PARRY Family History

Probate Indexes in the National Library of Wales

This page contains listings of some probate records proved in the Courts of Brecon and Llandaf for the names Parry, Harry and their variants.

The listings are taken from LDS film numbers 1788460 Items 2-4 (Brecon Probate Index, 1660-1857), 1788480 Item 3 (Nansi Jones, "Archdeaconry of Brecon Probate Records. Vol. 1"), 1788460 Items 7-8 and 1788465 Items 1-2 (Llandaf Probate Index, up to 1857). The films are of original records held in the National Library of Wales and the details are included here with their permission. No guarantee can be given as to the completeness or accuracy of my listings and you are advised to check the original records for yourself.

Please note that Harry and variants have not been transcribed for the period 1753-1857 from the Brecon records.

The Lists

* But see notes below concerning names.

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Notes on the names

Please note that I am not actively researching the HARRY surname, or its variants. The reason for the inclusion of those names here is that the surname PARRY is a patronymic surname. This means that it was derived from the Welsh naming system in which people were referred to by their father's name, ie as "son of Harry" which in Welsh was "Ap Harry". In the process of the surnames becoming fixed, descendants of some of these "Harry"s might therefore have become "Parry" families.

However, I have not recorded any of the other surnames where a first name of "Harry" occurred, so a full examination of the patronymic system would require the extraction of those records as well, since children of these individuals might then have been referred to as "son of Harry".

Neither have I recorded entries relating to the names "Henry" or "Penry", but since Harry and Henry were often used interchangeably, these could prove to be relevant for some families.

Although final names have been capitalised, given the nature of the patronymic system, these should not necessarily be treated as surnames in the usual sense.

For more details on surnames in Wales, see work by John & Sheila Rowlands.

Notes on the records

In 1858 the Principal Probate Registry took over the proving of Wills and Administrations, and a national index has been produced since that date. However, prior to 1858, Wills were proved in a variety of Church Courts. I would suggest that you read about these Church Courts for yourself, since it is not always easy to determine where a Will might have been proved. Suggested starting points are the Public Record Office Leaflets and the National Library of Wales.

As a rough guide with regard to the information shown here, the Brecon Index includes Brecon and most of Radnor, plus some parishes in the counties of Monmouth, Montgomery, and Hereford, whilst the Llandaf Index includes all of Monmouthshire, and part of Glamorgan (not the Deanery of Gower).

It was possible for Welsh Wills to be proved at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury so if you are unable to find a record here, check out the PCC Parry listing for the period up to 1810. These records, and those for between 1810 - 1857, as well as PCC Wills for all other surnames are being made available online via the PRO. The National Library of Wales is also planning to make their probate indexes available online during 2003.

In the original records, the Brecon and Llandaff Indexes are each divided into three separate date ranges (Brecon - 1660-1699, 1700-1749, 1750-1857, Llandaf - 1568-1699, 1700-1752, 1753-1857). The Brecon Pre-1660 Index is divided into two date sections, pre-1600, and 1600-1660, both of which are then subdivided into a surname index and a patronymic index.

Under County: B - Brecon, CD - Cardigan, CM - Carmarthen, G - Glamorgan, H - Hereford, M - Monmouth, MG - Montgomery, P - Pembroke, R - Radnor, S - Salop, W - Worcester.
Under Type: Ac - Executor or Administrator's accounts, B - Bond, Cd - Codicil as a separate document, G - Grant of Administration occurring as a separate document, I - Inventory, I/G - Inventory endorsed with a grant of administration naming next of kin, O - Oath administered to the executor, W - Will, (2) more than one copy of the document is filed, * document is damaged or imperfect, / - documents are incorporated as one item.

Brecon Pre-1660

NameTownship or Parish, CountyStatusTypesYearNo.NoteJones Pages
Ales Brecon BW16532Wife of Thomas ap Ievan, saddler, and relict of Thomas Parry John Mile of Hay120
Blainche PARRYTre'r-graig Llandefaelog BEsqWIBCd16365877
Catherin vz HARRYLlangynog BI/G162265122
Cathering HARRYHay BSpinsterWIB16333850
Charles PARRYLlangynog BBI163610677
David HARRYKerry MGBI163820750
David PARRYLlys-wen BBIAc16349877
David PARRYLlys-wen BBI163612577
David ap HARRYKerry MGW*I*1622125125
Edward PARRYLlandefalle BBI16385978
Elizabeth PARRYTre'r-graig Llandefaelog BSpinsterWIB16303578
Elizabeth PARRYTalgarth BI/G16318778
Elizabeth REESEMichaelchurch Eskley HWidowWIB163517694
George Harry WATKINSRowlstone HBI1638229135
Griffith ap HARRYMerthyr Cynog BWIB1639106136
Griffithe HARRYEClodock HWI1582I 73Duplicates II 14
Gruffith HARRIEClodock HW*+IB1582II 1Duplicates I 734
Gwenllian HARRYCwm-du BWidowW*I*B*16392550
Harrie Thomas HARRIELlan-gors BWIB164443139
Harry Phellip HARRYClodock HYeomanWI1577I 41716
Harry Phillip HARRYCraswall Clodock HBachelorW162596139
Henry Thomas PARRYSt Margarets HWIB165154140
Hoell HARRYLlanfihangel Nant Bran BBI1582II 194
Howell HARRYBennyvach Brecon, St John Evangelist BWI1576I 3884
Howell HARRYLlywel BBI163310650
Howell Harry POWELLMichaelchurch Eskley HYeomanBI1634199140
Howell John HARRYCathedin BBI16439141
Ievan Watkin HARRIETalgarth BBI164943148
James ap HARRYBeguildy RYeomanWIB165245148
Jenkin HARRYClodock HBI164313150
Jenkine HARRYClodock HTuckerBI164021550
Johan HARRY Marr. Bond1621161Thomas ap Thomas, Llanbedr Ystrad Yw B, yeoman Thomas William, ditto, yeoman. Marr. Of Johan to T ap T.203
Johan HARRYMichaelchurch Eskley HWidow of Thomas HarryWIB164118550
John HARRYELlanelli BW*I1589II 7184
John HARRYESKnocklas Heyop RYeomanWIB16425049
John PARRYCwm-iou MYeomanWIB162211778
John PARRYLlangynog BGentWIBO16325778
John PARRYLlanbedr Ystrad Yw BWIB16344178
John ap HARRYCwm-iou MWI1577I 40220
John ap PARRY (the younger)Beguildy RBI1637156154
John Harry GRIFFITHLlandeilo Fawr CMW*161819154
John Parry PHILLIPPEBrecon BDyerBI163822154
John Thomas PARRYClodock HBI1639178159
John Watkin HARRYCrickhowell BB*I*163123160
Jonet vz HARRYTalgarth BWidowB*I162374161
Juhan HARRYLlangatock BSpinsterWIB16523150
Juhan John PARRYCwm-iou MSpinsterWIBAl1629130152
Katering vz JAMESKerry MGLate wife of David ap Har[rry]W*IB*1622119122
Lewis PARRYLlanelli BBI16355078
Lewis Harry RICHARDClodock HGentI(2)1626139163
Lewis John PARRYCwm-iou MBI164588164
Margaret Philip PARRYCwm-iou MI/G1620121167
Margaret vz HARRYMerthyr Cynog BWidowBI163186166
Margerie PARRY als WatkinLlanigon+ BWidowB/I164931Endorsed Llanfigan in error78
Margerie WATKIN als PARRYLlanigon+ BWidowB/I164931Endorsed Llanfigan in error109
Mary HARRIECathedin BWidowBI1632850
Maud vz HARRYLlan-gors BB164843169
Mauld HARRYMichaelchurch Eskley HBI162718950
Mauld vz HARRYBeguildy RWidow of Edward ap GriffithWIB1627120169
Meredith HARRISNantmel RClerkBI163015149
Meredith PARRYLlan-ddew BBI16345078
Meredith ap HARRYNantmel RWI1580I 23Duplicates I 2524
Meredith ap HARRYNantmel RWI1580I 25Duplicates I 2324
Meredith John PARRYBrecon, St John Evangelist BBI16513171
Morgan HARRYLlanfair-ar-y-bryn CMI/G164410150
Phellippe HARRYLlanbedr Ystrad Yw BYeomanWIB16313550
Philip HARRYClodock HAc*162212350
Philippe HARRYAberyskir BWIB1628150
Phillip HARRYLanbedr [Ystrad Yw] BW16121150
Phillip PARRYClodock HYeomanWO1605178
Phillippe ap HARRIELlanigon BW*162055176
Piers ap HARRYTrerrllan Kerry MGGentWIB1634188176
Rees HARRYCraswall Clodock HWIB163627950
Rice PARRYLongtown Clodock HGentBI164021778
Richard HARRISBetws[-y-crwyn] SYeomanWIB164711850
Richard PARRYCourte Gilbert Llanspyddid BGentBI16205878
Richard PARRYLongtown Clodock HGentW*I162212478
Robert ap HARRYTalgarth BBI1630103184
Roger PARRYLlandefalle BGentW*I161214[1612]78
Steaphen PARRYLlanfillo BYeomanWIB16324178
Symond PARRYMichaelchurch Eskley HYeomanBI164118678
Thomas HARRIESBrecon BGentW1629450
Thomas HARRYBenny Vaghe Brecon, St John Evangelist BBI1573I 2464
Thomas HARRYMichaelchurch Eskley HYeomanWIB162816550
Thomas PARRYLlangatock BW*162347[PARRY] Legatees Watkin Thomas Parry & John Thomas Parry78
Thomas PARRYLlanfigan BYeomanW16367778
Thomas PARRYLlan-gors BWIB16378878
Thomas PARRYGwernedyvouge Gwenddwr BB16385078
Thomas PARRYDiserth RWIB163816178
Thomas PARRYLlangamarch BWIB16407078
Thomas PARRYLlanstephan RBI164256[1642]78
Thomas PARRYCwm-du BB1652778
Thomas PARRYEGwerndyvoug Gwenddwr BGentWIB16364278
Thomas ap HARRYGwenddwr BWIB163436188
Thomas ap Harry HOWELLHay BYeomanWI1589II 69429
Thomas ap Thomas PARRYLlanfihangel Nant Bran BHarperWB16535194
Thomas John Harry DAVIDClodock HWIB165153190
Thomas Parry John MYLEHay BW*B*162732Wife is Ales188
Thomas Powell PARRYLlowes RWI1626119189
Thomas William HARRIELlan-gors BTailorBI164084194
Watkin HARRYLlanfigan BWI1588II 6094
Watkin PARRYLlanbedr Ystrad Yw BWIB16355278
Watkin PARRYLlanfihangel Fechan BBI16397778
Watkin Harry WILLIAMMichaelchurch Eskley HWIB1620125195
Watkin Thomas PARRIECwm-du BWIB164316196
Watkin William HARRYCraswall Clodock HI/G1627186196
Watkin William HARRYLlan-gors BBI163388196
William PARRYTrewalkin Talgarth BYeomanWI1576I 3528
William PARRYTalgarth BI*/G16237178
William PARRYEwyas Harold HGentWIB162629078
William PARRYBattle BBI1627378
William PARRYLlandefalle BClerkBI16282978
William (the younger) PARRYBattle BBI1644178
William Harry Thomas POWELLMichaelchurch Eskley HW16199198
William Parry HOWELLLlandefaelog Tre'r-graig BWIB163349198
William Parry WILLIAMLlangatock BYeomanWIB165122198
William Parry WILLIMLlangatock BWIB1636101197
William Rice HARRIEClodock HYeomanWIB165266200
William Watkin HARRYCwm-du BBI164023201


