Below is a screenshot of each level, together with a brief description.
(Shots were taken through doom2.exe with no monsters)

Map01: Chainstorm

You crash-landed at the entrance to a sewer....time to slime some hellspawn, but what with? There are no guns to be seen! Oh well, time for some good old-fashioned brawling....
(A tech room somewhere beyond the sewer.) 

Map02: Heat Storage

A great big warehouse, crawling with monsters. There must be some guns in there somewhere, surely?
(Outside the warehouse. I wonder what's in the silver boxes?) 

Map03: Fear Factory

A fear-filled factory indeed, with grinding machinery, big open spaces and creatures to match. Shut it down!
(Outside, in the main yard where it's NOT safe to be....) 

Map04: Disaster Area

A small run-down research station. Be warned, this place is unstable and could come down at any time. Also, this place only scratches the surface...
(An underground computer station.) 

Map05: Blue in the Maze

Big. Blue. Mazey. Extremely tense. This one will test your patience, reflexes and timing skills...
(It's a maze that's not a maze. Be careful where you step!) 

Map06: The Great Outdoors

Some sort of military compound, now home to the alien's main ground ops, which should mean a high concentration of hellspawn...oh dear!
(The command/control building at the start.) 

Map07: Blackout!

A large underground research facility. Looks pretty ordinary, until suddenly.......
(One of the many tech rooms that await. I wonder how you get across? Think about this one, it is possible!) 

Map08: Control Centre

This is a collection of ideas, as well as the main control centre for the giant reactor you've come to destroy.
(The control room itself. You have to shut it down....
think about that.)

Map09: Lightning Reactor

This is what you have come for. Navigate and destroy. Be swift though, as rads only last for so long....
(The eye of the storm. But it's nothing compared to what waits outside...) 

Map10: Habitation Decks

Having blown the reactor and escaped the planet, now it's time to go after the source. The habitable floors of the starship orbiting the planet await you and your trusty guns.
(One of the many passages awaiting.) 

Map11: Engineering Decks

The steel heart of the starship. Work your way through it and get to the core. Then you will face the challenge of a DooMing lifetime....oh yes you will!
(The core control room. Almost there....) 

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