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Will Cruttenden

William (Will) J Cruttenden was born in Buckinghamshire in 1964. He currently lives in Oxfordshire, and declares his occupation as writer/musician/teacher.

Will has sung and played bass with lots of bands over the years including Oxford “Premier Blues Trio” – Bridge Street. He’s currently working as an English teacher in Oxfordshire. Will has also been in the band [Soul Beaver] from the start.


Based in Oxford, England, Will began his bass playing career with the group Sharpsound in 1981. Since then he has played with Lassitude, Broad Street Blues, The Billionaires, MedicineTrain, Generation and a collection of other groups.

For the past few years he has been bassist and singer with the successful Oxford band Soul Beaver. Will also plays and sings with Bridge Street, a blues influenced trio with Soul Beaver's drummer Richard Lee and guitarist Richard Brough.

Photograph by Birindar Jackson

Recent projects include an album of original songs by Eclipse, the musical 'Hourglass' by Russell Kilmister and a third collection of solo experimental work (with help from friends). The Eclipse CD, Hourglass and the solo albums are available through his own record label, Spingere.

Will mostly uses an Ibanez Gary Willis signature five string fretless and an upright electric Fichterbass. He can also be found playing a Fender Jazz fretless, an acoustic double bass and a Squire Jazz bass. He plays through Trace Elliot amplification and uses the Line6 Bass Pod and footboard.

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