Brecon 1660-1857

NameTownship or Parish, CountyStatusTypesReferenceNote
Evan Harry DAVIDCrickhowell BYeomanBIBR1664/33
William Parry EDWARDVelinnewidd Llandefalle BYeomanWIBBR1662/117
John HARIESBrecon Brecon BCurrierWBR1704/6
Harrie John HARRIELlansanffraid BWIBBR1674/99
Blanch HARRIESMichaelchurch Eskley HWidowWI(2)BR1730/194
David HARRIESRhayader Rhayader RYeomanBI(2)BR1721/160
Elizabeth HARRIESSt Margarets HWidowBI(2)BR1727/106
John HARRIESDevynnock BBIBR1665/46
John HARRIESLlanbister RWIBBR1669/88
John HARRIESClodock HBIBR1682/17
Mary HARRIESLlanbister RWidowWIBBR1670/85
Mauld HARRIESLlanddewi Ystradenni RWidowWIBBR1664/90
Walter HARRIESClodock HWI(2)BR1749/10
William HARRIESMichaelchurch Eskley HYeomanWIBR1710/110
James HARRISOld Court Clodock HYeomanWI(2)BR1726/19
Lewis HARRISTalgarth BBIBR1734/88
Richard HARRISLlanfihangel Nant Melan RVicar/ClerkWBR1699/69
Thomas HARRISLlananno RGentWI(2)BR1746/48
Walter HARRISClodock HBIBR1686/18
Anne HARRYLlanfeuno Clodock HSpinsterW*IBBR1673/16
Anne HARRYLlangatock BWidowWIBBR1674/89
Catherine HARRYTalgarth BWidowWIBBR1685/165
David HARRYLlanelli BYeomanBI*(2)BR1747/64
David ap HARRYKerry MGBIBR1679/55
Dorithy HARRYLlangatock BSpinsterWIBR1694/76
Edward HARRYLlangenni BBlacksmith/YeomanWI(2)BR1726/66
Elizabeth Rees HARRYCraswall Clodock HWidowWIBBR1669/16
Evan HARRYCrickhowell BTailorBIBR1720/18
Evan John HARRYClodock HBachelorBIBR1694/13
Evan William HARRYYstradgynlais BBI(3)BR1731/168
Harry John HARRYSt Margarets HYeomanWBR1699/132
Harry Thomas HARRYCwm-du BBIBR1694/17
Jenkin HARRYLlan-faes BWIB(2X)BR1685/98
Jenkin HARRYLlanfigan BYeomanBIBR1716/63
Jeonett vch HARRYLlanspyddid BWidowBIBR1661/210
Job HARRYCrickhowell BTuckerBIBR1682/26
Johan HARRYClodock HWidowWIBBR1672/17
John HARRYSt Margarets HYeomanBIBR1662/211
John HARRYClodock HYeomanWIBBR1669/17
John HARRYClodock HWBBR1670/20
John HARRYClyro RYeomanBI(2)BR1741/15
John Phillipp HARRYTalgarth BWIBXBR1678/130
Jonett HARRYLlan-faes BWidowWIBXBR1676/85
Juhan HARRYCwm-du BSpinsterWBR1698/24
Lewis Thomas HARRYLlan-gors BYeomanWIBBR1660/144
Margaret HARRYLlangatock BSpinsterWIBR1707/53
Maud HARRYCwm-du BWidowWIBR1686/28
Maude HARRYLlan-gors BSpinsterWIBBR1682/113
Morgan Watkin HARRYLlangatock BBIBR1669/132
Nest HARRYLlan-faes BBBR1680/79
Nest HARRYLlan-faes BBGBR1682/96
Pheellipp HARRYCraswall Clodock HYeomanWIBBR1668/17
Phillip HARRYClodock HYeoman/WeaverWIBR1690/13
Phillipp HARRYLlanfeuno Clodock HYeomanWIBBR1664/23
Thomas ap HARRYGwenddwr BB*I*BR1666/61
Watkin HARRYCathedin BYeomanBI(2)BR1744/16
William HARRYLlanfeuno Clodock HWIBBR1664/24
William HARRYNewton Clodock HYeomanBIBR1712/13
William HARRYLlywell BYeomanW*IBR1748/72
William John HARRYLlansanffraid BBIBR1670/147
William John HARRYCwmdu BYeomanBI(2)BR1743/28
William Phillip HARRYLlanbedr Ystrad Yw BWIBBR1678/60
William Thomas HARRYCwm-du BBIBR1675/24
William Watkin HARRYTalgarth BBIBR1663/170
Walter HARRYSCraswall Clodock HYeomanWIBR1708/11
William Parry JOHNTalgarth BYeomanWIBBR1670/194
Mary Harry LEWISLlangenni BSpinsterBIBR1751/53
Elizabeth PARREYEwyas Harold HWidowWIB*BR1680/44
Alice PARRYClodock HWidowW*I*B*BR1675/13
Alice PARRYClodock HWidowI(2)GBR1701/19
Alse PARRYBryn-gwyn R(Widow)BIBR1662/14
Andrew PARRYGwenddwr BYeomanWIB*BR1664/65
Ann PARRYBronllys BWI(2)BR1759/10
Ann PARRYGwenddwr BWidowWBR1810/31
Anne PARRYClodock HBIBR1673/20
Anne PARRYCwm-du BSpinsterBGXBR1707/22
Anne PARRYGwenddwr BBGBR1720/36
Anne PARRYLlanbedr Ystrad Yw BWidowWI(2)BR1735/51
Anne PARRYLlanspyddid BWidowB(2)I(2)BR1749/76
Anne PARRYTretwr Cwm-du BWidowBGBR1761/22
Catherine PARRYBeguildy RWidowWI(2)BR1722/4
Cecill PARRYClodock HGentWIB*BR1662/24
Cecill PARRYLlanspyddid BWidowWIBR1713/57
Charles PARRYHay, The Wheatsheaf Inn Hay BVictuallerWBR1834/27
David PARRYLlanstephan RYeomanWIBXBR1682/125
David PARRYLlanganten BB/IBR1710/77
David PARRYGlasbury RYeomanBI(2)BR1757/30
David PARRYLlanelwedd RWI(2)BR1760/49
David PARRYClodock HYeomanBIBR1770/9
David PARRYBoughrood RFarmer/YeomanBI(2)BR1790/4
David PARRYFfawyddog Cwm-iou HHusbandmanWBR1826/11
David PARRYLlanelli BBBR1844/44
David PARRYLlys-wen BCarpenter/WheelwrightW*IXBR1853/60
Edward PARRYLlanfihangel Tal-y-llyn BYeomanW*IBR1704/69
Edward PARRYBeguildy RBachelorBI(2)BR1733/4
Edward PARRYTalgarth BTailorWBR1797/76
Edward PARRYCrickadarn Crickadarn BShopkeeperWBR1829/20
Elinor PARRYLlandefaelog Tre'r-graig BB*I*BR1667/83
Elinor PARRYBeguildy Beguildy RSinglewomanWI(2)BR1754/2
Elizabeth PARRYDevynock BWidowWIBBR1673/36
Elizabeth PARRYLlandefalle BBIBR1674/74
Elizabeth PARRYLlanddewi Fach RWidowWI(2)BR1735/59
Elizabeth PARRYLlan-y-wern BWidowWBR1741/98
Elizabeth PARRYLlanynys BWidowWBR1742/119
