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Abraham Cruttenden - First American









The following is quoted from 'Fifty Puritan Ancestors 1628 - 1660, Elizabeth Todd Nash, New Haven, 1902'

Abraham Cruttenden came from Cranbrook, England to Guilford, [Connecticut] in 1639, being one of the signers of the "Covenant on Shipboard June 1, 1639".1 Made a freeman May 19, 1651. His son Abraham was also one of the original planters, and one of the twelve men to whom the charter of Guilford was made out December 7, 1685. The oath of fidelity was taken by Abraham Cruttenden, Sr., in 1645, Abraham Cruttenden, Jr., 1652, Thomas Cruttenden, May 11, 1654 and Isaac Cruttenden, May 4, 1654, showing his children must have been quite old when they left England.

Abraham Cruttenden was "Treasurer of the Plantation of Guilford" from 1657 to 1660. Abraham Cruttenden's wife Mary having died, he married widow Johanna Chittenden. He died in January, 1683.2


Abraham d. Sept., 25, 1694 
Mary m. Sept., 14, 1650, George Bartlett, d. Sept., 11, 1669 

1Dr Talcott's MSS Records

2Smith's History of Guilford, pp 12, 13, 14, 15, 24, 27, 78, 79, 181, 186.

The colonists led by Rev. Henry Whitfield left England on 26th April 1639 in the 350 ton ship "St John" arriving at today's New Haven, Connecticut on 10th July 1639. 


Visit the Henry Whitfield Museum, Guilford, Connecticut. This home was built for Rev. Henry Whitfield who led a group of Colonists in founding Guilford, Connecticut, in 1639. It also served as the town meeting-house. It is the oldest known stone house still standing in what was once Colonial America. See the small chest inscribed "AC", it may have been Abraham's.

Further discussion:

Some people suggest the family originated from Hawkhurst a few miles from Cranbrook. The baptism registers of neither place record any baptisms for an Abraham and Mary Cruttenden. Different sources suggest either two or three Abraham's arriving in America at this time; either father and son or grandfather, father and son.

In the Hawkhurst registers there is an Abraham Cruttenden baptised to an Abraham and Elizabeth Cruttenden on 24 December 1626. Other children baptised between 1623 and 1636 are Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth and Hannah, which match with those above. There are no entries after 1636 for this couple.

It is assumed this family had converted to the Puritan faith, members of which were persecuted for their beliefs at this time in England. There has been some suggestion that this family had left England and spent some time with other Puritans at Leyden in the Netherlands (Holland).

A lot more work needs to be done to clarify the situation, the best starting place would be Guilford, Connecticut, which is unfortunate for me living in England. How many Abraham Cruttendens died in Guilford before about 1720? Do any wills exist? Is there any evidence of brothers, sisters, cousins or other relatives arriving after 1639? Please Contact Me.

Ian Cruttenden 2005

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