Wad Description:

This is my fifth wad project, this time for DooM 2.
While drawing the maps for Licence to Spell DooM, I came up with the idea about making a Sonic-style DooM 2 megawad, with a Sonic style layout (zones, acts, bosses), and once I thought of the cool Sonic features I could recreate using ZDoom, I decided to go for it. In a break from my usual style, I decided to go for small/medium sized maps, and I will be using new music for the first time, as the maps are small enough and it's natural to put Sonic tunes into a Sonic-themed wad. But don't worry, as the megawad will have plenty of originality and innovation, just like you'd expect from a wad made by me!
When finished, the megawad will run with ZDoom (version 2.0.97 and up), use a special version of 2.0.94 for now), and will cover Map 01-35 (yes, ZDoom can handle it) in DooM 2.

Features include:

35 innovative levels, set in 15 zones and 5 secret bonus stages.
A wide variety of themes throughout. (covering all traditional styles and beyond)
A scripted intro and outro, with some cutscenes as well.
Sonic features, including rings, springs and monitors!
A new health/armour system, based on the one used in Fragport map 09.
Lots of innovative ideas and textures. (including the alphabet and many from LTSD)
A new weapon. (without replacing any existing weapons!) New enemies, including enhanced monsters (many with altered behaviour) and armed marines, bringing the total number of enemies to over 50!
A set of in-game characters, both friendly and hostile! New sprites. (including Sonic monitors with DooM items!)
New sounds. (including Sonic sounds and Quake 2/Unreal/Sin-style ambient sounds)
New music. (Sonic tunes!)
Lots of cool ZDoom features, including coloured lighting, fog, ACS scripting, underwater zones and more!
ZDoom's new texturing system, which allows patches, textures, flats and sprites to be used anywhere - that's on walls, floors and ceilings!!!
A scoring system. (yes, points scoring comes to DooM!)
My very own futuristic status bar.

Click here for screenshots and level descriptions. (zones 1-5)

Click here for screenshots and level descriptions. (zones 5-10)

Click here for screenshots and level descriptions. (zones 11-15)

Click here for the high score table.

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