Below is a screenshot of each level, together with a brief description.
(Shots were taken through doom2.exe with no monsters)

Map12: City Sewers

This is just part of the sewer complex that runs to and under the city. But there's more than just slime in here....
(The control room for the tanks) 

Map13: Pipe Factory

You emerge from the sewers into a factory that lies against the city walls. Well, at least now you smell a bit like the monsters, you hope this can prove useful.....
(Outside in the main yard. Looks quiet, doesn't it?) 

Map14: Urban Wasteland

At last, you've found your way into the city. Looks a bit of a dump, with all kinds of stuff strewn everywhere. Surely it's deserted.....
(Looks a bit of a mess, doesn't it? Don't worry, it'll
soon be an even bigger mess.....)

Map15: Freight Depot

The centre of the city's industrial operations. Lots of crates, cranes and the start of a monorail system. And of course, it's map know what that means, don't you?
(The outdoor storage yard, complete with crane.) 

Map31 and Map32: Secret Levels

Sorry, no screenshots or level descriptions. I can't tell you anything about them because it's a secret......

Map16: City Centre

The bustling centre of Fragport. It used to bustle with people, but now it bustles with hellspawn. Expect trouble.
(The city's mono-train station. But where are the trains? Typical.) 

Map17: Phaser Quest

Yes, laser tag does exist, even in a city as remote as this one. Crammed with monsters, it should be just as challenging as the real thing!

(This level is an accurate reproduction of an actual Laser Quest in the UK.....but which one? Answers on an e-postcard, please.)
(Look, it's the pack room. But the game must have started already...) 

Map18: Northgate

The district around the city's North Gate. But someone has shut it and blown a big hole in the ground....I wonder who?
(A rooftop garden. Life still grows here, just.) 

Map19: Dockside

This is Fragport Docks, and surprisingly it still seems functional....maybe the monsters are using it for shipping and which case ship them out in little pieces!
("Big blue wobbly thing, that mermaids live in. C"
Or should that be "sea"?)

Map20: Spaceport

After finding a dead marine in a freight train at the local station, you drive the train out to the nearby spaceport, with intentions of catching a shuttle to the nearby artifical moon. To carry out a mission described on a piece of paper he had....the task just got bigger.
(The air/space traffic control tower.) 

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