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Alan Cruttenden

Alan Cruttenden was born in Nunhead, London in 1936.

Emeritus Professor of Phonetics, Department of Linguistics, University of Manchester

Alan took a degree in English at Oxford and then spent five years working for Oxford University Press, mainly in Africa, where he developed an interest in English language teaching and in the local Bantu languages.He returned to Britain to do postgraduate courses firstly in teaching English as a foreign language (at the University of Wales) and then in phonetics (at University College, London). He later completed his doctorate on intonation at the University of Manchester. All his academic career has been spent at Manchester. He has published widely on intonation and on child language. He was the Editor (1984-87) and Joint Editor (1987-90) of the Journal of Child Language. 

His books include Language in Infancy and Childhood (Manchester University Press, 1979, second edition 1985) and Intonation (Cambridge University Press, 1986, second edition 1997). He has also edited and substantialy rewritten Gimson's Pronunciation of English (Sixth edition, Edward Arnold, 2001). His most recent publication has concerned Manchester intonation and its relevance to intonational theory (Phonetica, January 2001)

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