Elizabeth PARRYLlangynllo RSpinsterBI(2)BR1763/58
Elizabeth PARRYLongtown, Trelandon Clodock HWBR1827/12
Elizabeth PARRYColebrook Bronllys BWidowWBR1854/7
Evan PARRYHay BBIBR1686/45
Evan PARRYLlywel BBBR1704/88
Evan PARRYClodock HLabourerWIBR1710/13
George PARRYDiserth RW*+B*BR1675/33+ 1 doc too decayed to ID
George PARRYClodock HYeomanWIBR1708/13
George PARRYCrickhowell BLabourerBBR1854/16
Gregory PARRYBronllys BGentWBR1786/10
Gregory PARRYBronllys BBachelorWBR1795/5
Griffith PARRYLlanigon BYeomanBGBR1698/89
Griffith PARRYMerthyr Cynog BYeomanWI(2)BR1724/96
Gwen PARRYLlansanffraid-yn-Elfael RWidowWI(2)BR1731/131
Gwenllian PARRYCwm-du BWidowWI(2)BBR1751/19
Gwenn PARRYLlanganten BW*BR1769/67
Harry PARRYLlangasty Tal-y-llyn BBBR1803/49
Harry William PARRYTalgarth BWIBBR1685/166
Henry PARRYBeguildy RBIBR1671/4
Henry PARRYBeguildy RBGBR1684/4
Henry PARRYDulas HYeomanWXBR1723/38
Henry PARRYCraswall Clodock HHusbandman/YeomanBI(2)/XBR1729/29
Henry PARRYBrecon Brecon BInnkeeperBI(2)BR1736/13
Henry PARRYGwenddwr BYeomanW*I*BR1761/31
Henry PARRYGwenddwr BYeomanWI(2)BBR1786/33
Henry PARRYLlangynidr BYeomanWBR1807/51
Howell PARRYLlanbedr BYeomanWI(2)BR1727/50
Howell Thomas PARRYYstradfellte BW+IBR1691/96Will made 1678
Hugh PARRYLlwyncytevin Llywel BGentWIBBR1684/160
Hugh PARRYLlan-gors BTilerWI(2)BR1747/78
Hugh PARRYLlan-gors BWBR1844/55
James PARRYTrostre Llan-y-wern BEsqWIBR1708/114
James PARRYHay BYeomanBIBR1729/69
James PARRYLlangasty Tal-y-llyn BGentB/GBR1735/73
James PARRYLongtown Clodock HYeomanWI(2)BR1736/22
James PARRYOld Court Clodock HYeomanWBR1759/17
James PARRYLlanfeuno Clodock HYeomanWI(2)BR1760/10
James PARRYTre'r-graig Llandefaelog BEsqWBR1772/33
James PARRYLlynon St Margarets HFarmerWI(2)BR1790/56
James PARRYTilla Llanigon BCarpenterWBR1807/53
James PARRYMichaelchurch Eskley HLabourerWBR1829/60
James PARRYPartrishow BFarmerWBR1835/62
James PARRYCraswall Clodock HThe Elder/BlacksmithWBR1840/13
Jennett PARRYNant Manach Gwenddwr BWidowBI(2)BR1765/32
Joan PARRYCrickhowell BBI(2)BR1746/25
Joan PARRYLlangamarch BWidowWI(2)BR1747/73
Joan John PARRYCrickhowell BWidowWIBR1705/21
Job PARRYFfawyddog Cwm-iou HBachelorWI(2)BR1783/16
Johan PARRYLlandefalle BB*IBR1670/99
John PARRYLlanddewi Ysradenni RIBR1660/101
John PARRYLlandeilo Graban RWBR1661/122
John PARRYCwm-iou MBIBR1664/40
John PARRYLlanfigan BGentWIBBR1666/90
John PARRYMerthyr Cynog BBIBR1671/149
John PARRYMaesmynys BYeomanWIBXBR1677/87
John PARRYLlanspyddid BYeomanWIBBR1681/113
John PARRYCwm-du BBIBR1685/33
John PARRYTredwstan Talgarth BBIBR1689/122
John PARRYLlandefalle BYeomanWI*XBR1699/56
John PARRYLlanynys BBIBR1701/67
John PARRYSt Margarets HYeomanWBR1704/96
John PARRYLlanstephan RYeomanWIBR1719/90
John PARRYLlansanffraid-yn-Elfael RYeomanWI(2)BR1729/133
John PARRYGlangrwyne Llangenni BYeomanWI(2)BR1730/138
John PARRYMerthyr Cynog BBI(2)BR1733/99
John PARRYCwm-du BWI(2)BR1741/22
John PARRYLlanspyddid BYeoman/LabourerBI(2)BR1747/84
John PARRYLlangenni BBBR1754/47
John PARRYPenderyn BYeomanBBR1765/83
John PARRYLlanfeuno Clodock HFarmerWI(2)BR1778/8
John PARRYGwenddwr BWI(2)BR1788/17
John PARRYGlasbury RBachelorWBR1815/28
John PARRYGlangwy Boughrood RWBR1844/5
John PARRYLongtown Clodock HMasonWBR1845/10
John PARRYBrecon (St John Evangelist) BLeather sellerBXBR1855/10
John PARRYSgethrog Llansanffraid BWheelwrightWIBR1857/54
John William PARRYLlangatock BYeomanBIBR1693/79
Joshua PARRYTal-y-llyn Llangasty Tal-y-llyn BEsqWBR1729/116
Joshua PARRYTretwr Cwm-du BEsqBGBR1761/23
Katherin PARRYPennant Beguildy RWidowWIBXBR1676/2
Lettice PARRYTregare Llanfrynach BWidowWBR1721/111
Lewis PARRYGlascomb RBIBR1672/55
Lewis PARRYLlan-gors BWBR1806/54
Lewis PARRYFforest Talgarth BFarmerWBR1838/75
Lewis PARRYCwm Forest, Ty Issa Talgarth BYeomanWIXBR1850/61
Lewis William PARRYCwm-du BYeomanWI(2)BR1709/28
Margaret PARRYLlangenni BWidowWIBBR1680/99
Margaret PARRYLlangenni BWidowWIBBR1680/99
Margaret PARRYGlasbury RSpinsterWIBR1715/31
Margaret PARRYGwer yr Hwyad Boughrood RWidowWI(2)BR1780/3
Margaret PARRYHewl Hwnt Llan-faes BWidowWI(2)BR1806/45
Margarett PARRYLlanigon BBI(2)BR1749/75
Margarett PARRYTalgarth BWidowWBR1753/74
Margery PARRYLlanigon BWidowBI(2)GBR1722/94
Martha PARRYLlan-faes BSinglewomanWBR1825/49
Mary PARRYLlanfeuno Clodock HSpinsterWIBBR1679/19
Mary PARRYLlanfeuno Clodock H2XBR1680/17
Mary PARRYBrecon Brecon BWidowWBR1720/6
Mary PARRYLlangasty Tal-y-llyn BWidowBBR1742/103
Mary PARRYLlangenni BWidowWI(2)BR1750/67
Mary PARRYTalgarth BSpinsterWI(2)BR1759/84
Mary PARRYClodock HBBR1769/12
Mary PARRYCwm-du BWidowWBR1775/12
Mary PARRYMichaelchurch Eskley HBBR1790/50
Mary PARRYFfawyddog Cwm-iou HWidowWI(2)BR1812/26
Mary PARRYLongtown Clodock HSpinsterBBR1829/16
Mary PARRYFfawyddog Cwm-iou HIXBR1833/27
