Below is a screenshot of each level, together with a brief description.
(Shots were taken through doom2.exe with no monsters)

Map21: Spaceborne

The 3-deck cargo/passenger shuttle you managed to stow away on. You will have to work your way up through the 3 decks and exit like any ordinary passenger would.
("Ground control to Major Tom, oh deary me it's all gone wrong!") 

Map22: Tech City

You've arrived on the artificial moon, and in the hi-tech city that seems to cover the entire moon. Where do you start?
(The main square and gardens, with city hall just visible in the distance.) 

Map23: Monad

You've been to the city outside, now you've entered the city inside. A huge building, titled
'The Blue Grid' containing everything needed for a society to live in. Not to mention a dark secret...
(One of the many passages and lifts in the monad) 

Map24: Balanced Chaos

This is the monad's dark secret. An underground demon-worshipping complex, with plenty of chaos, but not necessarily balanced....
This level is a classic green stone/marble based gothic level.

(well, I had to make at least one gothic level....)
(The unholy chapel. Guess who preaches?) 

Map25: Arena: 11

You've reached the underground complex where gladiatorial battles take place between groups of fighters. So, arm yourself to the teeth and enter the arena....but don't forget to visit the other rooms first, 'cos you'll need to.
(The first arena. Nicely symmetrical but not pleasantly confusing.) 

Map26: Arena: 16

This is the second of three arenas you will have to face. The principle is the same as the last one.(don't forget to revisit the other rooms, as their stocks are replenished after each battle)
(One of the larger rooms in this arena.) 

Map27: Arena: 18

The third of the arenas. This is the toughest one though, and by now you'll be able to work out what lies within....

(By the way, this level does not exit in the same way as the previous two, so look for another way out.)
(The far end of the arena.) 

Map28: Sub-Level 05

Having found a secret way out of the last arena, you arrive at one of the moon's sub-levels. Here, is where the moon's reactor is controlled from.
(The reactor control room.) 

Map29: Reactor Core

This is it. After you work your way through the maze of ventways, you will face the toughest challenge yet.
(Take one deep breath....two....three. Now grab your terror and knead it in the palms of your hands until it dissipates into a thin cloud. Then you can face the horrors of what lies ahead.) 

Map30: Escape!

The reactor has blown, you don't have long....(in fact you have 10 minutes)....get the hell out of there!

(I've outdone myself in the field of innovative ideas/concepts by inventing a TIMER mechanism! Once you step forward, the timer starts. When the time is up, you will DIE. Unless you cheat at the right time. Or if you use Legacy, because the effect doesn't work there)

(By the way, the keys in this level appear in random places)
(Where do these stairs lead? No time to consider, just go!) 

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