Below is a group of screenshots of each zone (two for each act), together with a brief description.
(Shots were taken through a ZDoom 2.0 beta with no monsters)

Active Volcano Zone

Climbing up the outside of it is not on, so going up through it's caves and tunnels is the only option. There's still activity here, so make sure you avoid visiting the volcano god...

Ocean City Zone

Civilisation at last! But the unusual thing about this city is that part of it is submerged....make sure you bring your water wings as you head for the palace in the centre.

Crystal Palace Zone

Having reached the centre and (unintentionally) found yourself at the top of this grand palace, the only way is down through it's crystal-adorned floors - be careful, as the crystals are as smooth as ice.

Nautical Mines Zone

Having (unintentionally) fallen down into this partially flooded complex of iron mine workings, it's more tunnel-travelling and cave-crawling for you...

Steel Works Zone

You've stumbled out of the mines and into the place where the iron ore is used - a steel making plant. It's a hive of activity, so the bad guy must be up to something...

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