Mary PARRYLongtown Clodock HWidowBBR1836/10
Matthew PARRYHay Hay BMercer/GentWBBR1698/38
Matthew PARRYFedwhir Gwenddwr BWBR1845/19
Morgan William PARRYTretwr Cwm-du BYeomanWI(2)BR1719/23
Nathaniel PARRYLlanigon BYeomanBI(2)BR1750/71
Philip PARRYFfawyddog Cwm-iou HYeomanB(2)XBR1825/28
Phillip PARRYClodock HYeomanBIBR1676/19
Phillip PARRYBeguildy RGentWIBBR1683/5
Phillip PARRYTalgarth BGentW*IBXBR1704/98
Phillip PARRYClodock HYeomanWIBR1721/26
Phillip PARRYCwm-iou HBI(2)BR1738/28
Phillip PARRYLlanbedr BYeomanBI(2)BR1739/50
Phillip PARRYCwm-iou MLabourerWI(2)BR1743/32
Phillip PARRYBeguildy RYeomanWBR1752/5
Phillip PARRYClodock HYeomanBIBR1769/13
Phillip PARRYCwm-iou HBI(2)BR1794/12
Priscilla PARRYHay BWidowBI(2)BR1706/26
Rebecca PARRYOldcastle MSpinsterWIBR1692/101
Reece PARRYNewton Clodock HTannerWI(2)BR1742/23
Rees PARRYLlanigon BLabourerWIBXBR1681/108
Rees PARRYGwenddwr BBIBR1719/40
Reese PARRYLlansanffraid-yn-Elfael RWIBR1688/77
Rice PARRYLlandefalle BYeomanBIBR1672/79
Rice PARRYBrecon Brecon BEsqW*B*BR1683/10
Richard PARRYHay Hay BB*IBR1660/72
Richard PARRYEwyas Harold HYeomanWIBBR1661/64
Richard PARRYLlangasty Tal-y-llyn BLabourerIBR1696/75
Richard PARRYBlyney Llanigon BWI(2)BR1799/48
Richard PARRYLlandefalle BFarmerWBR1821/43
Robert PARRYFforest, Evel Vach Talgarth BFarmerWI(2)BR1809/80
Roger PARRYCwm-du BBI(2)BR1732/18
Sibil PARRYClodock HWidowWBR1797/12
Syble PARRYTredwstan Talgarth BWidowBIXBR1679/151
Syble PARRYGwenddwr BWidowWIBBR1682/50
Thomas PARRYHay BBIBR1671/55
Thomas PARRYLlanstephan RYeomanWIBBR1673/113
Thomas PARRYLlan-gors BW*I*B*BR1675/91
Thomas PARRYGwenddwr BGentWIBR1690/36
Thomas PARRYLlanfillo BIBR1696/71
Thomas PARRYGlasbury BYeomanWIBR1704/43
Thomas PARRYLlanfeuno Clodock HBachelorW*IBR1714/18
Thomas PARRYLlan-gors BYeomanWI(2)BR1722/89
Thomas PARRYLlanigon BYeoman/BachelorWI(2)BR1728/112
Thomas PARRYGwenddwr BGentWI(2)BR1729/62
Thomas PARRYCrickhowell Crickhowell BGrocerWBR1733/114
Thomas PARRYRowlstone HLabourerWI(2)BR1737/86
Thomas PARRYFforest Llandefalle BYeomanWI(2)BR1740/56
Thomas PARRYLlanigon BYeomanWBR1794/39
Thomas PARRYLlanfeuno Clodock HWI(2)BR1800/13
Thomas PARRYGwenddwr BGent/FarmerWI(2)BR1803/24
Thomas PARRYPartrishow Llangenni BYeomanBBR1835/63
Thomas PARRYBrecon, Watton Brecon BCoachmakerBGXBR1846/8
Thomas PARRYBrecon, Watton Brecon BCoachbuilderWBXBR1847/8
Thomas David PARRYLlanigon BYeomanBIBR1674/98
Uriah PARRYGwenddwr BYeomanWI(2)BR1778/19
Walter PARRYDroscob Llowes RYeomanWI(2)BR1735/88
Walter PARRYLlanfeuno Clodock HYeomanWI(2)BR1737/9
Walter PARRYGrwyne Fechan Talgarth BWIBR1767/72
Walter PARRYLlanbedr Ystrad Yw BYeomanWBR1812/40
Watkin PARRYLlanigon BYeomanWIBBR1661/188
Watkin PARRYLlanfrynach BFarmerWI(2)BR1800/67
Watkin Thomas PARRYLlanfeuno Clodock HBIBR1661/33
William PARRYLlancath Talgarth BIBR1661/258
William PARRYFretwr Cwm-du BBox makerI/GBR1663/44
William PARRYGlasbury BWIBBR1667/54
William PARRYCwmegie Cwm-du BWB (2X)BR1672/29
William PARRYLlanelieu BYeomanWIBBR1672/92
William PARRYBrecon Brecon BBIBR1678/7
William PARRYEwyas Harold HWIBBR1678/34
William PARRYClyro RBIBR1682/20
William PARRYLlanspyddid BBIBR1682/124
William PARRYYstradgynlais BYeomanWIBBR1682/164
William PARRYMichaelchurch Eskley HBIBR1684/173
William PARRYLlanynys BYeomanWIBR1697/118
William PARRYGlascomb RWIBR1710/38
William PARRYLlanbedr Ystrad Yw BYeomanWI(2)BR1713/36
William PARRYLlanigon BMillerBIBR1717/73
William PARRYGrwyne Fechan Talgarth BTailor/YeomanWI(2)BR1719/116(Is patronymic re children are all Williams)
William PARRYDulas HGentWXBR1721/47
William PARRYLlanfrynach BBI(2)BR1723/69
William PARRYGrwyne Fechan Talgarth BYeomanWI(2)BR1729/171
William PARRYLlangasty Tal-y-llyn BYeomanWI(2)BR1743/86
William PARRYLlan-ddew BBI(2)BR1760/44
William PARRYLlanelli BShoemakerW+I(2)BR1770/43Will made 1729
William PARRYCwm-iou MWI(2)BR1785/12
William PARRYLlangenni BYeomanBXBR1787/47
William PARRYMichaelchurch Eskley HTilerBBR1790/51
William PARRYLlanwenarth+ MLabourerW+BR1796/71Normally under Llandaff. Will made in 1772
William PARRYDulas Court Dulas HGentWBR1821/27
William PARRYWinterbourn+ (GLS) GLSBXBR1831/75Co Gloucester
William PARRYGlasbury RYeomanBBR1840/25
William PARRYNeuadd Llan-gors BFreeholder/FarmerWBXBR1842/48
William PARRYBrecon Brecon BTailorBGBR1846/9
William PARRYLlanfrynach, Penybont Greenway Llanfrynach BGentWBR1850/43
William PARRYLlaneon Glascomb RFarmerWIBR1850/21
William John PARRYLlanfrynach BYeomanWI(2)BR1785/42
Evan PARYBeguildy RYeomanWIBR1716/4
Rees PARYGwenddwr BYeomanWI(2)BR1739/41
Wynifred PHILLIPClodock HSpinsterWIBBR1684/20
William Parry PREESCrickhowell BWIBR1686/25
Thomas Parry VAUGHANFredwstan Talgarth BBIBR1660/200


