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.. to the home page for my genealogical research regarding the Parry surname. There are three main sections to this site:

Research Updates

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The PARRY One-Name Study

The surname PARRY was registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies in June 2005. To find out more about what this means, and about the wider research to be carried out, please click here.
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Parry Family History

Just in case you're wondering, this is not the definitive history of the (i.e. the one and only) Parry family. Parry is a reasonably high frequency surname, used by many different and unrelated families. As such, each family line will have their own family history, for which its own descendants can easily become the experts. My own aim here is to take a broader, less detailed view, but one which I hope will help those other researchers to make progress on their own families.

Originally this site was dedicated to the genealogy of those Parry families who were, in some way, connected to the three counties of Herefordshire (HEF), Breconshire (BRE) and Monmouthshire (MON), in the UK. This is because it developed out of research into my own family, who "border hopped" between those three counties. It soon began to include information on Parrys from other localities, where that was easily available, as well more general information which I thought might be of use to researchers.

With the development of the One-Name Study (ONS), it is my intention to collect Parry information for all areas, both in the UK and elsewhere in the world. And one aspect of the ONS will be to use such information for the reconstruction of lineages. However, that task alone, for all Parry families, would probably take more than my lifetime, without any attempt to build up each of their more detailed individual family histories. This section will therefore maintain its concentration on the histories of the Parrys from "my" three counties, although it will also include other items relating to the history of any specific families that I decide to investigate.

Hopefully, the section will serve as a model for what might, one day, be achieved for other areas of the world as well. [So please note that, at the moment, I am unlikely to have detailed information on specific family relationships outside of those families connected with the three "main" counties. Contact is still welcomed from any Parry researchers since, if your ancestors are in the censuses, etc., then they should be in my database somewhere. However, please be prepared to end up supplying me with more data than I can currently supply you with! Details of what data has been collected so far will be included on the ONS pages.]

More detail of what is, or is going to be, included in this family history section can be found below. A lot of the information has not yet been transcribed and posted online (hence the lack of links to it). However, I've included the descriptions here so that it is possible for people to see what I am aiming at.

Me and Mine.

[This will be] A bit about me and a brief history of my research. Also included are (or will be) links to details of my own 'brick walls' and accounts of our research into some family stories. The stories currently relate to tracing my grandfather's emigration to Canada, and an article written by my father concerning one of our relatives who died in the Boer War.


Quite a variety of information here:
BDM - which will include transcripts of Parry entries from parish registers, bishops transcripts, monumental inscriptions (hopefully with some photographs), plus some probate information.
ADDITION 12 September 2005 - Memorials from Llanbedrog, CAE. [View Here]
Census - which will eventually include all Parrys from the three counties for all available census years, plus any of them that have been found elsewhere around the country (or in censuses for other parts of the world). I will also include Parrys from some of the adjoining counties, since there was a lot of "cross border" movement. For the progress of these Parry census entries, see the Census Index Page.
There are also the details of Parrys from the 1861 Census - Surname Index to Persons on Ships at Sea or in Port.
Education - All Parry entries from the Alumni Oxenienses, (along with 1881 census entries for those identified in that) and any other educational resources that I am able to access.
Trade - Parry entries from a variety of Trade Directories, mainly for the three counties but it will probably include a few others as well.
Biographical - information on some "famous" Parrys from a variety of sources.
Land ownership - information from land tax and voting records from a variety of years. Mainly just the Parrys but it will include full listings for some parishes in Herefordshire. At the moment, a distribution map of Parry ownership derived from the Returns of Owners of Land 1873 can be found here.
Heraldry - assorted references to Coats of Arms granted to Parry families.

NEW LINK 30 July 2008 - "Connected families or usurped arms?", the ongoing investigation into the families using the coat of arms "a fess between three lozenges"

12 September 2005 - Photographs of some hatchments added. [View Here]
Previously unlisted - Heraldry query relating to Henry Parry, Bishop of Worcester [View Here]
19 September 2005 - Heraldry query relating to a possible coat of arms from Birley, Herefordshire [View Here]
Odds & Ends - Other book transcriptions, and occurrences of Parrys found on web sites etc. There's also a page asking the question, Has it been done before? and considering the issue of earlier research on Parry families.


One of the main reasons for my 'collection' was to try and match up the various Parry families in order to identify where my 4xgreat grandfather might have come from. It was also to help me ensure that I identified the 'right' members for my own family in some of the later censuses. Here therefore are, (or will be) some of those families 'matched up' on the basis of the information held. There's also a selection of pedigrees from historical sources, and from other researchers. Please note the warning included on all of those pedigrees that I have put together myself.

Lost & Found

The opportunity for other Parry researchers working in the area to submit details of their interests and any particular 'brick walls'. Also 'strays' from the area who have been found elsewhere around the world. Hopefully also some success stories as we put together all of the information and start to break down the 'brick walls'.

Help Required

Unlike the previous section, which is to do with specific families, this page relates to items that I would appreciate help in accessing. Since Parry is a fairly 'common' surname, any offers of help in transcribing the "basic" records such as censuses, parish registers, and civil registration indexes, etc, would be gratefully received. However, those types of records are not mentioned on this page. Instead, these are items that I know contain Parry information, but which are in particular collections, or archives, etc, that I cannot easily access.

Resource Links

Not the usual long list of 'favourite websites' but just the handful of genealogical sites which I use most frequently and which I think will be most helpful to any new researchers, who aren't always so sure of the 'right' questions to ask a search engine. I've included a section on websites relating to writing websites - as a total novice to such things, these are the people who've helped me (although you might not think so, comparing my site to theirs!). And, of course, there's a section listing other PARRY sites - sites where other Parry researchers have made their family details available on the web and have agreed to let me link to them, as well as a section with links to the websites of authors who have written about Parrys.


Other historical "bits and pieces"

Census Entries

Completed - Full transcription of the 1901 census for the sub-districts of Clodock and Kentchurch in Herefordshire.
Commenced some years ago but not yet finished (I got sidetracked!) - Full transcription of the 1841 census for Clodock and Longtown (and possibly some of the other parishes - the same ones that are covered by my 1901 census transcription).

Other Census Information

Details of all of the Registration Districts, and Sub-Districts, as at the time of the 1901 census, along with their relevant piece numbers, as derived from the PRO catalogue.


Contact Details

Information to contribute? Discovered a missing relative on the site? Or just enjoyed your visit? Please get in touch because I'd love to hear from you (especially if you know of any Parrys!). PARRY might not be as common in Herefordshire, Breconshire and Monmouthshire as it is in some of the other parts of Wales, and it might not be as common as some other surnames (yes, I have Jones and Williams as well) but it helps us all if we can work together.
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