Wad Description:

This is my sixth wad project, this time for Hexen (which is the only main wadgame I've not mapped for). I toyed with the idea of mapping it for the Korax Mod, but ZDoom's features are so good nowadays, and once I heard about the upcoming custom weapons support that was it. I'm also going to use ZDoom to create a totally unusual setup and push back the boundaries of innovative ideas/concepts even further than I normally do. I'm also going to bring the 3 Serpent Riders together for the first time, and I'll also be using mod music for the first time, too.
Features include:

25 innovative levels.
A variety of themes, both unusual and traditional.
A full role-playing system, complete with customisable attributes!
A monetary system, for buying and selling stuff.
A magic system, and a bunch of neat spells to go with it.
New artifacts such as potions, spell scrolls and puzzle items.
A whole ton of new weapons, nearly doubling the arsenal!
A whole ton of new monsters, more than doubling the opposition!
Also some human enemies and non-player characters.
Some devious, cunning and innovative puzzles, as well as tests of skill and good old-fashioned action.
A whole bunch of new graphics, plus some new sounds (many of them ambient).
Three different music soundtracks (two mod, one midi).

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