Llandaf 1568-1857

NameTownship or Parish, CountyStatusTypesReferenceNote
Richard Harry DAVIDLlanwenarth Citra MW*ILL1625/45
Richard Harry DAVIDLlanofer MYeomanWILL1687/70
Richard Harry DAVIDTrevethin MB*ILL1688/139
Thomas Harry DAVIDLlanfihangel Crucornau MWI*LL1683/55
Watkin Harry DAVIDLlanwenarth Citra MWILL1631/39
Philip Harry EVANAberystruth MYeomanW*ILL1632/8
Evan Harry EVANS+Risca MBXLL1675/85+Also endorsed; James Jones Mynyddislwyn Obligor
Morgan Harry GEORGESt Mellons MYeomanWILL1685/218
William HARICE+Christchurch MWILL1689/24+Endorsed Walter Harris
Roger HARIESGoldcliff MYeomanWIBLL1687/37
Thomas HARIESRedwick MWILL1631/54
Anne HARISSt Mary Church GWidowWILL1728/294
Henry HARISChepstow, Welsh Street Chepstow MGentW*LL1670/33
John HARISLlanfaches MHusbandmanWILL1721/87
John HARISLlanofer MWILL1747/80
Joan HARREYChristchurch MWidowWILL1708/51
John HARREYChristchurch MWIBLL1708/50
Morgan HARREYPen-hw MWLL1664/109
Luce HARREYSNash MWidowWIBLL1707/144
Edward HARRIETythegston GYeomanW/ILL1671/163
Elisabeth HARRIECourts Lanfey Ewenni+ GWidowWILL1677/31+Testatrix wishes to be buried in St Brides Major
Frauncis HARRIELlanbadog MWidowWILL1707/61
Joan HARRIESt Fagans GWidowW*+LL1691/119+Will made in 1681
Jouhan HARRIERhoose+ Porthceri GWidowwiLL1651/68+Usually listed under Pen-marc
Phillip HARRIELlanddewi Fach MWILL1700/67
Rees HARRIERhydri GWILL1617/12
Rice HARRIELlantrisant GWILL1632/68
Roger HARRIELlandevenny St Bride's Netherwent MYeomanWILL1635/129
Thomas HARRIEYstradyfodwg GServant of God+WILL1683/160+'The unprofitable servant of Almighty God'
Alice HARRIESLlanisien MWidowB*ILL1691/64
Anne HARRIESPen-hw+ MWidowWXLL1662/111+Testatrix wishes to be buried in Magor
Anne HARRIESChepstow Chepstow MWidowWILL1688/30
Catherine HARRIESUsk Usk MWidowBILL1703/142
Edward HARRIESNewchurch MGentW*ILL1640/104
Edward HARRIESLlanisien MBILL1702/86
George HARRIESAbergavenny Abergavenny MCordwainerBILL1695/2
George HARRIESThe Cwm House Christchurch MW*ILL1707/33
George HARRIESAbergavenny Abergavenny MCorviserWIB*LL1714/5
Ievan HARRIESLlan-gwm Isaf+ Llan-gwm MGentW*LL1639/29+Endorsed Llan-gwm Uchaf
James HARRIESCaerleon Llangadog-juxta-Caerleon MBLL1702/71
James HARRIESUsk MBXLL1702/145
James HARRIESAbergavenny Abergavenny MWLL1708/11
James HARRIESLlantrisant GVicar/Clerk/MrBILL1728/175
John HARRIESLlangadog-juxta-Caerleon MBLL1690/67
John HARRIESLlantrisaint Fawr MYeomanWILL1697/113
John HARRIESAbergavenny Abergavenny MGentBLL1718/4
John HARRIESChristchurch MBLL1725/39
John HARRIESLlantrisaint Fawr MYeomanW*IBLL1737/79
John HARRIESLlanfarthin MClerkWLL1743/76
Martha HARRIESRhaglan MB*ILL1720/159
Mary HARRIESThe Dyffrin Llanddewi Rhydderch MWidowW+ILL1707/80+Will made in 1697
Mary HARRIESLlan-gwm Uchaf Llan-gwm MWidowWI(2)LL1715/64
Thomas HARRIESLlandenni MBILL1728/113
Walter HARRIESLlanvihangel Crucornau MYeomanWILL1724/84
William HARRIESRoggiet MYeomanWILL1625/62
William HARRIESLlan-gwm MBLL1660/39
William HARRIESAbergavenny Abergavenny MBLL1703/5
William HARRIESLlanfair Disgoed MYeomanBLL1718/53
William HARRIESUsk Usk MYeomanWILL1739/163
Anne HARRISMagor MWidowWIBXLL1696/135
Anne HARRISMitchel Troy MWLL1751/73
Edward HARRISNewport Newport MWILL1727/180
Edward HARRISChepstow Chepstow MThe Younger/ShopkeeperWLL1743/43
Elizabeth HARRISSt Woolloos MWidowWLL1738/139
Elizabeth HARRISNewport Newport MSpinsterWLL1742/147
Evan HARRISLlan-gwm Isaf+ Llanfarthin. Llan-gwm MGentWI(2)BLL1692/75+Y Pentre
George HARRISWest End Newchurch MYeomanBILL1742/144
Henry HARRISSalisbury Magor. Wilcrick MGentWLL1748/80
James HARRISUsk Usk MMercerW*I+(2)(2X)LL1692/185+Inventory re-examined in 1697
James HARRISAbergavenny Abergavenny MGentBILL1743/4
James HARRISLlanddewi Rhydderch MBILL1748/53
Jennett HARRISUsk Usk MWidowWLL1615/5
Jobe HARRISGoldcliff MWILL1681/55
John HARRISUsk Usk MBakerBI*(2)LL1711/129
John HARRISCaerleon Llangadog-juxta-Caerleon MWLL1720/108
John HARRISShirenewton MYeomanWILL1735/116
John HARRISLlanfihangel Llantarnam MBILL1740/85
John HARRISNeath Neath. HMS The Gloucester+ GMarinerBLL1743/142+Warship
John HARRISLlanfair Cilgedin MBILL1752/70
Lewis HARRISLlan-gwm Uchaf Llan-gwm MWidowWILL1671/77
Mary HARRISNash MWidowB+ILL1686/140+Bond incomplete
Rebekah HARRISCaerleon Llangadog-juxta-Caerleon MYeomanW*+IBXLL1689/60+second probate granted in 1702
Reece HARRISChepstow MYeomanWLL1625/15
Richard HARRISWilcrick MWLL1719/165
Richard HARRISWilcrick MGentWLL1745/111
Ruth HARRISChristchurch+ MWLL1716/27+Testatrix wants to be buried at Pont-y-moel
Samuel HARRISCaerleon Llangadog-juxta-Caerleon MVictuallerW/XBLL1718/62
Thomas HARRISUsk MBILL1683/145
Thomas HARRISShirenewton MBachelorW(2)ILL1703/136
Thomas HARRISBasaleg MYeomanBILL1709/17
Thomas HARRISLlanedern. St Mellons and Rumney GVicar/ClerkBILL1740/77
Thomas HARRISAbergavenny Abergavenny MBLL1740/3
Walter HARRISTraullwm Wilcrick+. Christchurch MWILL1716/139+Testator wishes to be buried in Christchurch
William HARRISCoety GGentW*/IXLL1643/20
William HARRISAbergavenny Abergavenny MBarberBILL1694/5
William HARRISLlandeilo Bertholau. Llanfable MYeomanWLL1743/66
William HARRISMitchel Troy MRector/Vicar/ClerkWILL1744/98
Alice HARRYBonvilston GWidowWLL1718/18
Alice HARRYLlan-gan GWidowBLL1765/66
Ann HARRYPeterstone Wentlloog MWidowB*ILL1694/201
Ann HARRYPyle and Kenfig GBLL1792/70
Annas HARRYEglwysilan GBLL1749/32
Anne HARRYSt Fagans GWidowWILL1692/175
Anne HARRYAberystruth MWidowW*I*LL1696/10
Anne HARRYAberystruth MWidowWILL1709/9
Catherin HARRYMynyddislwyn MWLL1752/110
Catherine HARRYTrevethin MWidowWILL1697/173
Catherine HARRYLlandaf GWidowWILL1709/84
Catherine HARRYGelli-gaer GWidowWILL1711/35
Catherine HARRYLlantrisant GSpinsterBLL1731/133
Catherine HARRYLlanofer MWidowBILL1733/95
Catherine HARRYBasaleg MWidowBILL1743/17
Catherine HARRYMynyddislwyn MWidowWLL1759/75
Cattring HARRYPen-marc GWidowW/ILL1638/80
Cecil HARRYBasaleg MWidowB*ILL1745/7
Charles HARRYLlangyfiw MWILL1718/67
Christopher HARRYSt Mary Church GBILL1694/227
Daniel HARRYLlanelen MBILL1728/123
Daniell HARRYMynyddislwyn MYeomanW*ILL1738/106
David HARRYLlantwit Major GYeomanW*I*B*LL1695/126
David HARRYSt Brides Major GHusbandmanWILL1709/196
David HARRYNewport MTailorWILL1710/121
David HARRYPendeulwyn GBILL1715/104
David HARRYMerthyr Mawr GYeomanWILL1722/107
David HARRYLlan-gwm GYeomanWI(2)LL1725/75
David HARRYPen-tyrch GYeomanWLL1736/100
David HARRYSanpitt St Mary Church GWLL1763/130
David HARRYNewport Newport MButcherWLL1763/109
David HARRYMynyddislwyn MHusbandmanWLL1767/137
David HARRYLlandaf GBLL1796/37
David HARRYLlantrisant GMillerBXLL1818/70
David HARRYSt Brides Major GCarpenterBIXLL1838/137
David HARRYLlanfihangel-y-gofion MYeomanB(3X)LL1844/79
David HARRYMerthyr Tudful GLabourerB(2X)LL1845/126
