial
[Tree ref: 59]
In loving memory of
Mary Isabella Jones Parry
Widow of Robert Lloyd Jones-Parry
Of Aberdunant in this County
Died Nov 9th 1899 - aged 74.
The Grass withereth the flowers fadeth,
But the word of our God shall stand forever.
Hatchment of TPJPThe hatchment for Thomas Parry Jones-Parry, son of John Jones. Originally named just Thomas Parry Jones, he married Margaret Parry, daughter and co-heir of Love Parry and assumed the additional name of Parry. [Tree ref: 12]

For more details of the Arms see the Hatchments page.

hatchment of LPJPThe hatchment for Lt.-Gen. Sir Love Parry Jones Parry [Tree ref: 42], son of the above Thomas Parry Jones Parry.

For more details of the Arms see the Hatchments page.

WindowThe text states "To the glory of God and in memory of Lieut: Genl Sir Love Parry Jones Parry K: H: of Madryn who died January 23rd 1853 this window has been placed here by his affectionate widow Dame Elizabeth Jones Parry"
Inside churchJust three of the memorials can be seen in this view of the church, along with the window pictured above. The others are at the far end, beyond the wooden screen. Unfortunately, the hatchments are also difficult to see against the ceiling bars, but are just behind the visible spotlights.

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