Below is a screenshot of each level, together with a brief description.
(Shots were taken through ZDoom 1.23 beta 33 with no monsters)

E4M1: Outpost 3J

You were dropped in the mountains, not far from this outpost, which is the furthermost tip of their operations. But it's not the terrain, it's the reception at the outpost that's worrying....
(The outpost. The large buildings.) 

E4M2: Transit System

An underground complex of rails, tunnels, pipes and crates, which is part of their freight distribution system. But it seems it is now distributing a different type of cargo....
(Part of a noisy complex of pipe-filled corridors.) 

E4M9: Secret Level

Sorry, no screenshot or level description. I can't tell you anything about it because it's a secret.........

E4M3: Logistics Complex

After a diversion through the freight tunnels, you've finally reached the hub of their freight operations. Hopefully, stored away in this industrial complex of warehouses and waterfronts, are some answers....
(The weather's taken a turn for the worse!) 

E4M4: Phobos Island

An island in the middle of a lake. The perfect place to get away from it all....and to experiment with reactor technology. Get in there and stop them!
(A room somewhere on the island) 

E4M5: Sludge Refinery

The most industrial part of their operations, this is the plant where the sludge is made and refined. Dirty, grimy and with a strange "pitch greenness" in some areas, this place is certainly not for the casual secret agent - you'd need to be some kind of super-spy to clean up their act here...
(One of the many impressive feats of engineering in the refinery) 

E4M6: Communications Facility

This ultra hi-tech facility is where their communications network is operated from. Trashing this place would cause serious damage to their organisation, so make sure it happens...
(One of the futuristic passages in the facility) 

E4M7: Geothermal Plant

This deeply underground power plant uses heat from deep inside the ground, to generate power for their usage. Cut them off.
(One of the substations and the generator.) 

E4M8: Centre of Operations

This is it. The hub of their activities. Somewhere in this sprawling complex is the leader...terminate with extreme prejudice! But be warned - this is your biggest test yet...
(There's more missiles here than you can shake a stick at!) 

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