David HARRYMerthyr Tudful GLabourerBIXLL1849/149
David Evan HARRYMerthyr Tudful GWXLL1824/82
David John HARRYLlanfabon+ GLabourerW(2)XLL1715/54+Testator wants to be buried at Gelli-gaer
David Morgan HARRYSt Bride's Wentlloog MYeomanW*ILL1698/141
David Watkin HARRYllanhiledd MWILL1634/62
Dorothy HARRYAbergavenny Llanwenarth Citra MWidowBLL1691/4
Dorothy HARRYUsk Usk MWidowWLL1736/124
Edmund HARRYMarshfield MYeomanWILL1668/80
Edmund HARRYAberystruth MBLL1774/7
Edmund HARRYPen y waum Meirdy Merthyr Tudful GYeomanW(2X)LL1824/84
Edward HARRYMalpas MWILL1648/30
Edward HARRYPen-llin GWILL1668/107
Edward HARRYMachen MBI(2)LL1712/117
Edward HARRYAberdar GLabourerWI(2)LL1727/6
Edward HARRYTrevethin MYeomanW*ILL1738/141
Edward HARRYSt Bride's Wentlloog MYeomanWILL1753/130
Edward HARRYMerthyr Tudful GBLL1803/123
Edward HARRYWhitchurch GWBXLL1832/140
Elias HARRYLlanelen MMillerWILL1730/118
Elizabeth HARRYLlanblethian GWidowWLL1666/40
Elizabeth HARRYPeterston-super-Ely GWidowWILL1667/100
Elizabeth HARRYWick GSpinsterW+ILL1673/136+Will made in1666
Elizabeth HARRYCemais Comawndwr MWidowWI(2)LL1713/31
Elizabeth HARRYLlan-gan GWidowWLL1738/70
Elizabeth HARRYBasaleg MWidowBILL1738/14
Elizabeth HARRYGwernesni MSpinsterWLL1774/35
Elizabeth HARRYRedwick MWidowWXLL1826/124
Elyzabeth HARRYMynyddislwyn MWidowWILL1685/173
Enoch HARRYTrevethin MYeomanBILL1707/177
Evan HARRYMynyddislwyn MWLL1660/67
Evan HARRYTal-y-garn Llanhari. Llantrisant GWILL1679/94
Evan HARRYGoldcliff MLabourerBILL1713/53
Evan HARRYChristchurch MBILL1729/76
Evan HARRYPendeulwyn GBILL1730/204
Evan HARRYMynyddislwyn MYeomanWILL1735/82
Evan HARRYPeterston-super-Ely GFarmerBXLL1851/215
Frances HARRYBasaleg MWidowWXLL1740/15
Frizwith HARRYLlantrisant GWidowWILL1732/95
George HARRYFairwater Llandaf GHusbandmanW+IBLL1678/50+endorsed 1679
George HARRYLlandenni MYeomanWILL1696/71
George HARRYKilhuthew Llantrisaint Fawr MYeomanWLL1744/78
Gilliam HARRYMerthyr Tudful GWidowW*ILL1699/119
Griffith HARRYLlantwit Fardre GGentW*ILL1646/25
Griffith HARRYLlantwit Fardre. Cadoxton-juxta-Neath GYeomanWILL1715/76
Gwladiss HARRYLlantwit Fardre GW*ILL1696/121
Harry Rees HARRYBasaleg MYeomanWILL1728/19
Harry Thomas HARRYAberystruth MW+LL1664/2+Will made in1646
Harry William HARRYLlanofer MYeomanW*ILL1683/79
Henry HARRYEglwysilan GBLL1670/46+Also endorsed: Ann Roberts, obligor
Henry John HARRYllanhiledd MYeomanBI/XLL1681/104
Henry Rees HARRYMynyddislwyn MYeomanWILL1674/65
Heste HARRYEglwysilan GWidowWLL1661/35
Hester HARRYNewport Newport MWidowWLL1785/99
Howel HARRYCadoxton-juxta-Neath GWLL1809/11
Howell HARRYLlandaf GWILL1679/66
Howell HARRYEglwysilan GWILL1700/40
Howell HARRYLlantrisant GBLL1730/149
Howell HARRYBaglan GYeomanWLL1760/10
Jacob HARRYRewick MWI(2)LL1725/128
James HARRYLlandeilo Bertholau MBachelorBXLL1708/92
James HARRYAberystruth MBILL1719/10
Jane HARRYWhitchurch+ GSpinsterWILL1652/78+Testatrix wishes to be buried in Llandaf
Jane HARRYLlantrisant GWidowWILL1673/71
Jane HARRYWolvesnewton MSpinsterWILL1723/209
Jane HARRYItton MWidowWBXLL1755/39
Jane HARRYItton MWidowBXLL1756/38
Jane HARRYSt Andrews [Major] GWidowBXLL1828/131
Jane HARRYHigher hamlet Laleston GWidowWI(2X)LL1843/55
Jenet HARRYAberystruth MWidowWXLL1819/7
Jenett HARRYAberystruth MWidowW/ILL1686/12
Jenkin John HARRYMynyddislwyn MBILL1697/135
Jenkin Watkin HARRYTrevethin MYeomanWILL1640/142
Joan HARRYLlandaf GWidowWLL1672/44
Joan HARRYLlandaf GWidowBILL1692/61
Joan HARRYMynyddislwyn MWidowBI(2)LL1714/84
Joan HARRYWenvoe GWidowWLL1760/117
Johan HARRYLlanfihangel Roggiet MWidowW*LL1661/63
John HARRYNewton Nottage GBILL1641/84
John HARRYWelsh St Donat's GWLL1649/60
John HARRYLlandaf GYeomanW*BLL1660/28
John HARRYThe Grayg Whitchurch GWLL1665/112
John HARRYLlandeilo Bertholau MBLL1678/53
John HARRYPendeulwyn GYeomanW+ILL1686/150+second probate 1689
John HARRYGoetre MYeomanWILL1688/46
John HARRYMynyddislwyn MYeomanWILL1688/116
John HARRYLlandenni MWeaverB*ILL1689/51
John HARRYLlan-gan GWILL1695/84
John HARRYLlangatwg Feibion Abel MB*ILL1695/85
John HARRYFlemingston GWILL1696/50
John HARRYNash MBLL1704/115
John HARRYSt Maughan's MYeomanWIBLL1709/202
John HARRYMynyddislwyn MWI(2)LL1714/85
John HARRYSt Brides Major GYeomanWLL1717/127
John HARRYAberystruth MYeomanW+I+LL1720/10+Will and Inventory made in 1711
John HARRYLlanfair Cilgedin MYeomanWILL1723/88
John HARRYAberystruth MYeomanWILL1726/9
John HARRYCoety GWILL1730/49
John HARRYEglwysilan GTuckerWI*LL1732/42
John HARRYMynyddislwyn MYeomanWILL1738/107
John HARRYMynyddislwyn MWidowerB*ILL1743/135
John HARRYMachen MLabourerWXLL1744/91
John HARRYBaglan GBachelorBILL1749/8
John HARRYYstadyfodwg GWILL1751/105
John HARRYLlanwenarth Citra MThe Elder/YeomanWLL1752/97
John HARRYLlanofer MWLL1758/73
John HARRYRhoose Porthceri GWidowWLL1775/88
John HARRYTythegston GYeomanWLL1779/89
John HARRYLlanwenarth Citra MYeomanWLL1780/76
John HARRYAberdar GYeomanWLL1783/2
John HARRYPeterstone Wentlloog. Basaleg MBachelorBLL1787/84
John HARRYTrevethin MLabourerWLL1799/98
John HARRYPant-teg MYeomanWLL1806/93
John HARRYLlandaf GWXLL1824/49
John HARRYMerthyr Tudful GMinerBXLL1828/83
John HARRYCaldicot MFarmerBIXLL1846/40
John HARRYLlantwit Major GYeoman/WidowerWI(2X)LL1854/134
John Evan HARRYTrevethin MHusbandmanBILL1724/169
John Morgan HARRYLlanedern GYeomanWILL1679/75
John William HARRYLlanisien GW*LL1669/99
John William HARRYMynyddislwyn MShoemakerW*ILL1670/138
John William HARRYSt Bride's Wentlloog MFarmerWLL1781/114
John William HARRYPeterstone Wentlloog MBLL1805/117
Joseph HARRYMynyddislwyn MBachelorBILL1709/166
Joseph HARRYUsk Usk MHusbandmanWILL1710/153
Katherine HARRYLlantwit Fardre GWidowWILL1708/153
Katherine HARRYWenvoe GWidowWLL1759/112
Lewes Phillip HARRYAberystruth MYeomanWLL1664/3
Lewis HARRYLisvane GWILL1639/20
Lewis HARRYLlan-gan GWLL1672/57
Lewis HARRYLlandewi Rhydderch MGentWLL1676/40
Lewis HARRYMynyddislwyn]+ MBLL1676/119+Parish of Gwenllian Phillipp, first obligor
Lewis HARRYMynyddislwyn MYeomanW/ILL1677/94
Lewis HARRYSt Bride's Wentloog MBILL1678/141
Lewis HARRYMynyddislwyn MYeomanBILL1716/102
Lewis HARRYGoldcliff MYeomanWILL1732/54
Lewis HARRYBedwellty MYeomanWILL1742/17
Lewis HARRYAberystruth MWidowerBLL1788/5
Lewis HARRYBedwas MYeomanWLL1793/7
Lewis HARRYMerthyr Tudful GSawyerWBXLL1835/9?(No. unclear, might be just 9 or 9 something)
Lewis Thomas HARRYAberystruth MYeomanWILL1696/11
Llewelyn Griffith HARRYBetwes Tir Iarll GBILL1719/17
Lyson HARRYLaleston GYeomanWILL1667/40
Margaret HARRYLisvane GSpinsterW*+IBLL1737/54+Note on reverse of Will dated 1743 at Hereford
Margaret HARRYCaerleon Llangadog-juxta-Caerleon MSpinsterWLL1803/78
Margaret HARRYMerthyr Tudful, Pontystorehouse Merthyr Tudful GWidowW(5X)LL1847/135
Margarett HARRYMargam GSpinsterWLL1664/94
