Wad Description:

This is my first wad project, made from December 1999 to March 2000 (as an 8-level DooM episode, covering E2M1-8).
Converted to DooM 2 in August 2000 with 3 new levels added.
Released in 2002 (after finding out how to ftp stuff) with a few updates. It now covers Map01-11 in DooM 2, and will run with doom2.exe (source ports are optional of course).

Features include:

11 large, difficult levels.
A modern/hi-tech theme throughout. (DooM 1 orientated, but with DooM 2 monsters as well)
3 difficulty levels, the hardest of which is very hard.
Some innovative ideas and textures. (including the alphabet!)
A very difficult ending (I mean it).
New automap names and victory text.(optional but recommended)
All the original hi-tech textures, plus the Deimos sky from DooM 1.
My very own futuristic status bar.

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