Margarett HARRYAberystruth MWidowW*ILL1682/9
Margrett HARRYAberystruth MWidowW/ILL1677/5
Mary HARRYSt Maughan's MBILL1692/177
Mary HARRYMerthyr Mawr GSpinsterWILL1724/127
Mary HARRYCwm-du Llangynwyd GWidowWLL1745/55
Mary HARRYTrevethin MSpinsterWLL1751/100
Mary HARRYBasaleg MWidowWLL1757/7
Mary HARRYSt Fagans GWidowWLL1763/128
Mary HARRYWhitchurch GWLL1770/107
Mary HARRYSt Andrews [] GWidowWLL1790/82
Mary HARRYSt Andrews [Major] GWLL1796/93
Mary HARRYCoety GSpinsterWLL1799/23
Mary HARRYMynyddislwyn MWXLL1804/96
Mary HARRYCrofta Ystradowen GWidowWXLL1833/136
Mary HARRYCraig y Vedw Eglwysilan GSpinsterBXLL1854/79
Mathew HARRYBasaleg MYeomanB*ILL1701/8
Mathew HARRYPentre-bach Merthyr Tudful GPuddlerWIB(2X)LL1840/117
Miles HARRYLlantrisant GYeomanBILL1705/107
Morgan HARRYGoetre MWILL1625/23
Morgan HARRYLlanofer MGentWILL1629/32
Morgan HARRYWhitchurch GYeomanBILL1685/236
Morgan HARRYLlanfrechfa MLabourerW*I*X*LL1695/80
Morgan HARRYBedwellty MYeomanWILL1699/14
Morgan HARRYBasaleg MYeomanWILL1717/6
Morgan HARRYMynyddislwyn MGent/YeomanWILL1748/86
Morgan HARRYMynyddislwyn MYeomanWLL1754/85
Morgan HARRYMynyddislwyn MYeomanWLL1764/98
Morgan HARRYTrevethin MYeomanWLL1764/131
Morgan HARRYMynyddislwyn MYeomanWLL1775/72
Moses HARRYMerthyr Tudful GBILL1702/107
Nicholas HARRYLlancarfan GWIBLL1641/29
Philip HARRYCadoxton-juxta-Barry GW(2)I(2)LL1695/18
Philipp HARRYMarshfield MWILL1679/122
Rachell HARRYLlantwit Fardre GWidowWLL1728/183
Rees HARRYMynyddislwyn MLabourerBLL1739/118
Rees HARRYCadoxton-juxta-Neath GWI(2)LL1742/25
Rees HARRYMalpas MButcherWXLL1769/85
Rees HARRYPitcot St Brides Major GWLL1818/114
Rice HARRYMynyddislwyn MWLL1660/68
Rice HARRYMynyddislwyn MBILL1679/125
Richard HARRYLlantriddyd GWLL1630/46
Richard HARRYLlantwit Fardre GYeomanWILL1646/26
Richard HARRYNewton Nottage GYeomanWILL1700/127
Richard HARRYAberystruth MYeomanWILL1706/10
Robert HARRYLlantrisant Llantrisant GBILL1702/93
Robert HARRYLiege Castle Llancarfan GWILL1707/65
Robert HARRYSt Andrews [Major] GFarmerWBLL1808/129
Robert Thomas HARRYAberystruth MBachelorW*ILL1666/3
Roger HARRY[] []B+LL1672/142+Endorsed: Faith Lewis of Magor, 1673
Samuel HARRYLlanfihangel Llantarnam MBachelorBILL1724/85
Sarah HARRYLlandaf. Llanfabon GWidowWXLL1827/53
Simon HARRYMynyddislwyn MYeomanWILL1715/95
The Honourable HARRYTryleg Tryleg MEsqWILL1699/180
Thomas HARRYLlantwit Fardre GW*I*LL1646/27
Thomas HARRYCoedcernyw MB+LL1665/26+Endorsed 1666
Thomas HARRYLlanofer MLabourerWILL1690/77
Thomas HARRYMerthyr Tudful GW*I*LL1696/144
Thomas HARRYLlan-ffwyst MYeomanWILL1708/113
Thomas HARRYMachen MYeomanWBLL1727/151
Thomas HARRYGelli-gaer GYeomanWILL1739/57
Thomas HARRYBedwas MBachelorBILL1740/16
Thomas HARRYBishton MFarmerWLL1769/15
Thomas HARRYWentwood Mill Newchurch MWLL1777/106
Thomas HARRYWhitchurch GFarmerWLL1782/126
Thomas HARRYLlandaf GLabourerWLL1790/34
Thomas HARRYYstradowen GBLL1810/122
Thomas HARRYCanton Llandaf GYeomanWXLL1842/54
Thomas HARRYTrevethin MLabourerBXLL1845/193
Thomas Evan HARRYMynyddislwyn MBILL1693/135
Thomas Lewis HARRYNash MYeomanWILL1720/140
Thomas Lewis HARRYNash MWidowerBLL1798/80
Thomas& HARRYLlanfabon GLabourerW+ (jt)LL1813/68+Joint Will of William Harry and Thomas Harry
Timothy HARRYCadoxton-juxta-Barry GCarpenterWLL1789/16
Trevor HARRYBasaleg MYeomanWILL1739/13
Walter HARRYGwernesni MWILL1624/25
Walter HARRYGoetre MYeomanW*+ILL1694/63+Note at foot of Will dated 1723
Walter HARRYLlandenni MYeomanWILL1733/70
Walter HARRYCaldicot MFarmerWLL1812/19
Walter HARRYCaldicot MLabourerBI(2X)LL1837/28
Water HARRYChristchurch MWILL1671/15
Watkin HARRYLlanhiledd [] MWILL1626/41
Watkin HARRYLlandevenny St Bride's Netherwent MW*ILL1640/125
Watkin HARRYMynyddislwyn MWLL1666/82
Watkin HARRYTrevethin MBIXLL1715/127
Watkin HARRYNash MYeomanWIBLL1716/105
Watkin HARRYAberystruth MYeomanWILL1729/13
Watkin HARRYMynyddislwyn MYeomanWLL1765/107
Watkin HARRYMerthyr Tudful GYeomanWLL1817/86
Watkin John HARRYAberystruth MYeomanWILL1641/5
Watter William HARRYMynyddislwyn MWILL1681/135
Wenllian HARRYSt Fagans GWidowWLL1684/167
Wenllian HARRYBasaleg MWidowBLL1782/5
Wenllian HARRYYstradowen GWidowBLL1796/121
Whatkin HARRYMynyddislwyn MWILL1707/141
William HARRYSt Bride's [] []WILL1634/106
William HARRYSt Woolloos MHusbandman/LabourerW*ILL1634/108
William HARRYAfan Aberafan GW*+LL1672/182+No date of probate. Will made in 1672
William HARRYPen-tyrch GWLL1681/149
William HARRYBonvilston GYeomanWILL1691/14
William HARRYBedwellty MBILL1693/11
William HARRYAberystruth MYeoman/LabourerWILL1701/7
William HARRYLlandenni MWeaverWILL1703/60
William HARRYNash MYeomanBILL1703/109
William HARRYPeterston-super-Ely GYeomanBILL1704/133
William HARRYLlandaf Llandaf GYeomanWLL1706/61
William HARRYAberystruth MWoodcutterBILL1706/11
William HARRYLlandaf Llandaf+ GTilerWILL1707/69+Testator wishes to be buried at Roath
William HARRYSt Andrews [] GBachelorBILL1708/208
William HARRYWhitchurch GLabourerWILL1708/239
William HARRYUsk Usk MBILL1708/235
William HARRYWolvesnewton MYeomanW*ILL1714/144
William HARRYSt Brides Major GWLL1720/161
William HARRYBasaleg MYeomanBILL1720/17
William HARRYGoetre MLabourerWILL1720/61
William HARRYLlanfair Cilgedin+ MYeomanWILL1725/67+Testatrix wishes to be buried in Mamheilad
William HARRYBasaleg MWILL1729/23
William HARRYLlan-arth MCorvisorWILL1730/89
William HARRYUsk Usk MInnholderWLL1730/262
William HARRYGwernesni+ MBILL1731/66+Parish of Usk in Bond - error?
William HARRYUsk Usk MInnholder/MaltsterWLL1743/187
William HARRYSt Mellons MYeomanWLL1749/129
William HARRYSt Fagans GWLL1753/131
William HARRYLlanofer MBIXLL1755/59
William HARRYBasaleg MWLL1767/17
William HARRYLlanedern GHusbandmanWLL1770/43
William HARRYNewport Newport MMaltsterWLL1773/93
William HARRYTrevethin MFarmerWLL1781/122
William HARRYSt Andrews GWLL1788/93
William HARRYLlanbadog. Pant-teg MFarmerWLL1793/41
William HARRYTreringyll Llanblethian GYeomanWLL1798/34
William HARRYBedwellty M3XLL1800/7
William HARRYRhydri GYeomanWLL1801/110
William HARRYPeterstone Wentlloog MFarmerWBLL1802/114
William HARRYDinas Powys St Andrews Major GGrocerWXLL1820/103
William HARRYHafod Tanglwst Merthyr Tudful GFarmerWBXLL1824/83
William HARRYNewport. St Athan MTailorWBXLL1828/111
William HARRYSt Andrews [Major] GFarmerWXLL1829/147
William HARRYSt George-super-Ely GLabourerBXLL1829/153
William HARRYNewport Newport MFishermanWB(2X)LL1840/152
William HARRYRhymney Iron Works Gelligaer GMinerWXLL1841/48
William HARRYChepstow Chepstow MThe Elder/YeomanWXLL1844/32
William HARRYLaleston GButcherWI(2X)+LL1845/69+For admon see LL/1851/84
William HARRYPenlascon Farm St Mellons MFarmerWIXLL1848/203
William HARRYNewport Newport MYeomanBXLL1850/182
William HARRYLaleston GButcherBX+LL1851/84+For Will see LL/1845/69
William HARRYPeterston-super-Ely GFarmerB(2X)LL1852/216
William ap William HARRYLlangadog-juxta-Caerleon MYeomanWILL1627/20
William Howell HARRYBaglan GYeomanWXLL1800/4
William John HARRYHenllys MYeomanBILL1729/119
William Thomas HARRYLlangatwg Feibion Afel MW*ILL1689/64
William Thomas HARRYBasaleg MYeomanWILL1700/10
William& HARRYLlanfabon GLabourerW+ (jt)LL1813/68+Joint Will of William Harry and Thomas Harry
Alce HARRY+St Bride's [] []WLL1627/40+The 'Unprofitable servant of God'
Anne HARRY+Peterstone Wentlloog MWidowBILL1691/98+Henry in Inventory endorsed: Anne Lewis
Catherine HARRY+Gelli-gaer GWLL1660/17+The relict of Evan Thomas of Gelli-gaer
John HARRY+Goetre MW*LL1617/4+Also called John the son of Mary Geathin
John HARRY+Llangatwg Feibion Abel MYeomanWILL1687/59+Died 1685
Charles HARRYESUsk Usk MW*ILL1671/165
John HARRYESSt Woolloos MYeomanW*ILL1611/9
Thomas HARRYESUsk Usk MGentWILL1667/123
William HARRYESLlandenni]+, Llan-so?]+ MBLL1673/155+Parishes of obligors
George HARRYSLlangyfiw MGentWIB+LL1671/79+Second amon.dated 1677
Johan HARRYSRhaglan MWidowW*ILL1673/110
Thomas HARRYSLlandenni MGentW(2)I(2)LL1688/64
William HARRYSGoldcliff MYeomanBILL1684/59
William HARRYSSt Bride's []+ MYeomanWIXLL1691/117+Probably St Bride's Netherwent
John HARYPen-hw MWILL1686/153
John HARYLlanvihangel Llantarnam MYeomanWILL1717/65
Llewellyn HARYSt Woolloos MLabourerWILL1673/124
Matthew HARYKenfig Pyle and Kenfig GWILL1732/128
Morgan HARYSt Mellons+ MWILL1683/137+Wants to be buried in Quakers' graveyard Cardiff
Richard HARYRedwick MYeomanWILL1702/130
Thomas Grifith HARYMerthyr Tudful GYeomanW*I*LL1638/73
Jenet HARYECowbridge Cowbridge GWidowWILL1671/24
James HUGHESLlanfihangel Crucornau MBlacksmithWLL1789/67
Joan HUGHESAbergavenny Abergavenny MWidowWXLL1825/4
Hopkin Harry JOHNAberystruth MYeomanWILL1632/9
John Harry JOHNAberystruth MYeoman/WidowerWI*LL1673/14
Daniell Harry LEWISAberystruth MBachelorWILL1684/11
Morgan Harry LLEWELLYNBedwellty MWLL1660/5
Thomas Harry MILESSt Brides-super-Ely GYeomanB*ILL1686/170
Phillip Harry NICHOLASLlangybi MILL1609/5
William PAREYChristchurch MWLL1741/26
Elinor PARRIENewport Newport+ MWidowWILL1631/51+ Wishes to be buried in St Woolloos Church
Joan PARRIEChepstow Chepstow MWidowW*+LL1652/11+ No probate date endorsed 1652 Will made 1635
Alice PARRYPen-rhos MSpinsterWILL1676/88
Alice PARRYTredynog MWidowBLL1806/105
Andrew PARRYGoetre MWILL1729/113
Ane PARRYTrevethin MWidowWILL1678/160
Catherine PARRYAbergavenny Abergavenny MWidowWILL1721/3
Cecill PARRYLlanddewi Rhydderch MWILL1704/61
David PARRYLlangybi MLabourerWLL1666/59
David PARRYTrevethin MClerkW*IXLL1671/161
David PARRYLlanwenarth Ultra Llanwenarth Citra MWILL1731/143
Edmund PARRYAberdar GFarmerWXLL1832/1
Edward PARRYTrevethin MMaltsterBILL1744/140
Edward PARRYLlanhenwg MWLL1749/71
Elinor PARRYGrosmont Grosmont MThe Elder/WidowWI*XLL1678/40
Elizabeth PARRYMamheilad MWidowWILL1672/85
Elizabeth PARRYLlanddewi Rhydderch MWidowWILL1705/76
Elizabeth PARRYLlanfable MWidowWLL1717/62
Elizabeth PARRYWolvesnewton MWidowWILL1730/275
Elizabeth PARRYWolvesnewton MWidowWLL1766/172
Elizabeth PARRYShirenewton MWidowWLL1801/116
Elizabeth PARRYLlandenni MWidowBXLL1855/147
George PARRYGelli-gaer GClerkWLL1785/37
Hannah PARRYMynyddislwyn MSpinsterWXLL1828/101
Harry PARRYSt Woolloos MBailiffWXLL1818/122
Henry PARRYLlanfihangel Crucornau MYeomanW/IBXLL1673/59
Henry PARRYLlandogo MLabourerWLL1784/48
Henry PARRYPontheer Llangadog-juxta-Caerleon MYeomanWIXLL1835/62
Henry Hart PARRYPenarth GShip brokerWXLL1852/214
Hugh PARRYPant-teg MWLL1802/104
James PARRYCaerffili Eglwysilan GLabourerWLL1680/31
James PARRYAbergavenny Abergavenny MGentWLL1767/6
James PARRYCardiff Cardiff GBridge builder/ArchitectW+XLL1845/34+Will made in 1832
James PARRYAbergavenny MTannerWXLL1852/20
Jane PARRYAbergavenny Abergavenny MWidowWILL1680/5
Jenett PARRYTrevethin MWidowWILL1680/157
John PARRYLlanfihangel Crucornau MYeomanW+LL1662/55+ Will made in 1638
John PARRYLlanfihangel Crucornau MYeomanWILL1684/81
John PARRYGrosmont MYeomanWILL1693/49
John PARRYHardwick Abergavenny MBILL1694/8
John PARRYNeath GBILL1704/119
John PARRYLlanfair Cilgedin MWLL1759/46
John PARRYAbergavenny, The Mill Abergavenny MMillerWLL1777/6
John PARRYAbergavenny Abergavenny MWXLL1808/5
John PARRYAbergavenny MWidowerBLL1809/4
John PARRYNewchurch MBLL1810/93
John PARRYLlanvihangel Ystum Llywern MYeomanB(2X)LL1836/74
John PARRYTredegar Iron Works Bedwellty MBuilderW(2X)LL1852/42
John PARRYCaerhys-ddu Llantwit-juxta-Neath GTuckerW(4X)LL1855/172
Joseph PARRYGrosmont MGentBILL1692/50
Lewis PARRYYsgryd Fawr Grosmont. Llanddewi Ysgyryd MFarmerWIXLL1843/52
Margarett PARRYLlandeilo Bertholau Abergavenny MWIXLL1673/11
Maria PARRYMonmouth MB(2X)LL1826/106
Mary PARRYUsk Usk MWidowBLL1724/178
Myles PARRYAbergavenny Abergavenny MGentWLL1652/1
Phillip PARRYLlangybi MYeomanW+BLL1729/191+ Will made in 1716
Phillipp PARRYLlanfihangel Crucornau MWILL1685/107
Rachel PARRYChepstow Chepstow MSpinsterBLL1787/23
Richard PARRYLlanfihangel Crucornau MGentBILL1693/73
Richard PARRYNewport Newport MInnkeeperWXLL1833/110
Richard Lewis ap PARRYLlanhiledd MYeomanWIXLL1625/41
Stephen PARRYTryleg MClerkB(3X)LL1848/211
Susannah PARRYChepstow Chepstow MSpinsterWLL1789/31
Thomas PARRYAbergavenny MLabourerW*ILL1684/3
Thomas PARRYLlangybi MFarmerWLL1773/57
Thomas PARRYPontypool Trevethin MIronmongerWLL1801/120
Thomas PARRYTre'r-gaer MYeomanBXLL1824/120
Thomas PARRYCevin y ddwygwid Llanwytherin MFarmer/GrazierWIXLL1848/126
Thomas PARRYLlanddewi Ysgyryd MLabourerWXLL1849/101
Thomas PARRYMr The Talbot Inn, Penydarren Road Merthyr Tudful GEngineer/BachelorBIXLL1855/212
Walter PARRYGrosmont MBXLL1706/48
Walter PARRYLlan-arth MWeaverWLL1768/55
Walter PARRYDowlais, The Zebra Beerhouse+ Dowlais GBeerhouse keeperB(2X)LL1853/71+Lower Brecon Street
William PARRYLlanfable MEsqWLL1703/69
William PARRYNewchurch MHusbandmanWILL1705/137
William PARRYLlanfihangel Crucornau MBLL1764/50
William PARRYLlangatwg Dyffryn Wsyg MYeomanWLL1787/46
William PARRYUpper Village Llanwenarth Citra MBlacksmithWLL1788/59
William PARRYSt Arvans MWBLL1795/97
William PARRYLlandeilo Bertholau. Walterstone+ MWLL1805/56+Co Hereford
William PARRYTrevethin. Trelleck Grange MCarpenterWXLL1821/99
William PARRYMerthyr Tudful GWXLL1825/81
William PARRYCrossway Green Tryleg MYeomanWXLL1833/129
William PARRYNewbridge Mynyddislwyn MShopkeeperWB(5X)LL1844/133
William PARRYCardiff Cardiff. Lanfabon GYeoman/Lock keeperW(2X)LL1853/51
Ann PARRY *Llan-arth MWXLL1828/45Formerly Morgan
Parry RICHARDSChepstow Chepstow MShipwrightWLL1791/20
Robert Harry ROSSERMachen MWidowerBLL1795/69
Evan Harry WATKINMynyddislwyn MWLL1662/100
John Harry WATKINAberystruth MYeomanW/ILL1681/11

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